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  • Insanely funny and entertaining.

    Baywatch was such a bad show. No plot, the characters were plastic and the..... oh? This isn't the Baywatch thread? Hmmmm...
    Well, I guess the same could be said about MST3K. No plot and the characters were plastic, or at least two of them.
    I don't think I ever laughed so much at any one show in my life. I always found something in every episode. Sure, some (very few) of the episodes weren't all that great. Like..... ummmm, maybe the one about.... no no, that was good, how about that one involving.... ummm, no not that one either. OK. I guess I enjoyed them all on some level.
    If you ever want to know if some one's a MSTie, just walk up to them and say some random phrase like... "I'm huge", "That sucked", "The master would not approve", "Time for go to bed", or something similar. If you get a laugh out of them they're a MSTie. If not, there could be other consequences. (In fact, my lawyer says I'm no longer allowed to utter those phrases.)
    Happy riffing everyone!