Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 5 Episode 21

Santa Claus

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1993 on Comedy Central

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  • The SOL crew is overshadowed by a surprisingly good film!

    This movie is unusual for MST3K; it's not the standard, low production values turkey that Mike and the 'bots routinely feast upon. This time, we are given a fantasy film with good sets and something that resembles a working plot. What we also get is a very strange movie, and it's interesting enough to detract from the riffing (although the crew does manage to get a few good ones in--there are plenty of funny observations about things that we have been conditioned to perceive as "politically incorrect", as well as several amusing lines about Santa's strange devices).

    It's nothing unusual for children's films to be "weird"--even a classic like "The Wizard of Oz" has plenty of weirdness that is easily rationalized and accepted by a child. But this movie seems to be an ancient mix between "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" and "The X Files". Add in a God-like Santa to battle a straight-from-hell demon that's presented in an unusual, carefree way (it's a Mexican film), and I fail to understand why this film isn't a global classic to be watched at every Christmas. This is one of the few MST3K film presentations that made me wish I could find the movie in a restored version on DVD by itself.

    Absolutely, this is one of the top episodes of MST3K--but for once, we have a movie actually worth seeing to go along with normal chaos that keeps us watching these episodes over and over again.
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