Mystery Diagnosis - Season 5

Monday 10:00 PM on Discovery Health Premiered Oct 11, 2005 In Season


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  • The Girl Who Couldn't Be Touched
    Ever since Taylor Kielb has been born, her parents have known there was something wrong with her. Taylor has breath-holding spells during which her heart stops. When she is two-and-a-half years old, she also experiences excruciating pain with redness on half her body. After several more years, a doctor confirms that Taylor does indeed have a rare genetic disorder called paroxysmal extreme pain disorder. Tracey Killarney has been healthy and productive, until she suddenly develops excruciating headaches. As if that isn't bad enough, she also experiences nausea, numbness and tingling on half of her face, tingling in her limbs, dizzy spells, coughing spasms, forgetfulness, incontinence, vomiting, and heart palpitations. Eventually, Tracey's doctor finds out that she has a schwannoma.moreless
  • The Girl Who Gagged
  • The Woman Who Kept Falling Down
    Ever since he was first taken home from the hospital, little Avry Conley has had projectile vomiting and diarrhea. It appears to be a virus or food allergy, but he also begins to develop a diaper rash, and becomes lethargic and unresponsive. It turns out that Avry has been suffering from a rare disease called mastocytosis. Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, Linda Smith has always been active. She never went to the doctor, even when she becomes dizzy and fatigued during puberty. However, Linda also experiences headaches that only seem to occur in warm weather, an extremely high pulse rate, blackouts, and eventually, chest pain. Her doctor finds out that she is suffering from orthostatic intolerance.moreless
  • A Deadly Cough
    A Deadly Cough
    Episode 4

    A 20-year-old college student named Mary Ann Piazza has been happy with her job as a babysitter and college life, until she develops an unusual cough. It seems to be from minor ailments, but the cough proves to be incredibly persistent, and she becomes fatigued. Worse, Mary Annalso deals withshortness of breath, wheezing, constant weight loss, night sweats, and itchy skin. After being dismissed for three years, one doctor finally figures out that Mary Ann has been suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma the whole time. Since young Danielle Barckett's parents have brought her home from the hospital, they have noticed she has problems. Danielle vomits every time she is fed, yet she manages to gain weight over time. She also has diarrhea and a distended belly from ascites accumulating in her abdomen. It turns out that Danielle has a rare genetic disorder called tyrosinemia.

  • The Girl Nobody Believed
    Sean Keefer suddenly develops a sharp sensation in his eye, a fever, muscle aches, chronic diarrhea, and pain in his legs. Eventually, his muscles become so stiff that he can barely move at all. His doctor finds out that Sean has been suffering from Reiter's Syndrome the whole time. Young Kirsten Larson has always been a little heavier than most other girls, but at the age of eleven, she experiences dizziness and a burning sensation in her chest from even the slightest physical exertion. People believed she was suffering from simply being overweight, when actually, she suffers from primary pulmonary hypertension.moreless
  • The Headache That Wouldn't Go Away
    When little Lariah's parents see her for the first time, they know something is wrong. She is blue and keeps turning blue for some reason. Then, Lariah coughs frequently and chokes on her own food. After many months in the hospital, it is clear that Lariah has surfactant C dysfunction. Laurie Scott, a working mother, has been healthy, until she starts developing headaches. At first, she believes they will disappear on their own, but they don't. Worse, Laurie also begins to have white spots in her vision. She later finds out that her suffering is due to a whole in her heart from patent foramen ovale (PFO).moreless
  • Girl Who Turned Blue
    Lavelle Fernandez and Roddy Palma are elated when their new baby girl Lariah is born. But just a half hour later, the parents are horrified at the sight of their newborn daughter turning blue.
  • The Sickest Patient in the Hospital

    Dan Hammond, a father of six-year-old triplets, has been healthy when suddenly, he discovers a strange lump on his tailbone. He thinks surgery should've taken care of the problem, but later on, Dan deals with painful, swollen legs; insomnia; a sudden bout of vomiting; a bright pink spot on his neck; a skyrocketing fever; and vision problems, especially in his right eye. It turns out that Dan has an autoimmune disorder called polyarteritis nodosa. Since she was twelve years old, Lauren Warren has been suffering from a set of baffling symptoms. She has pain from her neck, down to her thighs; tachycardia; and reddish-colored urine that looks thick at the bottom. Surprisingly, Lauren's pain seems to disappear when she runs and consumes sports drinks and other sugary stuff. Then, she gets a tetanus shot after receiving a huge cut on her foot, and her attacks begin again with muscle twitches. After suffering for thirty years, Lauren learns that her body is producing too much heme fyrom a genetic condition called porphyria.

  • Terrifying Tremors
    Terrifying Tremors
    Episode 8
    Since Gaby Talarico was six months old, she has been having a strange set of symptoms. She gets a rash that somehow disappears after she and her parents move to a new home, has weak enamel on her teeth, comes down with various infections with fevers more often than other children her age, and has several seizures. Doctors believe Gaby just has febrile seizures, when her seizures are actually from extremely low calcium levels. It turns out that Gaby has autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 1 (APS type 1). Ever since she gets her first period at the age of thirteen, Jennifer Marton Bray has been dealing with extremely heavy periods with severe cramps and nausea. Later, she also develops vertigo that somehow disappears, severe incontinence, and i.b.s. After being dismissed by so many doctors, Jennifer eventually finds out that she has a severe form of endometriosis.moreless
  • The Woman Who Couldn't Cry
    Ever since she was five years old, Linda Charles knew there was something wrong with her. Her troubles start with frequent cavities and a dry mouth and progress with painful muscles and joints; dry, swollen eyes; fatigue; severe heartburn; and stomachaches. After being dismissed by many doctors, Linda eventually finds out that she has an autoimmune disorder called Sjorgen syndrome, which attacks her fluid-producing glands. Jennifer Gershman has been a healthy, active mother, when suddenly, she starts gaining weight every month. She tries exercising more, but along with her fluctuating weight, she gets edema, or swelling, in her legs, ankles, and feet. It turns out that Jennifer has amyloidosis, which causes her white blood celss to turn into abnormal proteins.moreless
  • The Woman with a Knife in Her Head
    After several miscarriages, Amanda Coveler finally gives birth to a second daughter. However, she deals with fatigues; headaches; dry, dark patches on her skin; dry, brittle hair; and pain in her knees. Surprisingly, Amanda feels fine during her pregnancies, but unwell when she's not pregnant. Eventually, she learns that she has Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disease that attacks her thyroid gland. Anne Hummel, a happy mother of four, suddenly develops excruciating headaches and sinus infections, a runny nose, a metallic taste in her mouth, blurred vision, and the inability to move on her own. Her doctors believed she simply has sinusitis, but eventually, one doctor finds out that Anne actually has a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak.moreless
  • Survivors 2006
    Survivors 2006
    Episode 11
    We follow three people who defied the odds and their mysterious systems to become survivors. A baby boy is stricken with nonstop vomiting. A woman drinks three gallons of water night and day and gets up frequently at night. A man who doesn't sweat.