Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 1 Episode 9

Robot Holocaust

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1990 on Comedy Central
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Robot Holocaust

The crew watches a post-apocalyptic movie while taking in what turns out to be the final Commando Cody short. They also bring out a monster truck pipe.

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    J. Elvis Weinstein

    J. Elvis Weinstein

    Tom Servo & Dr. Larry Erhardt

    Jan L. Johnson

    Jan L. Johnson

    Magic Voice

    Jim Mallon

    Jim Mallon


    Joel Hodgson

    Joel Hodgson

    Joel Robinson

    Trace Beaulieu

    Trace Beaulieu

    Crow T. Robot & Dr. Clayton Forrester

    Jann L. Johnson

    Jann L. Johnson

    Magic Voice

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      • Valaria: (to Jorn) Do you understand what you are saying?
        Tom: Look, sister, I don't understand anything you've said for the last half hour.

      • Valaria: Perhaps it is time to send Torque.
        Dark One: You have made the right decision, Valaria.
        Joel: Then send Dolenz and Nesmith too.

      • Crow: (describing Valaria) She looks like the new Lily Munster.

      • Valaria: Torque, take him to the Room of Questions.
        Crow: Where is the Room of Questions?
        Joel: Would you stop that?

      • (seeing a destroyed building in the movie)
        Tom: A parking ramp in Cincinnati.
        Joel: I think it looks more like a roller coaster. Like, Six Flags Over Armageddon?
        Tom: Arma-geddon tired of this already.

      • Narrator: A society that was all but destroyed by the robot rebellion of '33.
        Joel: Oh, my hip still hurts from that one. Cyborg blindisded me.

      • (in the short, a moon vehicle's engine turns off immediately after parking)
        Tom: That thing shut off quick!
        Crow: Yeah, you don't get run-on on the moon.
        Tom: Well, except for this movie. It runs on and on.
        Crow: True.

    • NOTES (2)

      • This episode is on Disc One of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD set. Included is an introduction of the episode by Joel Hodgson and the Life After MST3K segment on J. Elvis (Josh) Weinstein.

      • This was the last episode which featured Commando Cody in Radar Men from the Moon. Possibly to indicate that event, the film flashed to a white screen, and in a spoof of those "technical difficulties" cards on TV and radio, we see a still shot of Drs. Erhardt and Forrester, and cartoon-type bubbles saying, "Oops!" "Film broke...", with cheesy music playing in the background.

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