Mystery Science Theater 3000

Comedy Central (ended 1999)





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  • This is the funniest TV show of all time.

    I was exposed to Mystery Science Theater 3000 this June on Netflix. I watched the episode, "Secret Agent Super Dragon", and I was hooked instantly, 10 episodes later, I'm still going strong. The formula is original and effective. There's a guy named Joel, who is the janitor of Gizmonic Institute in the future. Dr. Forrester, his boss, shoots him up into space, more specifically, the Satellite of Love, a giant bone-shaped satellite. Dr. Forrester is running an experiment on how many bad movies it takes to make someone go insane. When Joel is up in the Satellite of Love, he builds 4 robots to help him endure the bad movies. There's Cambot, the robot who's filming the experiment. There's Gypsy, a snake-like robot who takes care of the higher functions of the Satellite of Love. Tom Servo, a gumball machine robot, is a wise cracking robot who joins Joel in the theater to watch a cheesy movie. Finally, there's Crow T. Robot: a downright hilarious robot who also joins Joel in the theater. What we have is a show that will deliver laughs, guaranteed. Eventually, Joel escapes, and is replaced by Mike: a temp that's working for Dr. Forrester. The laughs still continue until the end of the series. Trust me, folks. This TV show is THE BEST.