Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 5 Episode 21

Santa Claus

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1993 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Movie Plot: Santa Claus Santa Claus battles Pitch, one of Satan's chief demons, as he delivers presents on Christmas Eve. Intro: The Crew tries caroling, but it soon breaks down because Mike gets too into it. He spills hot chocolate on Crow, and they all fall over. Segment One: In a twisted version of The Gift of the Magi Frank gives Dr. Forrester a watch fob and shaved his head, but all he gets is a savings bond. On the SOL, there is also a gift exchange, though Gypsy is embarrased by Tom's gift. Segment Two: Mike and the 'bots become the band Santa Klaws and sing their big hit 'Whispering Christmas Warrior.' The Mads make like concert goers, with Frank on Dr. F's shoulders. Segment Three: The 'bots try to get Mike in touch with his family, but get the wrong Nelsons. They are rather taciturn. Mike says his family is not as fun. Segment Four: The 'bots sing a politically correct Christmas song called 'Merry Christmas-If That's Okay.' It's not a hymm(that's a male name) or a carol(that's a female name), but it encompasses all faiths and beliefs. Segment Five: Mike is homesick until snow falls outside the SOL. They go out to build a snow fort. Pitch visits Deep 13 for some pie and tea. He says that he's laying low until the holidays pass and after the new year he will envelop the world in darkness. Just then Santa comes in to 'eat candy canes and kick ass, and I'm all out of candy canes!' They have a lights out wrestling match right in front of the Mads. Stinger: One of Santa's wind-up reindeer laughing.
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