Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 8 Episode 21

Devil Doll

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1997 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Movie Plot: Devil Doll A ventriloquist uses a possesed dummy to seduce a woman and gain her inheritance. Intro: The crew has a Friday dorm blowout party, but their budget is tight, so all they can afford is a window. Tom tries to get them all excited about the window, that it can be cleaned from the inside and it's double hung. Segment One: Tom reworks the budget so they can have the party, sometime next year, if they can repack the window and return it. On the planet, the 'gods' Pearl(Apeearlo) and Observer(Brainguyus) are the guests of honor at a party, and Pearl is bored. She tries to get a toga party started, but everyone is already wearing togas. The party on the SOL is back on because Mike finds out that the Nanites have a micro-brewery(get it?) Crow gets into his dorm fantasy about a girl that dumped him, so he gets drunk and punches out the window. Observer starts a pants party and everyone is happy. Segment Two: Pitch, from Santa Claus, convinces Crow to buy some collectible 'devil dolls' in exchange for his soul. Mike drives Pitch out and Crow gets upset because he got a good deal. Segment Three: The 'bots set up an authentic English pub(complete whith Crow's horrbile teeth), and they try to serve Mike some beer, but it's so thick and it comes out so slowly, that the bit dies and they toss Mike out just before movie sign. Segment Four: Pitch returns, teaching Crow soul transference. He transfers Tom's soul into a replica of Tom and is about to put it into a toaster pastry when Mike puts a stop to it. Crow still can't understand why Mike is so upset and Tom transfers his soul into the pastry himself. He has Mike carry him into the theater like this. Segment Five: Crow has somehow dressed Mike like Hugo the dummy and put him in a cage, and is berating him like Vorelli(complete with fake beard). Tom has become his leggy assistant(complete with a killer set of gams). Mike again protests and Crow again just doesn't understand, so he leaves Mike in the cage. Meanwhile, Pearl and Observer are at the coliseum and Callypgeas introduces them. Then the mad goth comes out and fights, and Pearl and Observer's Bobo! Stinger: Hugo the dummy fights back.
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