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Mystery Diners

Friday on Food Network Premiered Dec 09, 2011 In Season



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Mystery Diners

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When restaurant owners are suspicious of their employee's behaviors, they call in the Mystery Diners. Undercover operatives dressed as your average hungry customer infiltrate restaurants and bars wearing hidden cameras to uncover what really happens when the boss is away.

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AIRED ON 2/25/2015

Season 9 : Episode 4

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  • WARNING - This show is about VINDICTIVE bosses sticking it to their employees on national TV, nothing more.

    WARNING - This show is about VINDICTIVE bosses sticking it to their employees on national TV, nothing more.

    Although it 'should' be called: "Hey you, yeah you - Your boss freakin hates your ever living guts so Thanks to our TV show, you'll NEVER work again!"

    When vindictive restaurant owners intent on publicly destroying the reputations and lives of their staff decide to take the gloves off, they call in this cast and crew. With a few secretly placed hidden cameras and microphones, and quite a lot of behind-the-scenes equally secret editing to produce a 21 minute (half hour format) burst of supposedly "Reality" television, the previously unknown and clearly orchestrated "shenanigans" of a restaurant owner's staff get displayed for all the world to see.

    Cast members play act at being "Secret Diners" who wear concealed microphones and go into these restaurants under the direction of the show host and are instructed by the host to make fake food orders then claim when the food arrives that its not what they ordered and to cause a hassle by changing their orders several times, claiming the food just isn't right when clearly to everyone it is exactly what they ordered and done to the specifications of how they asked for it. These supposed "Secret Diners" are also told by the show host to "aggressively" come onto and flirt with the restaurant staff members and try to entice them to flirt back - as it turns out its primarily so the owner can fire them on national TV in the last 3 minutes of the show for being "inappropriate" with customers. The show host seems to take great joy in otherwise blaming the failings of a business on the unsuspecting and pretty much flawless staff rather than on the batch of liars he just sent in to set them up for a fall, or on the person who is responsible for the business, its operations, and its failings - the OWNER.

    SPIKE TV's Bar Rescue or RESTAURANT STAKEOUT it sure aint! Taffer and Willy might use hidden cameras and Taffer especially can get a bit, uhm... "wound up" at times, but its usually at the person responsible for the mess he's witnessing - the OWNER! Their respective TV shows also don't orchestrate anyone's failure, in fact more often than not those show hosts go out of their way to help everyone come together in the business they are working with to improve the business for EVERYONE - the staff, the owner and most of all - for the customers. This rediculous piece of badly written drivel- not so much.

    At least when Food Network (the duplicitous culprit that put this excrement on the air week by week) used to do shows sort of like this, and I'm referring to Chef Robert Irvine's Restaurant Impossible, or the vaunted Restaurant Makeover series that featured other real chefs with actual Restaurant skills and knowledge like Massimo Capra, Lynne Crawford, Susur Lee, David Adjey... there was an authoritative sense of FACT and KNOWLEDGE imparted to restaurant owners, staff and the viewers. This one, well... its a class action suit just waiting to happen I'm afraid.

    Watching a rolled up ball of snot dry is far more informative than wasting your time with this cast of nasty, mean spirited turds and I truly feel sorry for anyone unfortunate enough to ever have to spend even 30 seconds working for any of these horrifying examples of "The Worst Boss in America"!moreless
  • what a hoax

    this show is horrible. food network should be ashamed. thinking we the public is this naive. atleast fork out the bucks for better actors on each was skeptical until the magician episode. really what a waste of my time and insult to everyone else in the free world who works as myself comes home and sees this garbage on my channel which im paying better make this up to us. im not the only one thinking this.moreless

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