Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 8 Episode 19

MST3K Summer Blockbuster Review

Aired Unknown Sep 02, 1997 on Comedy Central
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MST3K Summer Blockbuster Review
A half-hour special in which Mike and the 'bots riff the trailers from the hit movies of the summer of 1997. Trailers riffed in this special were those for: The 5th Element Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World Men in Black Contact Batman and Robin

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    Bill Corbett

    Bill Corbett

    Crow T. Robot [8-10] & Observer aka Brain Guy [8-10]

    Kevin Murphy

    Kevin Murphy

    Tom Servo [2-10], Professor Bobo [8-10] & Cambot

    Mary Jo Pehl

    Mary Jo Pehl

    Magic Voice [4-7] & Pearl Forrester [7-10]

    Michael J. Nelson

    Michael J. Nelson

    Mike Nelson [5-10]

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      • (in Contact)
        Mike: (over a shot of several large satellite dishes) 200 billion channels and nothin' on.
        (pan to Jodie Foster in sun hat)
        Crow: Jodie Foster is the Frito Bandito.

      • Crow: (describing The Fifth Element) Yes, the hallucinatory magic of Luc Bisson. If you like injecting LSD into your eyeballs, then you'll like this film!

      • (in Batman and Robin, Batman is about to land on Mr. Freeze)
        Observer: Oh-oh no, they're docking!

      • (Spielberg looks through a camera)
        Mike: Hey, I can see what we're having for lunch! It looks delicious!
        Tom: Uh, it looks like peas...and a meat of some kind. Something chickeney...uh, y-yes, it's peas.

      • (talking about Lost World)
        Mike: So what's the story in this movie?
        Crow: Mike, the real story is the signature Steven Spielberg scenes of people looking!

    • NOTES (2)

      • Bobo, Brain Guy, and Pearl each appear in the theater in this special (though none of them at the same time).

      • This special's format marks an improvement over the one used in the "Little Gold Statue" special, in that Mike and the 'bots actually sit in the theater and riff on the film clips as they play (as opposed to just showing the clips and then discussing them, as was done previously).

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