Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 4

Comedy Central (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • 1/30/93

    Believed to be the worst movie in the history of the show, the crew endures Manos: The Hands of Fate while making a combiner of funny page strips while the Mads make a chocolate bunny guillotine. Also, the 'bots argue whether or not there is a monster in the movie while the Mads get a delivery from a new pizza place.

  • Bride of the Monster
    The movie features Bela Lugosi trying to make a race of super-human beings. Also the first part of the 'Hired!' short and the SOL Community Theater doing 'Hired! The Musical!'
  • The Day the Earth Froze

    While watching the first of the four Russo-Finnish movies, Joel and the 'bots invent snacks for martial artists, Dr F. uses Frank's 401K to fund the Unhappy Meal, the crew tries to figure out what a Sampo is and Gypsy presents a one woman show.

  • Monster A-Go-Go
    Episode 22
    Movie Plot: Monster A-Go-Go The search for an astronaut on an alien planet. Also riffed was the short: Circus on Ice.

    Intro: The 'bots start a micro-cheese factory. Joel is given a tour. Segment One: Joel's shoes are covered in cheese. Dr. Forrester decides to have an action hero competition: if they win, the crew watches Local Hero; if they lose, they get Monster A-Go-Go. Frank is the judge. The Mads' 'Johnny Longtorso' doll is presented in many separate pieces, to get more money. The 'bots present non-violent action figures. Frank calls the Mads the winner. Segment Two: Gypsy doesn't 'get' Crow. He tries to help, but she can't pinpoint what it is. She realizes that maybe it's Tom she doesn't get. Segment Three: Joel and Tom play keep-away from Crow. He does catch it in his net, but they get another ball. Joel throws a hail mary when movie sign calls. Tom catches it on the top of his dome in the theater. Segment Four: After getting all his chores done, Joel asks the 'bots what questions they have. They ask about the plausibility of the Pina Colada Song. Joel just says it was about two popular things. Segment Five: To try and cheer up the bots, Joel makes Tom a happy king and Crow his jester, Sir Giggles Von Laughs-A-Lot. It does not go well. Dr. F. gloats about their plight until Frank mentions a Matlock marathon on TV.

    Stinger: Monsters on the go go.moreless
  • The Human Duplicators

    While watching a movie about aliens trying to duplicate humans, Tom gets inspired to duplicate himself, and sees the pros and cons of it. They make spaceships out of everyday items, but they aren't really into it. Hugh Beaumont re-visits the SOL and the 'bots out themselves... as robots. Also, they are disappointed in Joel's invention, while the Mads can barely stop laughing long enough to get theirs out.

  • The Rebel Set
    Episode 20
    Three beatniks help a con artist rob an armored car, while the crew ponders what to do in Chicago.
  • Attack of the The Eye Creatures

    The crew watches a movie where rubber-suited aliens invade Earth and smooching teens are the only ones who can stop them. Crow and Tom go through a quick 'best friends' phase, they give a gag fax to the Mads, and honor Earl Holliman and Rip Taylor because characters in the movie kind of look like them

  • Crash of the Moons
    Crash of the Moons
    Episode 18
    Rocky Jones returns as he and his friends try to prevent two moons from crashing. Also, more of General Hospital is riffed, Frank OD's on toothpaste, and Crow and Tom try to woo Gypsy.
  • Fire Maidens of Outer Space

    While watching a movie about a space trip to Jupiter, the crew fends of the attacks of a black Crow, which the real Crow names 'Timmy.' The Mads invent a huge checkbook for the huge checks at sporting events, but Frank uses a couple without telling Dr. Forrester.

  • The Beatniks
    Episode 16
    Movie Plot: The Beatniks A promising young singer gets in with the wrong crowd and murders a guy. Also riffed was an old episode of: "General Hospital". Intro: The crew plays Rock/Paper/Scissors. Segment One: The Mads dress as trolls to try to get women. Segment Two: Joel and the 'bots discuss the symptoms of beatnickness. Segment Three: The 'bots have a slumber party. Segment Four: Segment Five: Stinger:moreless
  • This is MST3K!
    This is MST3K!
    Episode 15
    This was a half-hour special produced by Comedy Central. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of an MST3K episode.
  • Tormented
    Episode 14
    Movie Plot: Tormented A pianist is haunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend, who he murdered.

    Intro: Servo and Crow make a fort Segment One: Joel invents a wheel of sayings to get you through a family reunion. The Mads create a jacket custom fitted for alcoholics. Segment Two: Joel gets blackmailed by the 'bots Segment Three: The crew pushes their least favorite singers from a lighthouse a la the murder scene in the movie Segment Four: Servo and Crow accuse Joel of killing them. Segment Five: Frank sings a song about happiness which is cut short by Dr. Forrester throwing a grenade at him.

    Stinger: "Tom Stewart killed me!"moreless
  • Manhunt in Space
    Manhunt in Space
    Episode 13
    The crew watches the 'adventures' of Rocky Jones and an old General Hospital episode.
  • Hercules and the Captive Women

    The crew watches the last Hercules movie while they and the Mads present baby-themed inventions. Gypsy tries to riff with the 'bots but only lasts a few minutes.

  • The Magic Sword
    The Magic Sword
    Episode 11

    While watching another sword and sorcery epic, Crow professes his love for Estelle Winwood, Joel sells Basil Rath-bones for dogs, and Dr. Forrester invents biohazard pillows for the home that make Frank sick.

  • 8/22/92

    The crew has to endure Deep Hurting as they watch another Hercules movie. They also show how a knife trick from the movie is done and create Super Freak Out! Joel gives the 'bots arms like Hercules but Tom's body rejects his and they 'Sing the praises of pants!'

  • Indestructible Man
    Episode 9
    In Indestructible Man, a violent criminal named Butcher Benson is executed and becomes indestructible when he's brought back to life. Butcher seeks revenge against those who caused his execution.
  • Hercules Unchained
    Episode 8

    The crew watches the second Hercules movie while Steve Reeves stops by as an exterminator. The Mads present designer roaches and the SOL crew presents the Steve-o-Meter, which tells whether Steve Allen invented something or not. They also drink from the waters of forgetfulness and the Carob Shake of Pretentiousness.

  • The Killer Shrews
    Episode 7

    The crew has to watch a movie where an experiment on overpopulation goes awry and a short on a junior rodeo. The Mads are set to 'cleave in two this puny planet,' but one question from Joel stops the whole thing. Crow gets a present he doesn't like but can't return, and we get a board game and a drink each based on the movie.

  • 7/18/92

    The crew watches another Roger Corman movie while re-living their adolescence in their invention and debuting the song 'We're A Danger To Ourselves and Others.' Dr. Forrester takes a cue from the movie and invents a leech patch and uses Frank as his test subject. Also, the crew discusses their dreams.

  • Being from Another Planet

    The crew watches yet another movie about an alien life form. The Mads present Tragic Moments figurines and the crew makes a kit to impersonate Jack Palance.

  • 6/27/92

    Teenagers that look like they're in their early 30's invade Earth, but one of them tries to prevent it. Also, Joel uses electroshock therapy on the 'bots, the crew brings out scratch-n-sniff report cards, and Dr. Forrester tries ventriloquism but his dummy gets all breathless.

  • City Limits
    Episode 3

    Yet another movie set after the apocalypse, but with teens. The crew present Mr. Meat-And-Potato Head while Morrissey visits Deep 13 and depresses everyone.

  • 6/13/92
    Movie Plot: The Giant Gila Monster Not much unexpected happens: a giant gila monster goes on a rampage. Intro: Crow and Tom tape themselves together. Segment One: The Mads create motivational punching bags. Segment Two: Joel opens a small malt shop Segment Three: The guys remember some of their favorite drunk entertainers (Dean Martin, Otis Campbell, etc.) Segment Four: "Servo On Cinema" - Tom examines the movie's director, Ray Kellog. Segment Five: The crew forms a rock band. Stinger: Weird old man belches up his "sodee-pop".moreless
  • Space Travelers
    Space Travelers
    Episode 1

    Season Four begins with a Oscar-winning movie getting the treatment. Also, the crew's invention is found to be illegal while Joel tries to get the 'bots to be 'all for one and one for all' but fails.