Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 3

Comedy Central (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Master Ninja II
    Episode 24
    The second Master Ninja episode features union organizing and a hostage crisis. The 'bots make their own custom vans while trying their (inoperable) hands at improv.
  • The Castle of Fu Manchu

    The crew has to endure one of the worst movies they have ever riffed in The Castle of Fu Manchu. Joel forgets his invention, so the 'bots make one. But as the crew try to fly flying carpets or try to expose 'Miss Saigon Syndrome,' the inane-ness of the movie makes them break down. This pleases the Mads until they try to riff the movie themselves.

  • Master Ninja I
    Episode 22

    The crew watch two episodes of the 70's series The Master pressed together into a bad movie. Also, the 'bots make pop-up books of famous novels and Crow uncovers the Van Patten plot.

  • 12/21/91

    The SOL crew celebrates Christmas as only they can, by skewering the 'classic' Xmas movie Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. They also do essays on the season and present new presents from the Island of Misfit Toys like the Easy Bake Foundry and Mr. Mashed Potato Head, while Crow celebrates the season with a new song, 'A Patrick Swazye Christmas, based on the movie Roadhouse. The Mads present the Wish Squisher, which turns gifts kids want into practical and non-fun gifts.

  • The Unearthly
    Episode 20

    While watching another movie about an experiment gone bad, the crew tries to make a funny home video and present celebrity items like the Emilio Esta-Pez and the Jimmie JJ Walker. The Mads have pills that are really hard to swallow. The 'bots teach Joel about all the roles Tor Johnson had and a board game based on the movie is created.

  • War of the Colossal Beast

    While watching the sequel to The Amazing Colossal Man, where Glen Manning goes on another rampage, Joel and the bots also encounter the spirit of music and wonder where it is male or female. The invention exchanges involve taking weapons of war and making them into ways to feed breakfast, while new ways to name 'Mexican' food are revealed and Glen visits the SOL again.

  • Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2

    The crew has to endure another Fugitive Alien movie while Tom is brought back from the dead and the Captain Joe action figure is created.

  • Teenage Caveman
    Teenage Caveman
    Episode 17

    The crew gets bored on a rainy day, so they play poker before watching a movie about a teen caveman rebel. We find out new epicacs and find out what happens when animals turn on the hunters. Also, the Mads turn on each other and make up.

  • Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

    A group of Viking women sail after their men when they don't return and wind up captured with them. Also, a short on home economics and Joel really gets into waffles.

  • Gamera vs. Zigra
    Gamera vs. Zigra
    Episode 15

    The crew watches the last Gamera movie as the mutant turtle fights a sea creature from another planet. Joel and the 'bots celebrate by having a root beer keg party(with Tom as the party keg), make dioramas of their favorite scenes, and make a model of Gamera's insides.

  • Mighty Jack
    Mighty Jack
    Episode 14

    Another Sandy Frank movie is on tap, this one about a team trying to save the world. The Mads present formal scuba flippers, while the crew have earmuffs that look like ears, and Mighty Jack dog food.

  • Earth vs. the Spider

    The crew watch a giant spider terrorize a small town while Crow writes a screenplay called Earth vs. Soup. The Mads steal Joel's invention again, this time a phone made of cheese. Joel and the bots also try to start a band called Spydor but are interrupted by an intergalactic janitor.

  • Gamera vs. Guiron
    Gamera vs. Guiron
    Episode 12

    Gamera helps two boys who sneak onto a spaceship get back to Earth. Also, the crew sings their version of the Gamera theme song and Michael Feinstein visits Deep 13.

  • It Conquered the World

    Another alien invasion movie and a short on winter sports are on tap for the SOL crew while bad dinner and celebrity siblings with different last names are also on the menu.

  • Fugitive Alien
    Episode 10

    The crew endures more Sandy Frank as they see a movie taken from a Japanese TV series. Listen for the 'Forklift Song.'

  • The Amazing Colossal Man

    While watching a man become a giant mutant, Joel has to deal with the robots hiding in their fort, then presents a non-permanent tattoo. The Mads present a music reviewing plant, then the giant mutant visits the crew. Also, they try to learn how to comfort a giant mutant man but fail.

  • Gamera vs. Gaos
    Gamera vs. Gaos
    Episode 8

    Gamera returns to fight another monster, this time a flying one with a triangluar head. Also, the bots try to do the Gamera-damerung, but it never gets anywhere.

  • Daddy-O
    Episode 7

    The SOL crew dives into the beatnik culture and hike their pants up to their chest with Daddy-O. They also endure an alphabet short, go drag racing and discover the value of a spit-take. Along with the Mads, they also have inventions for the Miracle Growth Baby.

  • Time of the Apes
    Episode 6

    Joel and the 'bots watch yet another Sandy Frank movie, this time an Japanese TV ripoff of Planet Of The Apes. They do their own version of Inherit The Wind and present the latest in ape fashion while Frank grows big babies.

  • Stranded in Space
    Stranded in Space
    Episode 5

    The SOL crew engage in a gag weapon war with the Mads as they watch a failed TV pilot about an astronaut held captive on an Earth-like planet.

  • Gamera vs. Barugon
    Gamera vs. Barugon
    Episode 4

    Gamera returns from space to fight the monster Baurgon in the second movie of the famed series. Also, the 'bots have a computer interface war and play elderly Midwestern women eating at TGI Tokyo.

  • Pod People
    Episode 3

    While watching another alien movie, the crew invents a monster chord for monster rock shows while the Mads present public domain karaoke. Also, we find where the ethereal music from space movies come from, do some stupid magic, and hear the classics 'Idiot Control Now' and 'Clowns in the Sky.'

  • Gamera
    Episode 2

    The crew watches the first of the Gamera movies. Joel presents an endless salad bar container while Frank has problems with his bird cage vacuum. Tom also sings his famous song, 'Tibby, Oh Tibby.'

  • Cave Dwellers
    Episode 1

    The Comedy Central era begins with a post-apocalyptic hero who hang glides. The crew invents a smoking jacket that smokes, while the Mads introduce robotic arm wrestling. Joel also shows the 'bots how sound effects are made and make a new credit sequence for the movie.