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  • There is nothing even remotely redeeming about MST3K. It is awful, boring, and dispicably amateurish. A complete and utter waste of time.

    I never judge a series unless I see at least six contiguous episodes. Believe me, doing so for this dungheap of a series was almost an unbearable chore. Even though I watched six episodes of this drivel, I could NOT watch each one to the end ... I just couldn't! Possibly the nadir of american television.
  • What was the point to all of that?

    I just really didn't understand what the point was.I just didn't find it funny. I guess maybe I had a different view on what was funny and what wasn't. Perhaps it wasn't that bad of a show. I don't know. I'll have to see if again and then I'll come to a final conclusion.
  • It's amazing how great a simple idea can be, and how quickly that great idea can get old.

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is one of those holdovers from early cable. Back in the day, most cable channels were like small market TV stations, with limited budgets that didn't allow for the production of fancy shows. Therefore, they did what small TV stations had always done, they showed old movies.

    MST3K's hook, however, was that they placed three characters down front (at the bottom of the screen) and allowed them to talk over the movie's soundtrack. Not loudly enough to ruin the movie, but loudly enough that the viewer could follow either the movie or the conversation. The remarks were a little like the class clown in Junior High who felt compelled to comment on everything that went on around him. It was pretty funny, really.

    Early shows were pretty good and the novelty factor was high. Later shows selected worse and worse movies to lampoon and began to get longer and more elaborate scenes between movie acts. That's about where I stopped watching.

    Shows like this can still have a place on TV today and I think MST3K was good campy fun, but I think it should have kept the intro scenes short and sweet. I give it 4 and think the producers would be proud to know they really earned it.
  • Can be very funny, but easily wears thin if the movies selected are slow and boring.

    "MST3K" started out with a clever, if not a new idea.(Ever since movies started talking, the set-up of audience voices mocking the screen action has been around, such as the early 30's series "The Movie Album" or Radio's "Easy Aces" in their cinema short subjects.)

    In the original Mystery Science series, we got to know those about to mock the movie, a hapless midwestern guy (always ragging on Wisconsin!) trapped aboard a space station with two wiseacre robot puppets who know nothing but half-understood American pop culture.
    This was the underlying basis for the jabs at the film, whatever it was they would be sitting down to see on the ship's movie screen as well. The references come fast and furious, and although all are supposed to be none too bright, as an audience member, most will never "get" all of them.

    Unfortunately, when Sci-Fi (or now known as "Sy-Fy") channel brought them over, they had to change the format a bit, and instead of just a quick visit at the beginning and end, (with some bumpers in the middle) featuring the cast, which included a mad scientist and his wierdo servant that sent him spaceward in the first place, now there's a nasty fat gal that bosses around a monkey man and a hooded pasty guy in a VW van that courses the galaxy, landing on different themed planets. We find out about their fears, their schemes, their family life, etc.
    After this unfunny soap opera burns up lots of time, we go back to the "Satellite of Love" to see the movies. But now, every one has to be a horror picture. Funny thrillers were seen years earlier in the series, and most every one in the S-F version would have been a second, third or never pick previously. When it started, it had a huge following, inspiring such things as campus events, live recreations, even a book which was rather poorly thought out, but still sold well. Tapes of the series were traded around the world. Well, here we are, it's final episode ten years ago this month, and few care any more. It just seemed like the whole show fell into the wrong hands.It was fun while it lasted. It just lasted too long.
  • Very influential!

    A lot of the movies on which I've commented on this website I've seen as episodes of "Mystery Science Theater 3000." However, I find it difficult to write about this show as a whole - not because I can't think of anything to say, but because there is so much to say that I don't know where to begin or end.

    I guess I'll start by saying I approached this show prepared to be unimpressed. A show about a janitor and two robots goofing on bad movies in space? That's about the dumbest idea for a TV show I've ever heard! And in lesser hands this could have been an idiotic show, not worth bothering with. But in the hands of the troupe of writers and performers who call themselves Best Brains it is a show of rare intelligence and wit. The writing is first rate and the performances (especially in the host segments, in which skits are performed which are more or less inspired by the movie) are sharp and enthusiastic. So good was the writing that show was able to remain fresh and entertaining despite several major cast changes (by the time the series ended after ten seasons none of the original cast members remained).

    Best of all, this show helped broaden my appreciation for cheesy movies. I've always loved horror and sci-fi movies (horror especially), and some of the movies shown here were familiar, but there were others I would never have seen were it not for this show. Some laughably bad, others cheesy and surreal, others pretty darned interesting. (Still others were just plain bad.)

    In short, this was one of the best shows ever shown on television.
  • There's been a load of bad movies released ever since. These guys should be going back to work!

    This was a famous cult classic show from late 1980s- mid 1990s. A show like this may have been past its prime, but after it got cancelled, it missed 'GLITTER'. And 'GIGLI'. And 'CROSSROADS'. Any more of these bad movies come along, then these people are lazy. They should go back on air and diss them.
  • It's just a really good show.

    So, the story begins with a guy named Joel Robinson getting trapped in a satellite. He's forced by some crazy mad scientists to watch bad movies every single week. So, Joel built some robots as friends. The robots are named Tom Servo, Crow, Gypsy, and Cambot. Eventually, Joel leaves and a new guy named Mike Nelson comes to continue this strange tradition up until the show's cancellation. The show's known for having a vast amount of good one-liners and rants. Some of the movies they show range from a little bad to extremely horrible. Also, the show's low-budget, and it doesn't matter given what movies are being shown. So, if you haven't heard of Mystery Scienece Theater 3000, I hope that you can watch some episodes and enjoy.
  • I love this show to death.

    This show is one of the ones I love alot. Mystery Science Theater 2000! Sci fi channel used to play it but I cannot find it anymore on Scifi i upsets me. Because, like i said I loved this show. Just two robots and one man making fun of really crappy Movies just makes me laugh. So if you're in the mood to Laugh, then watch Mystery Science Theater 2000!

    I grew up watching this, to which I was lucky as I was a Canadian kid with a old time satellite dish during the early 90's.

    It became ritual to watch this on Sundays and I still pull that ritual today. This show has a "plot" kinda, but not really. At the end of the day it's basically a guy and two voice aced puppet/robots watching some of the worst movies ever made while riffing on said movies with their own lines. It's simply a great formula and enjoyable to watch, which is saying much as those involved literally have you enjoying the worst movies ever.

    I suggest looking this up on youtube if you want to catch an episode or two, which run the length of a full movie.

    "Manos the Hand of Fate" still ranks as one of the better episodes if looking for something great to start on.

    On another note. Although the show ended, those involved have made other episodes but without the personas used for the show itself and with the use of more modern movies that are considered good. Examples include Harry Potter, Star Wras, Lord of the Rings. It goes under the name of Riff Trax.
  • A guy and two robots are forced to watch really bad movies. The very definition of "better than it sounds."

    I first stumbled across Mystery Science Theater 3000 one rainy Saturday. While channel surfing, I landed on Sci-Fi, and saw three sillouetes mocking a cheap rip-off of gremlins. After that, I was hooked.

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 has one of the simplest concepts in history. A mild-mannered guy gets shot into space by a pair of mad scientists, who want to get their hands on the world's worst movie. Said guy then builds a few robots to help him watch the horrible movies. The cast performs a few short skits before, after, and in between watching the various pieces of horrid cinema.

    The show mainly consists of throwing "riffs" at B-movies. They would point out obvious mistakes, but the real fun was when they would bust out the obscure references, quoting everything from movies and tv shows to ancient philosophy all within five minutes of each other. If a joke flew over your head, another would be right around the bend to remedy it.

    That being said, the show isn't for everyone. The humor mostly involves making fun of other people's efforts, so if that humor sounds disrespectful, don't even bother. Production values are incredibly low, although this often adds a nice charm to the proceedings. Finally, a lot of the movies are so awful, they are difficult to sit through even with the riffing. If you can sit through "Monster A-Go-Go" in one sitting, you are a stronger person than me.

    That being said, this was one of the simplest, and yet most brilliant, shows ever conceived, and deserves a watching by anyone.
  • One Funny Show

    This was a really funny and unique show. A guy is forced to watch very bad movies in space by his boss. So he makes two robot buddys to watch with him. Simply they make fun of the movies they watch.They also do skits in between half hours. Usually always funny. Crow & Tom Servo are two of the coolest characters & funniest ive seen. The show maybe had been the same but managed to stay fresh and very funny. Its one of those shows that many people dont know of but it does have its fans. In the end,this is a great comedy.
  • A fun, fun show.

    Over the last year, I have been going through and re-watching old msties. It had been almost 8 years since I had watched one even though I was a huge fan during the Comedy Central seasons. Through Rhino DVD and various file sharing sites I have been seeing old favorites and ones I have never seen before. I have to say that though some material is dated the shows are just as funny as ever.
  • Funny show to make jokes on bad movies.

    I like Tom. Crow too. I like Joe better then other guy.

    I wonder I can be whith tham to make jokes.


    \\\"I got a hand it to you.\\\"

    \\\"He got all eyes looking at you.\\\"

    \\\"Two heads are better then one.\\\"

    \\\"They are hopping mad!\\\"

    \\\"Witch button is make me go up agian?\\\"

  • Laugh out loud funny!!!!!!

    If you love short one-liners watch this show. The way they tie in the dialogue and the movies is pure greatness. Especially watch the episode with "Manos, Hands of Fate" and "Eegah". Those two are probably the worst movies ever. In fact, "Manos, Hands of Fate" was picked as the worst movie ever by Entertainment Weekly. If you like the show, you will like MST3K the movie. Good luck finding it though. It's rare.
  • A wonderful waste of my life...

    I loved this show so much. Mystery Science Theater 3000 said all the things my sister and I whispered to each other in movie theaters our entire lives. Now there is a show that speaks our own jilted form of under our breath snarky comments humor. All the movies in MST3k are bad, and the the youngest movies they ever did were already 25 years old, but that is what makes MST3k so great; you're not there to watch a movie, but to hear what great one liners and quips the robots come up with this week. Sadly the only part of this show that I ever disliked was the original content. I really can't bear to watch Joel or Mike stand there with the robots and do sketch hurts me, but luckily the sketches are only 5-10 minutes of the show.
  • Robots and a guy in outer-space watching cheesey horror/sci-fi movies!

    I miss this show! The horror and sci-fi movies were the best. (The B-grade 60's and 70's, just so-so.)
    All in all - I miss this show! Cambot Rules and Gypsy was under-appreciated! I liked Joel the best and was heartbroken (okay, just a little sad) when he escaped the Satellite of Love.
  • The worst we can find. La la la.

    Ah, MST3K...perhaps the ultimate cult show. You either love this one or hate it. The sight of that silhouette on the bottom of the screen elicits either joy or eye-rolling boredom. I (as you probably guessed) am a fan of this gem of a show, which survived cancellation, network and host changes and a revolving door cast.

    The premise...oh, do you really need that? Suffice it to say, it stuck true to its mission, never running out of turkey old movies to lampoon. Combine that with the off-kilter humor and performances of the cast (Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy, Frank Conniff, Mike Nelson and others) and you had a show that was glorious in practically every respect. Those Comedy Central days, with a mixture of bad sci-fi epics, embarassing film noirs and oh, those educational shorts, may be the best run of any show ever in TV history. I'm not trying to stir up anything, but when we're talking hosts, I honestly prefer Mike to Joel. His manner of joking was more "on" than Joel's slacker persona, and in his tenure as host the comedy became tighter overall. Once Bill Corbett came on as Crow, I think the series got its best riffing team (Murphy, Nelson and Corbett).

    While the overall quality of the riffing didn't change with hosts and networks, the quality of the "host segments," those comedy bits in between sessions in the theater, suffered tremendously with the losses of Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff. Added to that was the new mandate from the Sci-Fi Channel that the host segments had to have a story arc. Gone were the one-shot weirdness of the Comedy Central days and in their place were unfunny ongoing misadventures when the gang would encounter odd creatures and sci-fi spoofs. None of it could hold a candle to the old days of the invention exchanges, Crow's screenplays, Tom's dulcet tones and anything from old Gypsy girl.

    But that may be complaining too much - after all, even in the Joel era, MST3K was primarily about riffing the movies, which never went out of style. Fortunately, the Sci-Fi Channel's other mandate of only doing sci-fi movies went by the wayside and we got some more classics in the later years.

    But now, sadly, it's gone. The good news is that Mike and Joel are continuing the fine riffing tradition with their various endeavors (Film Crew, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic). And the DVDs continue to roll out. So kick your feet up, settle back, and laugh your butt off.

    Push the button, Frank.
  • Funniest thing your TV ever brought you

    The concept's pretty ordinary Midwestern nice guy has been blasted into space by mad scientists, who force him to watch the worst movies imaginable to torture him. To keep himself company, he's created four robot friends, two of him sit and watch the movies with him.

    That's it. It's Joel (and in later seasons, Mike) and the two bots, Crow and Tom Servo, making comments about these dreadful movies. HILARIOUS comments. If you've never seen it, just give it a try. Sometimes it takes a show or two to really "get" what's going on, but once you're hooked, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it, and you'll see why fans are so addicted to MST3K.

    Most of the eps are available for free on YouTube, and most of the rest are on Hulu (with commercials) you can also get DVDs at your favorite video stores. There are differences in the voices of the bots change, we go from Joel to Mike as the main character, the mads and the second bananas change, but one thing's consistent from first to last, it's always hysterically funny. Find an MST3K fan site for favorites, but everyone developes their own favorites. I'm a huge fan of the "shorts," old hygene films or motivational films for salesmen or safety film strips from your driver's ed class (I absolutely love "Last Clear Chance," about a sweet little Iowa farm family whose older son ignores warnings about railroad safety, and ends you know)

    There's a lot of little things that make the show great--the relationships are wonderful, there's a real love for the bots from Joel and a brotherhood with Mike, some unexpected and excellent music talent (you'll not believe how great some of the songs are, from the Singing Servo Air Corps to Observers singing a doo wop beauty about holding your brain in their hands.

    By the way, 3 or 4 times a year you'll find live broadcasts of the Rifftrax, the same guys from MST3K and their new setup, very similar but not quite as good, done at theatres by Fathom Productions. The only thing more fun that watching MST3K at home is watching the show in a theatre with a whole group of MSTies. You'll love it!
  • This show never got old!

    MST was never boring - even though my wife can't stand to watch it, it always made me laugh out loud. I think I loved it so much because the whole concept of MST was exactly what my best friend and I did during old Japanese monster movies when we were young. Well, we weren't trapped on a satellite and didn't have robot buddies, but other than that pretty much the same. I would love to see this series come back, I think it would be very popular on the SciFi network. The most fun is trying to come up with something witty to say before THEY do...and these movies were just so horrible there was always something to make fun can you get sick of that?!
  • Remains one of the funniest, most well-written shows ever.

    The precursor to all smart,subversive, self conscious television to follow: Beavis and Butthead, Dennis Miller, South Park, even the Simpsons owe a debt to Best Brains, Inc.

    The show was uneven and cut for a bazillion commercials, but it always delivered at least a couple riffs that were subtle, sharp and gut-bustingly funny.

    I'm amazed that with all the crap that passes for comedy on television, that these guys haven't struck it big with something.

  • You say you have a sacrastic sense of humor and have been SHHH!ed more than once at the theater? Well, this show is for you!

    I first discovered MST3K while living in West Virginia, with my girlfriend. We had just moved there, and discovered that the town we were living in was dead after 8:30 at night. So, while VERY bored on a friday night, we discovered the show- and I INSTANTLY was a fan.

    This show is SO a dream show for anyone who has EVER wanted to yell or talk to the screen during a movie. (Let me tell you, for someone like me, it is like they reached into my head, and pulled out all the sacrastic things I have to say while at the movies, but get SHHHH!!ed when I do). I unfornately do not remember the title of the episode I saw (something about a time traveling airplane, a hero who rides a bike- "no hero rides a bike; Sidekicks, yeah, sidekicks ride the hero's house" and a mistake in teh past that has consequences on the future. But when you get down to it, don't all mistakes in the past have ripple effects on the future?!?!), but I remember getting online after the show was over and finding out when it would be on again, and that it was on ongoing series.

    So, during the next couple of years, while I had cable, I would watch the show, and afterwards, annoy the hell out of my ex by then watching regular movies or tv shows. And to this day, every once in a blue moon, I will get one of the DVDS and watch it, to capture the spirit of the show.
  • where are the reruns?. I want to see more

    The most original idea for a show ever, to play a bad B movie every episode and just make fun of it the whole time.This show is great and I wish i could see it more I just never see it on TV. They had so many episodes and the only ones i'm able to watch are the ones i have on DVD. The stuff they say during the movie is hilarious. Tom servo was the funniest with his style and delivery. And it's not one of those shows that you have to watch every episode continuely or else u won't get the story because every one has it own story. One of they great things they did was base the show on a B movie-ish premise with a guy and 2 robots are tortured by bad movies in space on a dog bone satelite.
  • Network switches, angry filmmakers, and unappreciative executives cannot kill off the "little cowtown puppet show" better known as Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    MST3K, as it is known by its fans(MSTies), is one of those shows that takes some getting used to, but as MSTies will tell you, it is worth it. Its simple premise-a guy builds robots to cope with having to watch terrible movies in space-belies the clever pop culture references and witty writing that won it a Peabody award. Sometimes it does go over the viewer's head with its references(a 15 1/2 hour German movie called "Berlin Alexanderplatz" is noted during a lengthy dance scene in one movie), but its appeal is because everyone comments on movies or TV shows while watching them, especially the bad ones. To last for 10 years, especially beginning as a local Minneapolis show, is a great accomplishment, and the fact that it lives on in DVD sales is a testament to its enduring appeal.
  • A guy and his 'bots make fun of the most awful movies ever made (though picking scenes from a hat can hardly be considered "making" a movie).

    I miss Mike. Tom, Crow, Gypsy, Pearl, Dr. Bobo, Brain Guy, Joel, Dr. Forrester, tv's Frank, Cambot (which is why I often visit This show was one of a kind, seriously. I mean, how often do you stumble across a show that dares to riff horrible movies? Not often. This show, which had a significant run, needs to come back. Because it was amazing and more awful movies are being made today. Of course, Mike and the gang do still get together and rip current movies apart but it's just not the same. I mean, MST3K had a certain charm about it. A funny charm. A gut busting charm about it. An I'm-laughing-so-hard-at-all-the-insanity chamr about it. And it had Tom Servo. He's the sexiest robot ever. Seriously. Sorry C-3PO!
  • This show features Joel, who is sent into space. 2 of his evil bosses force him to watch old, terrible movies, and whichever one breaks him, they will unleash that movie on Earth. But 2 robots help him pass the time while by mocking the films.

    This show is hilarious! Servo and Cro are what power this adventure. They were built by the host, Joel, to help him endure the awful movies (experiements) they are forced to watch. Even the worst, most absurd movie can become fun! Intermissions are taken every 15 minutes or so, and the crew will re-enact one of the scenes, or just have a little fun doing something else. Servo looks like a little gumball machine with arms. He is pretty deadpan, but he is pretty much the funniest one. Cro is a gold combination of, I'm not quite sure. Maybe a baseball mitt, a bowling pin, and a coffee maker. Their silouettes are visible the entire time in the bottom right of the screen. This is great because sometimes they can be seen interacting with the movie, or jumping around. Other than that basic premise, there is no discernable plot, just a good old knocking of whatever they are watching. Everybody should give this show ONE chance to see if they like it.
  • Thias show rocked

    I love this show, my first episode was Pod People, that was freakin' hilarious, anyways "back in movie D for Dumb" I'm not into science fiction at all, but even though they made fun of all of these movies, I found myself getting into them every now and then. I liked it a little better when Joel was on but Mike was cool too. I was even in the fan club, and I normally don't do dorky things like that. I think the show actually went down hill when it went from Comedy Central to Sci-Fi, and then they started changing voices that kind of killed it, oh yeah and when they brough Pearl in too. I didn't watch it much when it was on Sci-Fi but I saw enough to know it wasn't the same. There were plenty of more good seasons that bad and this show will always be a cult classic type of show.
  • The giant that was Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 is beyond the obvious cult classic label it has earned. You can still find little references to Mystery Science Theater 3000 in many other TV shows and movies. The show seems to have become a hand shake in a popular secret sociaty. The style of Mystery Science Theater 3000's humor has easily lived on to Adult Swim shows, Kevin Smith films and etc. In fact, the basic idea of the original Beavis and Butthead Mtv shorts was taken from Mystery Science Theater 3000. The show obviously has been an important canon for TV and entertainment as a whole. Also, we fan get a warm feeling when we here "Play MST for men."
  • We get to watch a man watch B-movies.

    This is one of my favorite shows. After working at a video store, one realizes how many horrible movies have been made over the years, especially sci-fi movies. It often becomes the case that throughout the show, you or your friends will spend some time making silly comments just to keep yourself entertained.

    Now, those of you who have spent all your time and mental energy trying to think of snappy comments can take it easy. The crew at Mystery Science Theater 3000 have done the work for you.

    Being from Minnesota, I have a certain advantage over others in that there are several comments in each episode which are specific to Minnesota.

    If any person gets every one of the comments in this show, then they are truly the most versed person in pop-culture ever.

    A good show for fans of movies.
  • My score is only for Joel. JOEL I SAY...JOEL!!!!!!

    This is one of the greatest ideas for a show ever. A bunch of hillarious guys watching horrible movies and cracking jokes. Why did Joel leave? He was the keystone of the show. Without him IO just sit and as I watch I think 'WWJD?' No not 'What Would Jesus Do?' I think to myself, 'What Would Joel Do?' After he left the highlight of the episode was only when he made a guest appearence. He wasn't the soul reason for watching though. Joels robot friends also contributed to the shows awesomeness. They all cracked wise towards some of the worst movies of all time.
  • So Glad It's Coming Back!!

    Best show ever! I like how they make fun of really bad films like Manos: The Hands of Fate, Time Chasers, Zombie Nightmare, and Hobgoblins! Unlike the current episodes of The Nostalgia Critic, they never went downhill in the 11 years they were on the air. I'm so glad they're bringing it back. I hope Syfy picks it up again. We need more shows like this back on the air and thse garbage reality shows off TV! I miss the good old days when clever shows like this were still on TV!
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