Mystery Diagnosis - Season 7

Monday 10:00 PM on Discovery Health Premiered Oct 11, 2005 In Season


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  • The Woman Who Went Crazy
    Kristin Gunther begins to suffer from great anxiety, confusion, and seizure-like movements. At first, doctors believe she simply has a viral form of meningitis, but after Kristin returns home, she becomes extremely anxious and delusional. Also, she loses her ability to breathe on her own, and her heart rate becomes dangerously low. All of this turns out be caused by an autoimmune disease called Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis due to a teratoma in her ovary. Food deliveryman Mark Chernek suddenly develops strange symptoms affecting his feet. He has pressure that soon disappears, pain, reddish splotches, fluctuating temperatures, and bluish discoloration that spreads from his toes to his ankles, which cause him to eventually give up on his job. Mark realizes that he has an autoimmune disease that affects blood vessels of the hands and feet called Buerger's disease, which is caused by his heavy smoking habit.moreless
  • The Breasts That Changed Color
    After twenty-seven-year-old Amanda Nixon has breast reduction surgery, she develops a strange set of symptoms. She has spasms of pain in her right arm; a painful, hardened mass on her right breast; dimples on her right breast; and a purple discoloration of her right breast from one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Since young Andrea has been born, she has been worrying her parents with her troubling symptoms. She cries a lot more often than normal with alternating episodes of frequent smiling, vomiting after every feeding, developmental delays, and jerky movements. It turns out that Andrea has been suffering from a rare neurological disorder called Angelman syndrome.moreless
  • The Woman Who Couldn't Stop Burping
  • The Girl with Holes in Her Jaw

    Ever since she was born, young Claire Mantey has had a strange birthmark and swelling on the left side of her face. It didn't seem so serious at first, but the swelling and discoloration persist. Claire gets many ear infections, pain in the left side of her face, and eventually, fibrous displasia that spreads from her left jawbone to some of her other bones. It turns out that Claire has been suffering from a rare disease called lymphangiomatosis. Sue Ingraham has been a healty, active mother until she experiences some unusual pain in her leg. She tries to just deal with it, but her knee freezes up, and her pain worsens, spreading to her groin area. A doctor later finds out that Sue has had a rare, benign tumor on her sciatic nerve called a neurofibroma.

  • The Girl Who Fell Apart
    Ever since she was three years old, Tiffany House has been suffering from a strange set of symptoms. She has incessant colds, bad coordination, trouble keeping her balance, difficulty moving, and trouble with swallowing due to a rare genetic neuromuscular disease called Pompe Disease. A young woman named Amanda Gray develops fatigue, stiff joints, swollen lymph nodes in her neck that eventually go away, chills, high fevers, and weight loss from a rare autoimmune disorder called Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease.moreless
  • The Woman Who Saw Pink
  • The Boy Who Could Break
    Bob Williams develops night sweats, a fever, headache, fatigue, light sensitivity, a drooping eye, blindess in his left eye, paralysis of his left side, and hallucinations. His doctors believed he has meningitis, but it turns out that actually, he also has a rare disease called Acute Disseminated Encephalomytelitis (ADEM). Ever since he had been born, Ryan Poteet has had polycystic kidneyes, unusual positioning of his hands, eyes unusually far apart, unusual curvatures of his legs, speech impediments from an unusually shaped mouth, and short stature from a rare skeletal disorder called Hajdu-Cheney Syndrome.moreless