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  • This show was one of my very first comedic experiences, and i loved it

    This show is, in my book, one of the greatest Comedy shows that was ever created. With its great taste of personality and a whole lot of humor, this Peabody Award winning show is fantastic. Personally, i think i liked Joel better than Mike and the evil scientist theme better than the other one with the lady in the spaceship. I find myself in stitches every episode, both at the jokes and how terrible the movie was. Tom Servo and Crow are by far one of the best robot characters ever, with Gypsy and Cambot being the ones who weren't used to much but when used, it's pretty darned funny. I wish this was still on TV, but alas, only on DVD, and torrents (shh don't tell), but I think that it is totally worth it. I might even buy the DVD's if need be. One of my personal favorites and i hope i never forget it, Hell i haven't even watched them all yet.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a great show. This show is about a guy who gets shot into space and is forced to watch cheesy and or terrible movies. He has two robot pals who Joel built with his own hands. They add alot more humor to the show!

    MST3K is my all time favorite show. This show was very much ahead of it's time. I remember watching this when I was like 14 and now I am 26 and I still love it! If you watch a really, really bad movie and you find yourself making fun of the characters, the plot or even just things that are said, then this show is for you! Joel is the laid back host who gives the bots, Tom Servo, and Crow jobs or fun things to do. They are a great match-up. Joel was unwillingly shot into space by his mad scientist boss, Dr. Forrester. Only because Dr. Forrester didn't like Joel. Really it's a brilliant plot because for every show they get a different movie to make fun of. If you are familiar with movies like Boggie Creek Monster, or Hobgoblins, both are B movies. You used to see them late at night on certain channels. Movies that are so cheesy you have your pick of what to make fun of, be it the bad acting or the cheesy soundtrack that you can totally tell is played on a twenty dollar Casio from Radio Shack. If you haven't seen this show you are missing out. Unfortunatly it was pulled from Comedy Central and then it was pulled from the Sci-Fi channel because of lack of ratings. What did they expect though considering they played it at 8 AM on Saturday. The only way I would get to watch it was if I was up all night. But it was totally worth it! I love this show! It has turned into a cult classic. Watch this show it is a laugh and eventually you will find yourself making fun of movies just like Joel and the bots!
  • One Funny Show

    This was a really funny and unique show. A guy is forced to watch very bad movies in space by his boss. So he makes two robot buddys to watch with him. Simply they make fun of the movies they watch.They also do skits in between half hours. Usually always funny. Crow & Tom Servo are two of the coolest characters & funniest ive seen. The show maybe had been the same but managed to stay fresh and very funny. Its one of those shows that many people dont know of but it does have its fans. In the end,this is a great comedy.
  • The cure for bad movies? Humor!

    I watch "Mystery Science theatre 3000 ," in the 1990's and I find the show very funny. Very funny! I rerely think a show would be as funny as MSK 3000! You are trapped in spance and all you see is bad movies. what do you do? Well you fight back with humor. Houmor will cure almost anything. That show takes on bad movies like nothing else on television. It's one of those show you will wish it would gone on forever. there are a lot of bad movie to see. MSK 3000 is the show that i love since I write movie reviews, I can identified with the robots and humans that got trapped up there.
  • We get to watch a man watch B-movies.

    This is one of my favorite shows. After working at a video store, one realizes how many horrible movies have been made over the years, especially sci-fi movies. It often becomes the case that throughout the show, you or your friends will spend some time making silly comments just to keep yourself entertained.

    Now, those of you who have spent all your time and mental energy trying to think of snappy comments can take it easy. The crew at Mystery Science Theater 3000 have done the work for you.

    Being from Minnesota, I have a certain advantage over others in that there are several comments in each episode which are specific to Minnesota.

    If any person gets every one of the comments in this show, then they are truly the most versed person in pop-culture ever.

    A good show for fans of movies.
  • My score is only for Joel. JOEL I SAY...JOEL!!!!!!

    This is one of the greatest ideas for a show ever. A bunch of hillarious guys watching horrible movies and cracking jokes. Why did Joel leave? He was the keystone of the show. Without him IO just sit and as I watch I think 'WWJD?' No not 'What Would Jesus Do?' I think to myself, 'What Would Joel Do?' After he left the highlight of the episode was only when he made a guest appearence. He wasn't the soul reason for watching though. Joels robot friends also contributed to the shows awesomeness. They all cracked wise towards some of the worst movies of all time.
  • A guy is sent into space and forced to watch bad movies, and he and his robot buddies have to survive by making fun of them.

    MST3K is undoubtedly one of the greatest shows ever, with an interesting story idea, and great riffs that you don't want to miss!
    I'm really peeved that they don't show it on TV anymore, and I have no clue why.
    I can watch the DVDs, but it's just not the same...
  • A fun, fun show.

    Over the last year, I have been going through and re-watching old msties. It had been almost 8 years since I had watched one even though I was a huge fan during the Comedy Central seasons. Through Rhino DVD and various file sharing sites I have been seeing old favorites and ones I have never seen before. I have to say that though some material is dated the shows are just as funny as ever.
  • Robots and a guy in outer-space watching cheesey horror/sci-fi movies!

    I miss this show! The horror and sci-fi movies were the best. (The B-grade 60's and 70's, just so-so.)
    All in all - I miss this show! Cambot Rules and Gypsy was under-appreciated! I liked Joel the best and was heartbroken (okay, just a little sad) when he escaped the Satellite of Love.
  • Thias show rocked

    I love this show, my first episode was Pod People, that was freakin' hilarious, anyways "back in movie D for Dumb" I'm not into science fiction at all, but even though they made fun of all of these movies, I found myself getting into them every now and then. I liked it a little better when Joel was on but Mike was cool too. I was even in the fan club, and I normally don't do dorky things like that. I think the show actually went down hill when it went from Comedy Central to Sci-Fi, and then they started changing voices that kind of killed it, oh yeah and when they brough Pearl in too. I didn't watch it much when it was on Sci-Fi but I saw enough to know it wasn't the same. There were plenty of more good seasons that bad and this show will always be a cult classic type of show.
  • Wonderfully Innovative Movie Hosting

    I first saw MST3k in Florida while visiting my buddy one summer and was hooked from the start. This was after the show had been unjustly and vindictively cancelled by Comedy Central. When the Sci Fi Channel picked it up, it was a burst of fresh air to see my buddies again; Mike, Joel, Crow, Tom and even Gypsy and Cambot, the ship's Robot Camera (who was probably also Magic Voice). The show was a wonderful medium for bringing back and making the lost movies of yesterday new again in a venue which Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, never tried (oh, but to have seen her shapely silhouette with Mike and the Bots down below!). The recurring host segements and their slapstick antics were not to be missed either! There are way too many horror and sci-fi flicks lost to time that will never be see again, but this show not only found them, they refreshed them with humor and comedy. Among my favorite experiments were The Undead, Village Of The Giants and The Creeping Terror. Unfortunately, the show was ended with far too many movies waiting to be riffed, but in its demise have sprung up numerous clubs and websites to honor the show's memories and her ideas.
  • I love this show to death.

    This show is one of the ones I love alot. Mystery Science Theater 2000! Sci fi channel used to play it but I cannot find it anymore on Scifi i upsets me. Because, like i said I loved this show. Just two robots and one man making fun of really crappy Movies just makes me laugh. So if you're in the mood to Laugh, then watch Mystery Science Theater 2000!
  • This show never got old!

    MST was never boring - even though my wife can't stand to watch it, it always made me laugh out loud. I think I loved it so much because the whole concept of MST was exactly what my best friend and I did during old Japanese monster movies when we were young. Well, we weren't trapped on a satellite and didn't have robot buddies, but other than that pretty much the same. I would love to see this series come back, I think it would be very popular on the SciFi network. The most fun is trying to come up with something witty to say before THEY do...and these movies were just so horrible there was always something to make fun can you get sick of that?!
  • Now this is a tv show I can give a ten to.

    What a great concept this show had. Take two Robots, one manic depressive guy (or slightly dorky and funny if it’s Mike) and put them in the same room to watch a BAD movie, now that’s gold!

    So the jokes where corny and sometimes didn’t make since, but that didn’t matter. As someone who watches more movies then TV, I can really appreciate this show and relate to the fact that sometimes you just want to holler out something idiotic about the film.

    One thing that I believe made the show so great was you could relate to it a little bit. I mean, if you’re trapped on a space station being forced to watch bad movies, what would you do? You try to make the best out of it. And Joel (or Mike) Tom Servo and Crow certainly made the best out of watching Hollywood’s shameful films.
  • i love this show so much i laughed so hard. bring it back

    never in my life have i laughed so hard. it was the funniest show. why did it stop showing. it was hilarious. i wish they still made it or at least show re runs. to get to the point i was such a huge fan and wish it was still showing
  • The giant that was Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 is beyond the obvious cult classic label it has earned. You can still find little references to Mystery Science Theater 3000 in many other TV shows and movies. The show seems to have become a hand shake in a popular secret sociaty. The style of Mystery Science Theater 3000's humor has easily lived on to Adult Swim shows, Kevin Smith films and etc. In fact, the basic idea of the original Beavis and Butthead Mtv shorts was taken from Mystery Science Theater 3000. The show obviously has been an important canon for TV and entertainment as a whole. Also, we fan get a warm feeling when we here "Play MST for men."
  • Absolutely one of the funniest shows EVER!

    MST3K is such a great show I don't even know where to begin. The concept is fantastic - goofing on crappy movies - now who doesn't love to do that?!?! And nobody does it better than Joel, Mike, and the cast and crew aboard The Satellite of Love. Sure, it's a low budget show - which just goes to show that it doesn't take a ton of money to make great TV. I watch it for the comedy, not the special effects. LOL. Anyways, it amazes me that some people take the time to post bad reviews of this show. Perhaps they just don't "get it". MST3K may be over the head of some viewers, but if you consider yourself intelligent, and appriciate truly excellent comedy writing, then you should give MST3K a shot. I spent many Saturday mornings "smoking" and laughing so hard at MST3K that I thought I was gonna fall off the couch! Thanks Mike, Joel, and everyone! (For some really good eps check out Mitchell from Season 5, Manos - The Hands of Fate from Season 4, or anything except Hamlet from Season 10. Enjoy.)
  • Funny show to make jokes on bad movies.

    I like Tom. Crow too. I like Joe better then other guy.

    I wonder I can be whith tham to make jokes.


    \\\"I got a hand it to you.\\\"

    \\\"He got all eyes looking at you.\\\"

    \\\"Two heads are better then one.\\\"

    \\\"They are hopping mad!\\\"

    \\\"Witch button is make me go up agian?\\\"

  • This show was great.

    I've always loved this show since I was a kid.Why did they have to cancell it?Crow was my all time favorite character.Man this sucks.But the good news is that 1.You can always order some videos or dvd's of this show,(but I don't recomend you do that because the stuff I mentioned are started to made poorly).And 2.Because me and my Dad recorded alot of episodes,I can watch this show whenever I wan't.Thanks Dad!
  • Check the premise, and tell me this doesn't look entertaining.

    Mad scientists launch a man into space, he builds robots for company, and is made to watch "B" movies as a torture experiment. Back in the early 90's, it took me a little while to get into what they were doing, but once I got it, I was hooked. With the ferocity at which they jape, each 90 minute episode boasts hundreds of jokes per. You get to watch the movie, listen to them rag on that movie, thats two levels of entertainment right there, and sometimes the movies are not that terrible (I site "The Incredible Melting Man" here). There are also sketches, and pop culture references for everybody, and I do mean everybody. One of my favorite parts is it appeals to the collector in me. The show ran 11 years (one on public access, seven on comedy c, and three on Sci-fi. Even one theatrical release movie). So that is almost 200 episodes of a hilarious show few have heard of. Many are released, but not even close to half. Some of the fun of this show is trying to find unreleased episodes from friends online. Try to find "Human Duplicators", "Jack Frost", or "Bride of the Monster", you will thank yourself.

  • Very rarely does a show exist with such a unique style as this one. From the clever wit of all the writers to the one-of-a-kind premise, It stands to be a staple in the pages of comedy for years to come.

    Everything about this show is original. From the props made from everyday objects, down to the one of a kind banter between the robots and either Joel or Mike about some of the worst movies made by man. I remember waking up in the morning to watch that show everytime it was on and just be laughing in seconds. I think the show could still be on today and still be fresh and funny as it was 8 years ago. I miss that show more then a lot of other shows just because of the fact that it always kept me interested and never let the jokes get dry. I will never forget some episodes like "The Brain that wouldn't die" or "Over-drawn at the memory bank". I find myself wondering how you could hate an anteater so bad after watching that episode. The only thing I hated was the lack of support for the show, I never once saw an advertisment for a that show or the movie once. I can't understand why seeing as there has always been a community of fans that have been there since the beginning of the show. It truely is being missed by thousands of people everyday and hopefully one day they'll do another movie or something along those lines. Maybe even some syndacation of some of the episodes. We'll just have to wait and see.
  • i have not seen this yet but i have seen others and i feel like it will be a good one full of funny jokes making fun of the retarded movie they are watching.

    but on the hole there have been some times that some unnecessary coments to the movies that i personaly dont like. of course i do like some of them because i just cant keep myself from laughing. so anyway i have good feeling about it. im just really doing this so i can get o lvl 2 account so i can watch it. and thats my review.
  • This is the ultimate CULT tv-show ever! its concept is so simple and yet so incredibly funny! i will love to see this come back... imagine a new crew making fun of flicks like Dare Devil and such!!! LOL !!!

    the music, the sketches, the sci-fi touch, the great characters, the superb humour and the overall hidden quality!! what can i say... i just love this show....This is the ultimate CULT tv-show ever! its concept is so simple and yet so incredibly funny! i will love to see this come back... imagine a new crew making fun of flicks like Dare Devil and such!!! LOL !!!
  • When, you want, the flavour of bacon in a dip!

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 was probably THE most original, funniest and flat-out brilliant TV-show ever made, and is yet to be surpassed. While other comedys took the same, generic sit-com approach in an attempt of being funny, MST3K took that concept, gave it the finger, and gracefully threw it out on the front porch.

    While I was probably too young to watch it on TV and really "get" the riffs (I'm 18, the only televised MST I saw was MST3K: The Movie some years back), I had to put up with Full House and the likes. But the magic of the internet helped me out, and now I have soaked in a good one hundred+ of the episodes aired, and it really is the saddest thing in the world that this show got cancelled.

    I'm really, really having a hard time writing this review, 'cause the only words coming to mind is "funny", "genius" and "thegreatestshowonearth". That's all there really is to it. Joel Hodgson and Co., I thank you hellooo!

    ..And Tom Servo is the coolest robot in the world.
  • Remains one of the funniest, most well-written shows ever.

    The precursor to all smart,subversive, self conscious television to follow: Beavis and Butthead, Dennis Miller, South Park, even the Simpsons owe a debt to Best Brains, Inc.

    The show was uneven and cut for a bazillion commercials, but it always delivered at least a couple riffs that were subtle, sharp and gut-bustingly funny.

    I'm amazed that with all the crap that passes for comedy on television, that these guys haven't struck it big with something.

  • A human and his robot companions are forced to watch horrible movies as part of an evil scientist's experiment. However, they choose to make light of the situation by providing their thoughts and comical commentary to the films as they watch.

    Ah, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K as it is commonly referred to). While the premise of the show seems ridiculous, in turn, it is quite a wonderful show.

    The movies these three watch are bottom-of-the-barrel movies scraped from people who realized there was no other possible way to make a profit on their movies. Many are foreign and over half are B-grade horror movies. In several cases, they might even have a familiar face or two (Gene Hackman and Gregory Peck in episode 401: Space Travelers and Raul Julia in episode 822: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank).

    The riffs they make during the movies are the key to the show's success and its underground appeal among tape traders. A high amount of pop culture references are included, making the replay value much higher as you may discover a new joke you never spotted in the past. They never overstep their boundaries by resorting to childish humor, but instead will make you laugh in a "hey yeah!" sort of way.

    Inbetween the movies are host segments where a plot continues among the main characters and their captors. For most of the show's run, a Dr. Forrester and a man named TV's Frank monitored their little experiment from a basement labratory called Deep 13. After a time warp at the edge of the universe, Dr. Forrester's mother, Pearl takes over what her son sought to accomplish.

    I would reccommend this show to anyone who would just like to sit down, have a good laugh and not have to really think about a movie while watching it. It is one of my favorites and it continues to make me chuckle even 6+ years since a new episode last aired. Try's fun!
  • Laugh out loud funny!!!!!!

    If you love short one-liners watch this show. The way they tie in the dialogue and the movies is pure greatness. Especially watch the episode with "Manos, Hands of Fate" and "Eegah". Those two are probably the worst movies ever. In fact, "Manos, Hands of Fate" was picked as the worst movie ever by Entertainment Weekly. If you like the show, you will like MST3K the movie. Good luck finding it though. It's rare.
  • Unfortunately, I don't think this is a show you could bring back and capture the original charm. That being said, this is really the only TV show ever made that was worth watching. It redeems a medium otherwise devoid of value.

    It was born out of an era of independent TV stations filling out their programming schedules with decades Hollywood and independent schlock. Does anyone remember having UHF and VHF dials on the front of televisions? The so-called season zero of MST3K was on a UHF station, TV-23 KTMA in Minneapolis, which took the concept of hosted movie programs and put the host in the theater with you, saying what we all knew. These movies suck!

    Most television is awful, and decent comedies or dramas usually peter out (jump the shark) after a season or two, but Mystery Science Theater not only started out in a class by itself, but stayed there season after season. It's really not fair to compare it to other television shows. In the wasteland of television, it is the only show that redeems the medium. It took 50 years of crappy TV go get to one good show, and I'm not sure TV will ever produce another. At least there are ten seasons of this show to enjoy.
  • Awsome, awsome show!

    Here we have one of the best shows that ever showed on Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel, Mystery Science Theater 3000. The two host, first Joel and then in the 5th season, Mike are shot into space, where they are forced to watch the worst movies ever made, with the help of a couple of robots that Joel made, Servo and Crow T. Robot.

    While watching the movies, Joel, Mike and the bots make wise cracks and halriouse comments that keep the viewers cracking up. Its quite a shame that this show was cancelled, since it was a great show.
  • The greatest thing ever to hit the face of the Earth!?

    MSTK 3K was never meant to be a quality show. It's simply a cheesy skit to make fun of really, really bad movies. In a world, where everybody takes things too seriously, this show produces a much needed boost of comedy. Sitcoms tend to become the same, and humor anymore is few and far between. There is just a finite number of plot lines that a sitcom can have. And many sitcoms tend to outlast their usefullness (Friends and Fraiser). However, MST3k, the humor is always refreshing. Joel (or Mike) and the robots never run out of potshots during a movie. So many movies become untentionally funny, because they are so poorly made. The robots are very clever, when they can relate contemporary events with old movies. I'll never forget when Croww T. Robot, said when he saw a wrecked T-bird "Teddy Kennedy are you alright?"

    The shorts are very clever too. They make fun of the stupid short films that you had to watch in elementary school. (Posture, grooming, what to do on a date).

    The only thing that one must watch out for, is that sometimes people don't get the jokes that the robots are pitching. As long as one is up on current events, he would find this show hilarious.

    I remember watching the movie when it came out to theaters in 1996. I have never been in an audience that laughed so much.
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