Mystery Diagnosis - Season 8

Monday 10:00 PM on Discovery Health Premiered Oct 11, 2005 In Season


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  • The Girl Whose Skin Came Off
    Eighteen-year-old college freshman Kati Foust develops rashes and numerous blisters all over her limbs. She attempts to hide her embarrassing condition from everyone else, but unfortunately, when a dormmate discovers her blisters, people begin to fear that she is contagious. However, it turns out that Kati is actually suffering from a rare, autoimmune skin disorder called bullous pemphigoid. Nurse Angela Smith has learned to deal with having type 1 diabetes. However, she begins to have painful back spasms, difficulties walking, and eventually, paralysis from a rare, autoimmune, neurological disorder called stiff person syndrome.moreless
  • The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Eating
    Young Julie McCawley has been a healthy baby, until she is ten months old, when she becomes completely stiff and unresponsive. Her eyes become swollen and she gets a fever. At first, Julie appears to be having pediatric epilepsy with an ear infection. However, she soon develops blisters that spread all over body and enlarge in size. Doctors believe she is simply suffering from chickenpox, but it turns out that Julie has been suffering from a severe reaction to her anti-seizure medication from an autoimmune condition called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Since young Conor Heybach was born, he has had trouble with getting enough nutrients. However, as he grows older, he has difficulty speaking clearly and loves food so much that he compulsively overeats in secret. Conor's rapid weight gain has been a mystery to his parents until one doctor eventually finds out that he has a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome.moreless
  • The Man Who Tripled in Size
    Walt Breidigan starts out with flu-like symptoms, but soon becomes dizzy from hypotension. He develops pain in his legs and even gains a hundred pounds in just one day. At first, Walt thinks he is all better after taking diuretics to drain excess fluid in his body, but two years later, his symptoms return. Finally, he finds out that he has a rare capillary disorder called systemic capillary leak syndrome. Young Ashley has been a healthy little girl until shortly after her fourth birthday, when she becomes constantly thirsty. Along with the incessant thirst, she also has to deal with constant trips to the bathroom, double vision, and headaches. It turns out that Ashley has a tumor in her brain called a pineal germinoma.moreless
  • The Woman Whose Legs Turned Black
    Young schoolteacher Diane Dike has been perfectly happy and healthy, until she suddenly notices two strange bumps on her foot. It appears to be a spider bite, but Diane soon gets redness, swelling, and pain in her feet and legs. Eventually, most of her legs turn dark red, and doctors are afraid they may have to amputate them. However, Diane's legs fade to its original color and has frequent flare-ups. About two and a half years later, Diane finds out that she has a rare disorder called cryoglobulinemia. Teresa Zdansky is happy to learn that she is pregnant with a girl, when suddenly, the right side of her face becomes numb. Soon, she also develops tingling that spreads from the left half of her body, and a headache. Her symptoms initially appear to be related to her pregnancy, but they don't subside after she gives birth. In fact, Teresa has had a rare, noncancerous tumor called a neuroma the whole time.moreless
  • The Baby Who Smelled Like Pancakes

    For many decades, Carole Battle has been a healthy, active mother and watercolor artist, when suddenly, she starts having balance problems. Initially, it appears to be an infection of her inner ear, but soon, Carole also develops dizziness, and eventually, speech impediments. It turns out that Carole has had cancer that is being kept in check by a rare autoimmune disease called paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration (PCD). Since young Rachel Webb has been born, her parents have been worried about her. She has urine that smells like maple syrup, cries constantly for no apparent reason, has feeding problems, and becomes unresponsive for a while. Eventually, Rachel goes into a coma, but fortunately, the doctor finds out that she has maple syrup urine disease.

  • The Boy with the Strange Stare
    Ever since Landyn Withrow was born, his parents have known there is something wrong with him. He always looks up to the ceiling; has fits of vomiting, crying, stiffening up, and clenching his hands and feet; and has developmental delays. After going through several doctors, one doctor finally realizes that Landyn has a rare neuromuscular disorder called Paroxysmal Tonic Upgaze (PTU). Cindy Webber has always been quite healthy, until a strange bruise appears on her right leg. This bruise comes and goes, but Cindy always has pain in that area. Just when she learns to deal with this symptom, though, she suddenly develops pain in her legs that soon spreads to her whole body and red dots on her right leg. It turns out that Cindy has a rare autoimmune disease called Microscopic Polyangiitis.moreless
  • The Girl Who Stopped Growing
    When Samantha Lazazzaro was born, she had cataracts, or clouding of her eyes. She had surgery to correct it, but now, she has developmental delays, and tremors in her body. Her younger brother, Jake, has been born with the same symptoms. Their parents are shocked to find out they both have a rare disorder called Cockayne syndrome, which prevents DNA from regenerating and speeds up the aging process. Eileen Collins has always been a big talker, but suddenly, she wakes up with a raspy voice. At first, her voice returns to normal during the day, but soon, her voice remains raspy all day. She speaks with the raspy voice, but yells normally, and has difficulty speaking clearly. Doctors believe she has a psychological problem, when actually, Eileen has a rare neurological disorder called spasmodic dysphonia, which causes her vocal cords to spasm.moreless
  • The Girl With Half a Face
    When thirteen-year-old Nichole Beavers begins to lose her hair in clumps, she knew something is very wrong with her. She later develops pain in the right side of her jaw, loses an alarming amount of weight, and the right side of her face starts sinking in. Nichole realizes that she has a rare disease called Parry-Romberg Syndrome. After having a barbeque, Kevin Hughes begins to have painful abdominal cramps and diarrhea that soon disappears. Just when he feels like his old self again, Kevin then becomes unusually dizzy, loses his ability to speak clearly, goes blind, loses his ability to move his eyes, and eventually becomes completely unconscious. It turns out that he has been suffering from a rare autoimmune disease called Bickerstaff Brainstem Encephalitis.moreless
  • The Boy Who Never Cried
    Ever since young Carson Koult was born, his parents have been worrying about him. He gets spiking fevers and does not respond to pain. Thus, he bites his tongue and tries walking without crying at all. Carson's parents worry that he'd unknowingly get himself hurt, but fortunately, his doctor finds out that Carson has a rare disorder called congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA), in which patients cannot respond to pain or temperature changes. Thirty-two-year-old Martha Emmons has been healthy her whole life until she suddenly goes into a seizure. At first, she isn't worried, but soon, she develops near-fainting episodes that disappear during her pregnancy and return afterwards. Eventually, Martha loses her ability to think straight and actually faints. A doctor finds out that she has swallowing syncope.moreless