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  • A man and his robots are forced to watch terrible movies.

    Although there had been a few shows like those of Elvira and Paul Bearer which catered to the popcorn-munching movie fan in all of us, 'MST' was probably the first to gleefully indulge in a constant array of wisecracks about the campy, nonbudget efforts on the screen. It paid tribute to the downtrodden moviegoer who waited in the theater for what promised to be adventure... and turned out to be crummy.

    An industrial plant worker named Joel was at his job one day when a team of mad scientists stuck him on a rocket and made him take part in a terrifying experiment: he must watch bad movies and comment on them. This allowed the scientists to measure the effects of the low-budget tomfoolery-- and provided a ton of opportunities for jokes. From bad dubbing to cheap special effects, to poorly written scripts, to lousy acting, Joel and the robots endured it all, and had the viewers at home in stitches. The show is on DVD in a number of 'best of' collections. I suggest you get your hands on them. 'MST' was one of the funniest shows to ever hit the airwaves. The robots will thank you.
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