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  • So Glad It's Coming Back!!

    Best show ever! I like how they make fun of really bad films like Manos: The Hands of Fate, Time Chasers, Zombie Nightmare, and Hobgoblins! Unlike the current episodes of The Nostalgia Critic, they never went downhill in the 11 years they were on the air. I'm so glad they're bringing it back. I hope Syfy picks it up again. We need more shows like this back on the air and thse garbage reality shows off TV! I miss the good old days when clever shows like this were still on TV!
  • Just plain funny and awesome

    MST3K is about a ordinary guy named Joel who was sent up to space because his bosses didn't like,so Joel makes some robot friends to not get lonely,though his bosses send him horrible b movies,so Joel and the bots riff on the movies,which is where the comedy comes from.Also the robots names are Crow a gold crow look like(sort of)bot,Tom Servo a gumball look a like robot,Gyps a robot that looks like a vacuum cleaner,and cambot the camera man.The riffing is just hilarious,but I have to admit the movies are plain atrocious.Though I have to say that mike the guy in the later seasons is OK.
  • Bravo! Bravo!

    This is my favorite TV show ever. Period. This show is about a guy( Joel in the first seasons, Mike in later seasons) who gets sent up into space to watch cheesy,old(usually), B-movies. He and his robot friends(Tom Servo, Crow) watch the movies and make humorous comments about the movies. People say MST3K should be brought back, but honestly they might have ran out of movies. The reason Sci-Fi and Comedy Central didn't keep this is because most people don't have the attention spans to watch a whole episode, which is why talks with Fuze and Adult Swim fell through. It also has a great theme song! In a not-too distant future Next Sunday A.D There was a guy named Joel Not to different from you and me He worked at the Gizmonic institute Just another face in a red jumpsuit He did a good job cleaning up the place But his bosses didn't like him So they shot him into space We'll send him cheesy movies The worst that we can find(la-la-la) He'll have to sit and watch them all And we'll monitor his mind(la-la-la) Now keep in mind he can't control Where the movie begins or ends (la-la-la) Because he used those special parts To make his robot friends Robot Roll Call: Cambot! Gypsy! Tom Servo! Croooow! If you wonder how he eats and breathes And other science facts(la-la-la) Just repeat to yourself its just a show I should really just relax For Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Greatest Show Ever!

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 was probably one of the most funniest, wittiest and creative shows i have ever seen. With great writing, acting and likeableness of the show. It also had a great feel to the show and was awesome with sci-fi good humor and nerdiness this show lead up to be the greatest ever!

    Humor is great
    Writing is the best i have ever seen on a TV Show
    Acting is Good Joel was probably the best in my opinion

    None that i can think of but failures will say the show sucks... Dont listen to people who think Hannah Montana is good they are deprived of all aspects of humor in general and sanity
  • Goes down in history as one of the most brilliantly written, and funniest shows of all time

    I am sorry to say I was too young before I heard of MST3K and I never saw it or heard of it. As the years went by though, I heard plenty of it to the point where I fell to pressure and decided to give this show a chance, and I was shocked to see what I missed. MST3K is what you call the ultimate comedy show, it's wonderfully written, has great comedy, the characters are extremely lovable, and it has unending laughs. The show's premise is that a man named Joel is sent into space by his boss so he can experiment how long a person can watch bad movies before going insane. Joel eventually leaves, but is replaced by another person named Mike, who goes through the same ordeal as Joel. Mike has built robot friends to help him get through the movies, they are Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow and all the robots are hilarious and never fail to amuse me. As the bad movies play, Mike and the robots provide commentary of their own on the movie and ridicule it with jokes and make fun of the movie's stupidity. I have seen 5 episodes and I still love it, and I can't believe I missed this as a kid. I hereby give my complete recommendation to see this show if you haven't seen it yet. This show is awesome and hands down, it's one of the most brilliant, energetic, and funniest show I have ever seen and that's saying quite a lot. So to wrap up this review, go to Youtube and watch episodes of MST3K if you haven't seen it and enjoy the comedy of Mike and the robots.
  • This is the funniest TV show of all time.

    I was exposed to Mystery Science Theater 3000 this June on Netflix. I watched the episode, "Secret Agent Super Dragon", and I was hooked instantly, 10 episodes later, I'm still going strong. The formula is original and effective. There's a guy named Joel, who is the janitor of Gizmonic Institute in the future. Dr. Forrester, his boss, shoots him up into space, more specifically, the Satellite of Love, a giant bone-shaped satellite. Dr. Forrester is running an experiment on how many bad movies it takes to make someone go insane. When Joel is up in the Satellite of Love, he builds 4 robots to help him endure the bad movies. There's Cambot, the robot who's filming the experiment. There's Gypsy, a snake-like robot who takes care of the higher functions of the Satellite of Love. Tom Servo, a gumball machine robot, is a wise cracking robot who joins Joel in the theater to watch a cheesy movie. Finally, there's Crow T. Robot: a downright hilarious robot who also joins Joel in the theater. What we have is a show that will deliver laughs, guaranteed. Eventually, Joel escapes, and is replaced by Mike: a temp that's working for Dr. Forrester. The laughs still continue until the end of the series. Trust me, folks. This TV show is THE BEST.
  • Worth checking out if you haven't heard of it.

    Words don't need to be used to describe how great this show is. The show is actuelly quite ironic considering that people get annoyed when others give their own humorous documentary of a film you are watching, but here you are getting entertainment out of it.

    It's a very clever idea for a show that I'm surprised that no one else came up with back then. I'd love to see them bring the show back sometime because seeing that the crew is still making online movie riffs to this day, it appears that they would love to bring the show back if they could.
  • I'm a MSTie, and proud of it!

    What can I say about this show that hasn't already been said? We know it's original, we know it's got easily one of the best theme songs ever recorded (lalala) and the characters are all so lovable, even if their supposed to be the villians. First off, you have to love the bots. They are the first thing you notice on the show. You instantly grew attatched to them, maybe even had a favorite before you knew their names. Next, there's the human. We've all seen humans, neither Mike or Joel jumps out at you right away. And, durring my first couple of times watching the show, I couldn't tell who was who. Joel, in my opinion, was the better/ funnier one. I always loved his connection he had with the bots, almost fatherly like. Mike acts so hyper that he might as well be one of the bots. There's nothing wrong with Mike, and he did make some very funny moments, but Joel was just so "sleepy voiced"... I don't know, I just thought that was the funniest thing in the world. He downplays himself so that his bots will stand out. Mike was always wanting to be in front of the camera, where Joel knew that Crow and Servo were going to steel the show, so he didn't bother fighting it.

    All and all, I still love this show a great deal. It was original, clever, and well written to the enth degree.
  • Mike and his robot friends make fun of moives. How else can I describe it?

    So In the not too distant future, Way down in Deep 13
    The evil Dr. Forrester, Was hatching a nasty scheme
    He hired a temp by the name of Mike, Just a regular joe he didn't like. His experiment needed a good test case, So he conked him on the noggin, And he shot him into space.

    He said , "I'll send him cheesy movies,
    The worst I can find
    He'll have to sit and watch them all,
    And I'll monitor his mind."
    Now keep in mind Mike can't control
    Where the movies begin or end
    He'll try to keep his sanity
    With the help of his robot friends.

    Robot roll call:
    Tom Servo

    If you're wondering how he eats and breathes
    and other science facts. Just repeat to yourself, "It's just a show,
    I should really just relax.

    Sorry I really wanted to sing that really quick, cause this show rules! So then... anyway, the charcters are Mike, it used to be Joel, but now Mike is on. There's Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow (Crow rules!!!).
  • This movies goes on parr with "Manos, The Hands Of Faith."

    This movie was a real stink-burger, which means loads of laugh for us and the crew of the Satellite of Love.

    "Future War" happens to take place in the present, when humanoid cyborgs go back in time to capture humans for slaves (because they don't have thumbs and hence can't build anything except other cyborgs and spaceships!) and have vaguely establish dinosaurs are watchdogs that explode when they die. They chase this Runaway slave who meets up with this punk turned nun who really seems to have doubts in her commitments. The movie has no real logic, as the so called oppressed and uneducated 'Runaway' human slave is a master of martial arts. There was even a scene when the two "heroes" are told to get in a police car by a cop who takes them to a packaging factory where one of the dinosaurs is on the prowl for no real reason!

    Whats worst are the cutaway and jump-cuts. Our heroes, the nun and the runaway, are calmly walking in their suburban neighbor after being attack by a dinosaur, awake up in some kind of freight train only to be back into the same town! And for another kicker, the Nun manages to stop the cyborgs and dinos by using her underground connections with pimps, gangs, and drugs dealer to personally attack at their base of operations: Some kind of Storm-Drain with lots of pipes, a large hole out for some reason, and an unexplained source of daylight, which goes to show that it really the street thugs and deviants that protect the country, not the police, military, or government.

    Overall, this movie makes Manos look a cheap, but competent piece of work. And the best part is one one famous or well like was in this movie nor did any of the cast members moved on to other projects.
  • A man and his robots are forced to watch terrible movies.

    Although there had been a few shows like those of Elvira and Paul Bearer which catered to the popcorn-munching movie fan in all of us, 'MST' was probably the first to gleefully indulge in a constant array of wisecracks about the campy, nonbudget efforts on the screen. It paid tribute to the downtrodden moviegoer who waited in the theater for what promised to be adventure... and turned out to be crummy.

    An industrial plant worker named Joel was at his job one day when a team of mad scientists stuck him on a rocket and made him take part in a terrifying experiment: he must watch bad movies and comment on them. This allowed the scientists to measure the effects of the low-budget tomfoolery-- and provided a ton of opportunities for jokes. From bad dubbing to cheap special effects, to poorly written scripts, to lousy acting, Joel and the robots endured it all, and had the viewers at home in stitches. The show is on DVD in a number of 'best of' collections. I suggest you get your hands on them. 'MST' was one of the funniest shows to ever hit the airwaves. The robots will thank you.
  • thera are shows... then there are SHOWS!

    this show caught my eye when sci-fi (england) start airing season 8 when i was 16 or 17. it had me in rolling around on the floor, and i'd never seen anything like it. It was funny, refreshing, and original. I miss Mike and the robots, especially Crow! After sci-fi stopped airing episode (season 8) i realised that more episode/films existed with the gang and that another somebody else did it before mike (Joel) this made me actually purchase dvd's and swap tape via internet back in the day. I really hope that one day the guys get back together and do a re-union special. i have rifftrax and titanic now from the "crew" but i'd love to see the shadows of the guys... the robots and dim-Mike again.
  • Hilarious.

    Mystery Science Theater is the funniest show I've ever seen. Even though it is before my time, I still watch it because my mom is a big fan. I think that the Joel episodes are hilarious. However, the Mike episodes were more downhill. There were a few good Mike episodes, but I believe that Joel was the funnier one. My favorite 'bot is Crow. I think he is just so funny and what he says is just classic. Some of my favorite quotes from the show were said by Crow. Overall, this show is just a classic and a personal favorite of mine. I wish it wasn't canceled.
  • Insanely funny and entertaining.

    Baywatch was such a bad show. No plot, the characters were plastic and the..... oh? This isn't the Baywatch thread? Hmmmm...
    Well, I guess the same could be said about MST3K. No plot and the characters were plastic, or at least two of them.
    I don't think I ever laughed so much at any one show in my life. I always found something in every episode. Sure, some (very few) of the episodes weren't all that great. Like..... ummmm, maybe the one about.... no no, that was good, how about that one involving.... ummm, no not that one either. OK. I guess I enjoyed them all on some level.
    If you ever want to know if some one's a MSTie, just walk up to them and say some random phrase like... "I'm huge", "That sucked", "The master would not approve", "Time for go to bed", or something similar. If you get a laugh out of them they're a MSTie. If not, there could be other consequences. (In fact, my lawyer says I'm no longer allowed to utter those phrases.)
    Happy riffing everyone!
  • The 'bots and Joel/Mike are forced to watch bad movie by the evil henchmen TV's Frank & Dr. Forrester

    What can i say about this show but FANTASTIC!! Joel in the beginning and then Mike towards the end are forced to watch bad movies delivered to them by the evil Dr. Forester and TV's Frank (later by Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy). This show is sooo original and HILARIOUS! There have been times when i almost pissed on myself because i was laughing so hard. True this show isnt for everyone and it takes a certain type of dry humor to get it. Unfortunatly this show ended in 1999 but thank goodness for DVD and tape distributing to keep this show alive!
  • Please Syndicate MST3K!

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of the bast shows on television that's not on anymore. I hope the Turner Network could negotiate with the MSTies so that they could play the show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. I like Adult Swim, but if Mystery Science Theater was in the lineup, I would so watch the show. I like Mike Nelson's comments more that Joel's, but it seems to be the eternal debate. Who's the better host, Joel or Mike. Well, I hope Turner Network can get these rights and play Mystery Science Theater on Adult Swim. And maybe sooner than later.
  • The greatest horror movie show of all-time, bar none!

    In the good old days of television, no TV station was complete without a horror movie show. Some of them had their own little quirks and segments that made them unique. But no local horror movie show ever made, past, present or future, was better than Mystery Science Theatre 3000, which originated at what was then known as KTMA-TV, channel 23 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The movie was actually an "experiment" conducted by Drs. Clayton Forrester and Laurence Erhardt, who sent a janitor, Joel Robinson, into space, not appreciating his hard work a la Cinderella's stepfamily. They sent him into outer space onto the Satellite of Love, where the lonely Joel created Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo and Crow, his quartet of robots. Joel was sent into space to watch really horrible movies, but he, Servo and Crow offset the horror of the movies with snappy wisecracks. Meanwhile, Gypsy handles higher functions on the SOL, while Cambot follows Joel and the bots around to see the movies.

    The series was a local hit, but the station was in troubled times, and MST3K was cut. Then, Time Warner's new Comedy Channel picked it up, and gave it national exposure. After one season on national TV, Dr. Erhardt departed and "TV's Frank" stepped in. The series continued on without much change, even when the Comedy Channel merged with Viacom's HA! channel to form what eventually became known as Comedy Central. In 1993, Joel Hodgson, who put the show together and played Joel Robinson, decided to leave to work on other projects; Michael J. Nelson, who played various roles in previous episodes (including Torgo, from "Manos: the Hands of Fate"), played Joel's replacement, Mike Nelson, who was introduced on Joel's last experiment, where he and the bots riffed "Mitchell". When Gypsy set Joel free, an angry Dr. Forrester sent Mike into space, where he would remain. Then Frank left, as Dr. Forrester's mother, Pearl, moved in. Dr. F himself was last seen in the theatrical movie, which featured "This Island Earth", probably the best movie ever featured on MST3K, IMO. Pearl would take over when the series moved to the Sci-Fi Channel, and her cohorts were Professor Bobo the gorilla, and an observer known as "Brain Guy". The cycle continued until the Satellite crashed and everyone moved on, though Mike and the bots continued to watch bad movies.

    This series has to be the greatest horror movie show of all-time, and for good reason. Where else can you have someone be shown silhouetted at the bottom of the screen making fun of a piece of junk? Also, each host, Joel and Mike, had their own merits, though Joel may have been the better one, IMO. Also keeping the show moving was its loyal fanbase, known as MSTies; my mother is proud to be one. I'm glad the show was as popular as it was, because of its quality, and because of a very loyal fanbase. This was truly a show I enjoyed at one time or another as much as my mother did.

    (Alarm blaring)

  • This show was one of my very first comedic experiences, and i loved it

    This show is, in my book, one of the greatest Comedy shows that was ever created. With its great taste of personality and a whole lot of humor, this Peabody Award winning show is fantastic. Personally, i think i liked Joel better than Mike and the evil scientist theme better than the other one with the lady in the spaceship. I find myself in stitches every episode, both at the jokes and how terrible the movie was. Tom Servo and Crow are by far one of the best robot characters ever, with Gypsy and Cambot being the ones who weren't used to much but when used, it's pretty darned funny. I wish this was still on TV, but alas, only on DVD, and torrents (shh don't tell), but I think that it is totally worth it. I might even buy the DVD's if need be. One of my personal favorites and i hope i never forget it, Hell i haven't even watched them all yet.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a great show. This show is about a guy who gets shot into space and is forced to watch cheesy and or terrible movies. He has two robot pals who Joel built with his own hands. They add alot more humor to the show!

    MST3K is my all time favorite show. This show was very much ahead of it's time. I remember watching this when I was like 14 and now I am 26 and I still love it! If you watch a really, really bad movie and you find yourself making fun of the characters, the plot or even just things that are said, then this show is for you! Joel is the laid back host who gives the bots, Tom Servo, and Crow jobs or fun things to do. They are a great match-up. Joel was unwillingly shot into space by his mad scientist boss, Dr. Forrester. Only because Dr. Forrester didn't like Joel. Really it's a brilliant plot because for every show they get a different movie to make fun of. If you are familiar with movies like Boggie Creek Monster, or Hobgoblins, both are B movies. You used to see them late at night on certain channels. Movies that are so cheesy you have your pick of what to make fun of, be it the bad acting or the cheesy soundtrack that you can totally tell is played on a twenty dollar Casio from Radio Shack. If you haven't seen this show you are missing out. Unfortunatly it was pulled from Comedy Central and then it was pulled from the Sci-Fi channel because of lack of ratings. What did they expect though considering they played it at 8 AM on Saturday. The only way I would get to watch it was if I was up all night. But it was totally worth it! I love this show! It has turned into a cult classic. Watch this show it is a laugh and eventually you will find yourself making fun of movies just like Joel and the bots!
  • The cure for bad movies? Humor!

    I watch "Mystery Science theatre 3000 ," in the 1990's and I find the show very funny. Very funny! I rerely think a show would be as funny as MSK 3000! You are trapped in spance and all you see is bad movies. what do you do? Well you fight back with humor. Houmor will cure almost anything. That show takes on bad movies like nothing else on television. It's one of those show you will wish it would gone on forever. there are a lot of bad movie to see. MSK 3000 is the show that i love since I write movie reviews, I can identified with the robots and humans that got trapped up there.
  • A guy is sent into space and forced to watch bad movies, and he and his robot buddies have to survive by making fun of them.

    MST3K is undoubtedly one of the greatest shows ever, with an interesting story idea, and great riffs that you don't want to miss!
    I'm really peeved that they don't show it on TV anymore, and I have no clue why.
    I can watch the DVDs, but it's just not the same...
  • Wonderfully Innovative Movie Hosting

    I first saw MST3k in Florida while visiting my buddy one summer and was hooked from the start. This was after the show had been unjustly and vindictively cancelled by Comedy Central. When the Sci Fi Channel picked it up, it was a burst of fresh air to see my buddies again; Mike, Joel, Crow, Tom and even Gypsy and Cambot, the ship's Robot Camera (who was probably also Magic Voice). The show was a wonderful medium for bringing back and making the lost movies of yesterday new again in a venue which Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, never tried (oh, but to have seen her shapely silhouette with Mike and the Bots down below!). The recurring host segements and their slapstick antics were not to be missed either! There are way too many horror and sci-fi flicks lost to time that will never be see again, but this show not only found them, they refreshed them with humor and comedy. Among my favorite experiments were The Undead, Village Of The Giants and The Creeping Terror. Unfortunately, the show was ended with far too many movies waiting to be riffed, but in its demise have sprung up numerous clubs and websites to honor the show's memories and her ideas.
  • Now this is a tv show I can give a ten to.

    What a great concept this show had. Take two Robots, one manic depressive guy (or slightly dorky and funny if it’s Mike) and put them in the same room to watch a BAD movie, now that’s gold!

    So the jokes where corny and sometimes didn’t make since, but that didn’t matter. As someone who watches more movies then TV, I can really appreciate this show and relate to the fact that sometimes you just want to holler out something idiotic about the film.

    One thing that I believe made the show so great was you could relate to it a little bit. I mean, if you’re trapped on a space station being forced to watch bad movies, what would you do? You try to make the best out of it. And Joel (or Mike) Tom Servo and Crow certainly made the best out of watching Hollywood’s shameful films.
  • i love this show so much i laughed so hard. bring it back

    never in my life have i laughed so hard. it was the funniest show. why did it stop showing. it was hilarious. i wish they still made it or at least show re runs. to get to the point i was such a huge fan and wish it was still showing
  • Absolutely one of the funniest shows EVER!

    MST3K is such a great show I don't even know where to begin. The concept is fantastic - goofing on crappy movies - now who doesn't love to do that?!?! And nobody does it better than Joel, Mike, and the cast and crew aboard The Satellite of Love. Sure, it's a low budget show - which just goes to show that it doesn't take a ton of money to make great TV. I watch it for the comedy, not the special effects. LOL. Anyways, it amazes me that some people take the time to post bad reviews of this show. Perhaps they just don't "get it". MST3K may be over the head of some viewers, but if you consider yourself intelligent, and appriciate truly excellent comedy writing, then you should give MST3K a shot. I spent many Saturday mornings "smoking" and laughing so hard at MST3K that I thought I was gonna fall off the couch! Thanks Mike, Joel, and everyone! (For some really good eps check out Mitchell from Season 5, Manos - The Hands of Fate from Season 4, or anything except Hamlet from Season 10. Enjoy.)
  • This show was great.

    I've always loved this show since I was a kid.Why did they have to cancell it?Crow was my all time favorite character.Man this sucks.But the good news is that 1.You can always order some videos or dvd's of this show,(but I don't recomend you do that because the stuff I mentioned are started to made poorly).And 2.Because me and my Dad recorded alot of episodes,I can watch this show whenever I wan't.Thanks Dad!
  • Check the premise, and tell me this doesn't look entertaining.

    Mad scientists launch a man into space, he builds robots for company, and is made to watch "B" movies as a torture experiment. Back in the early 90's, it took me a little while to get into what they were doing, but once I got it, I was hooked. With the ferocity at which they jape, each 90 minute episode boasts hundreds of jokes per. You get to watch the movie, listen to them rag on that movie, thats two levels of entertainment right there, and sometimes the movies are not that terrible (I site "The Incredible Melting Man" here). There are also sketches, and pop culture references for everybody, and I do mean everybody. One of my favorite parts is it appeals to the collector in me. The show ran 11 years (one on public access, seven on comedy c, and three on Sci-fi. Even one theatrical release movie). So that is almost 200 episodes of a hilarious show few have heard of. Many are released, but not even close to half. Some of the fun of this show is trying to find unreleased episodes from friends online. Try to find "Human Duplicators", "Jack Frost", or "Bride of the Monster", you will thank yourself.

  • Very rarely does a show exist with such a unique style as this one. From the clever wit of all the writers to the one-of-a-kind premise, It stands to be a staple in the pages of comedy for years to come.

    Everything about this show is original. From the props made from everyday objects, down to the one of a kind banter between the robots and either Joel or Mike about some of the worst movies made by man. I remember waking up in the morning to watch that show everytime it was on and just be laughing in seconds. I think the show could still be on today and still be fresh and funny as it was 8 years ago. I miss that show more then a lot of other shows just because of the fact that it always kept me interested and never let the jokes get dry. I will never forget some episodes like "The Brain that wouldn't die" or "Over-drawn at the memory bank". I find myself wondering how you could hate an anteater so bad after watching that episode. The only thing I hated was the lack of support for the show, I never once saw an advertisment for a that show or the movie once. I can't understand why seeing as there has always been a community of fans that have been there since the beginning of the show. It truely is being missed by thousands of people everyday and hopefully one day they'll do another movie or something along those lines. Maybe even some syndacation of some of the episodes. We'll just have to wait and see.
  • i have not seen this yet but i have seen others and i feel like it will be a good one full of funny jokes making fun of the retarded movie they are watching.

    but on the hole there have been some times that some unnecessary coments to the movies that i personaly dont like. of course i do like some of them because i just cant keep myself from laughing. so anyway i have good feeling about it. im just really doing this so i can get o lvl 2 account so i can watch it. and thats my review.
  • This is the ultimate CULT tv-show ever! its concept is so simple and yet so incredibly funny! i will love to see this come back... imagine a new crew making fun of flicks like Dare Devil and such!!! LOL !!!

    the music, the sketches, the sci-fi touch, the great characters, the superb humour and the overall hidden quality!! what can i say... i just love this show....This is the ultimate CULT tv-show ever! its concept is so simple and yet so incredibly funny! i will love to see this come back... imagine a new crew making fun of flicks like Dare Devil and such!!! LOL !!!
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