Mystery Science Theater 3000

Comedy Central (ended 1999)





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  • This show features Joel, who is sent into space. 2 of his evil bosses force him to watch old, terrible movies, and whichever one breaks him, they will unleash that movie on Earth. But 2 robots help him pass the time while by mocking the films.

    This show is hilarious! Servo and Cro are what power this adventure. They were built by the host, Joel, to help him endure the awful movies (experiements) they are forced to watch. Even the worst, most absurd movie can become fun! Intermissions are taken every 15 minutes or so, and the crew will re-enact one of the scenes, or just have a little fun doing something else. Servo looks like a little gumball machine with arms. He is pretty deadpan, but he is pretty much the funniest one. Cro is a gold combination of, I'm not quite sure. Maybe a baseball mitt, a bowling pin, and a coffee maker. Their silouettes are visible the entire time in the bottom right of the screen. This is great because sometimes they can be seen interacting with the movie, or jumping around. Other than that basic premise, there is no discernable plot, just a good old knocking of whatever they are watching. Everybody should give this show ONE chance to see if they like it.
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