Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 9 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Jun 27, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • Dream destroyers

    Yeah this film sucks let alone really out of wack. You can say it's "Gremlins" mixed in with "Wishmaster" only difference is both those films were better this film just plain sucks. The puppets and anamtronics on the Hobgoblins are terrible and the acting and characters just as much, I wouldn't even say they were characters more like stereotypes. Let alone this film has some continuity issues, like there is this one scene where one of the characters has his dream of being a Rambo wanabe and hes shooting and throwing grendades and then suddenly he dies by going on fire, what the hell happened?

    Anyway as usual Mike, Crow and Servo were funny as usual. I loved it when they made fun of that lame fight scene and the music that went with it, in that scene all the two characters did was bang sticks together till one character did a swift move; the fights in those amatur films from "Dead Gentlemen Productions", "X-Strike studios" or "PBC Productions" are better and they didn't even have professional choigraphy but were able to make them look good and fun. Even loved hearing their disgust when two characters were doing their business in a van in the daylight.

    Though my favorate moments was when in the usual break period there were Mike, Servo, and Crow all had cardboard cut outs of themselves and there was some recorded tape of their voices playing and they all sang a song about the movie, that was just hillarous. Or even in this little moment in the film when Servo tried to think up a joke but then he cries about how he can't take the movie anymore and leaves.

    Comic Gold.
  • A very, very bad movie.

    This was indeed a very painful episode to watch. It probably ranks as the only episode of the entire series I was never able to watch in one sitting. The movie itself is an obvious rip on Gremlins which came out the same year. The only difference is, Gremlins was better.

    What gets me is, the Hobgoblins never had an effect on the security guard. Everyone else that came into contact with them had their dreams fulfilled, usually leading to their deaths.

    I believe this premise was further ripped by the movie "Wishmaster".

    But still, a very, VERY painful movie to watch.
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