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  • Goes down in history as one of the most brilliantly written, and funniest shows of all time

    I am sorry to say I was too young before I heard of MST3K and I never saw it or heard of it. As the years went by though, I heard plenty of it to the point where I fell to pressure and decided to give this show a chance, and I was shocked to see what I missed. MST3K is what you call the ultimate comedy show, it's wonderfully written, has great comedy, the characters are extremely lovable, and it has unending laughs. The show's premise is that a man named Joel is sent into space by his boss so he can experiment how long a person can watch bad movies before going insane. Joel eventually leaves, but is replaced by another person named Mike, who goes through the same ordeal as Joel. Mike has built robot friends to help him get through the movies, they are Cambot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow and all the robots are hilarious and never fail to amuse me. As the bad movies play, Mike and the robots provide commentary of their own on the movie and ridicule it with jokes and make fun of the movie's stupidity. I have seen 5 episodes and I still love it, and I can't believe I missed this as a kid. I hereby give my complete recommendation to see this show if you haven't seen it yet. This show is awesome and hands down, it's one of the most brilliant, energetic, and funniest show I have ever seen and that's saying quite a lot. So to wrap up this review, go to Youtube and watch episodes of MST3K if you haven't seen it and enjoy the comedy of Mike and the robots.