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  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a great show. This show is about a guy who gets shot into space and is forced to watch cheesy and or terrible movies. He has two robot pals who Joel built with his own hands. They add alot more humor to the show!

    MST3K is my all time favorite show. This show was very much ahead of it's time. I remember watching this when I was like 14 and now I am 26 and I still love it! If you watch a really, really bad movie and you find yourself making fun of the characters, the plot or even just things that are said, then this show is for you! Joel is the laid back host who gives the bots, Tom Servo, and Crow jobs or fun things to do. They are a great match-up. Joel was unwillingly shot into space by his mad scientist boss, Dr. Forrester. Only because Dr. Forrester didn't like Joel. Really it's a brilliant plot because for every show they get a different movie to make fun of. If you are familiar with movies like Boggie Creek Monster, or Hobgoblins, both are B movies. You used to see them late at night on certain channels. Movies that are so cheesy you have your pick of what to make fun of, be it the bad acting or the cheesy soundtrack that you can totally tell is played on a twenty dollar Casio from Radio Shack. If you haven't seen this show you are missing out. Unfortunatly it was pulled from Comedy Central and then it was pulled from the Sci-Fi channel because of lack of ratings. What did they expect though considering they played it at 8 AM on Saturday. The only way I would get to watch it was if I was up all night. But it was totally worth it! I love this show! It has turned into a cult classic. Watch this show it is a laugh and eventually you will find yourself making fun of movies just like Joel and the bots!
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