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  • This movies goes on parr with "Manos, The Hands Of Faith."

    This movie was a real stink-burger, which means loads of laugh for us and the crew of the Satellite of Love.

    "Future War" happens to take place in the present, when humanoid cyborgs go back in time to capture humans for slaves (because they don't have thumbs and hence can't build anything except other cyborgs and spaceships!) and have vaguely establish dinosaurs are watchdogs that explode when they die. They chase this Runaway slave who meets up with this punk turned nun who really seems to have doubts in her commitments. The movie has no real logic, as the so called oppressed and uneducated 'Runaway' human slave is a master of martial arts. There was even a scene when the two "heroes" are told to get in a police car by a cop who takes them to a packaging factory where one of the dinosaurs is on the prowl for no real reason!

    Whats worst are the cutaway and jump-cuts. Our heroes, the nun and the runaway, are calmly walking in their suburban neighbor after being attack by a dinosaur, awake up in some kind of freight train only to be back into the same town! And for another kicker, the Nun manages to stop the cyborgs and dinos by using her underground connections with pimps, gangs, and drugs dealer to personally attack at their base of operations: Some kind of Storm-Drain with lots of pipes, a large hole out for some reason, and an unexplained source of daylight, which goes to show that it really the street thugs and deviants that protect the country, not the police, military, or government.

    Overall, this movie makes Manos look a cheap, but competent piece of work. And the best part is one one famous or well like was in this movie nor did any of the cast members moved on to other projects.
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