Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 10 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Aug 08, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • The MST3K movie-badness vs. riff-quality is as follows: the worse the movie, the better the riffing. Diabolik is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Thus, the ripping gloriously cuts through it!

    Danger: Diabolik is a 60's James Bond knock-off spy adventure that's very, very, uh, 60's. There is a sexy female lead with kohl around her eyes donning an off-blond, iron-straight plastic wig on, an equally effeminate lead male whom she constantly makes out with in several stomach-turning scenes, and even a couple trippy, low-cost animation sequences. And don't forget the freak-out party scenes where the camera zooms in and out! Since this is probably the worst movies ever made, Mike and The Bots gleefully and effortlessly bounce it on the tips of their noses like the trio of playful circus seals that they are. Definately one of my favorite MST3K episodes, simply because all the riffs are so high quality; one of my favorite being "Huge tan-head here" and when Crow comments on the movie's hilarious action-scene music: "You know, this music would be better if women in bikinis were shakin' around... well, I guess that can be said of ANY music..." Not to mention that this episode is the dramatic conclusion to the entire MST3K series in which Mike and The Bots return to Earth! One of the host moments in this episode is the host sequence in which M&TB sing a Sinatra-esque tribute to The Earth.
    (Gypsy: "To wander barefoot by the sea..."
    Tom Servo: "...And slice your heel upon a broken bottle of Lipton Iced Tea!")