Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 10 Episode 4

Blood Waters of Dr. Z

Aired Unknown May 02, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Blood waters of Dr. Z!

    While not an MST3K Classic, it's a fairly standard episode of MST. (which means it contains more laughs than nearly anything else on tv!)

    The skits for this episode start out with some very high quality skits fun but too much Pearl/Brain Guy/Bobo quickly ruins the fun. (Try not to blame the writers, Sci Fi channel forced them to include more "storyline" into the skits).

    The film itself is a very cheesy Sci-Fi evil scientist tries to take over the world story.

    We get a chance to enjoy quality riffing which is divided fairly evenly among Mike and Tom, with Crow and overall team work slightly trailing.

    I'd say this is a quality MST episode for veterans but MST3K newbies should elsewhere in season 10. (Girl in the Gold Boots, Boggy Creek 2 or Squirm would be my best suggestions)
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