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Mystery Hunters

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Doubting Dave: Doubting Dave got his name because it's the name of his newspaper column but it comes by e-mail. He answers e-mail from kids with doubts and such. He is also the one who conducts the experiments. The experiments normally pertain to what the mystery is about.

Christina: Christina is the one who mostly investigates legends and such. She isn't that scared but she will get creeped out. She also helps Doubting Dave with his experiments.

Araya: He normally travels to different places around the world where he studies his mysteries. He always takes his camcorder wherever he goes and captures a lot of great and supernatural things. Plus he is a "scaredy cat".

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  • Will never watch this show again. Information not accurate

    The show which appeared on Saturday about searching for the Arc of the Covenant is NOT accurate. First of all. You're show should do some accurate research, you now from the BIBLE. The Ark was made by Hebrews NOT MONKS, The Tabernacle was made of acacia wood set on a wood overlaid with Gold not set on stone according to the bible not written by MONKS. Also NO ONE could touch the ARK except the tribe of LEVI if they did the GOD OF ISRAEL would kill them. Two men actually did. MONKS are not from the tribe of LEVI from the twelve tribes of ISRAEL. None virtually none of the information presented on this show was true or accurate. Also the Ark of the covenant carrying the two stones which held the TEN COMMANDMENTS had to be carried by two wooden poles overlaid with cold poles. NO ONE. Only a CHRISTIAN WOULD KNOW THIS. NOT MONKS. NEXT ACTUALLY READ A BIBLE BEFORE MAKING A SHOW ABOUT IT.


    LA PUENTE CAmoreless
  • I loved this show when I first saw it on Discovery Kids.

    As much as I love all the interesting mysteries that this show has and does, they ALWAYS have to prove the mystery wrong no matter what the mystery is! That's what I hate from this show. I especially hate Doubting Dave. He always has to act like he know everything about everything and knows that everything they do on the show is fake. I just wish there could have been one time where they couldn't actually prove the mystery wrong. But it never happened.

    What did facinate me was most of the mysteries that they were discovering. A lot of them I never heard of them before so it was interesting to hear what the story was behind it anyways. So that's what I think of the show. I love it, but they proved way too many things wrong.moreless
  • Great show that has monsters and mysteries.

    I love this show. It is cool and is great. My favorite mystery was Mothman because Mothman is my favorite cryptid. It is also kinda creepy that the mothman appeared only in one year and that when it disappeared a bridge in the area collapses killing more then 40 people. I really like the V files the cartoons are funny but it seems that if the kid who sends a e-mail but not a picture they look like the usual kid. Sometimes I think it is scripted but other times it seems like it isn't. I'll end with the best part of the show mystery lab a lot of fun things you can do at home. I did a bunch of those and creeped out a bunch of people.

    Overall great show

  • A butt-kicking documentary series of the Paranormal! Whats not to like?

    This is an excellent program for people who have just started an interest in paranormal investigation. It's very informative, interesting, and very accurate! It's about two (very intelligent) kids, Christina and Ariya, traveling to different countries to investigate local legends and ghost stories. However, the only reason why this show didn't receive a perfect score, is because of Doubting Dave...

    Doubting Dave is much too doubty (as his name suggests), and just plain annoying...

    I highly reccomend this show to anybody just getting into the paranormal, you will not be dissapointed.moreless
  • Excellent show, watch it!!!

    I think Mystery hunters is awesome, the characters are great, the things they investigate

    are excellent and the humor is hilarious. I just wish this show was on more often or on at an earlier time.

    My favorite episodes are the ones that are the scariest because there the most interesting ones.

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