Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 5

Comedy Central (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • 12 to the Moon
    12 to the Moon
    Episode 24

    The last experiment of the season is about trying to save Earth from lunar beings angry that man landed on the moon. Also seen is a short about GM cars featuring Nuveena, the woman of the future. She comes to take Mike back to her world, but when she turns the 'bots into appliances, he has second thoughts.

  • Village of the Giants

    Frank is forced to fire himself, but with the inspiration of the SOL crew, he gets his job back. The crew watches a movie about a bunch of giant mutant teens terrorizing a town. Tommy Kirk, Beau Bridges and Ronny Howard star.

  • Teen-Age Crime Wave
    Teen-Age Crime Wave
    Episode 22
    A timid girl gets mixed up with teenage delinquents when they kidnap a family on a ranch.
  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus
    Episode 21
    Santa has kids instead of elves making the toys, and he battles a demon in this Mexican take on ol' St. Nick; while the Mads celebrate the holiday their way and the SOL crew sing a special holiday song for all beliefs.
  • Radar Secret Service

    Mike and the 'bots endure a short about auto safety around train crossings and a movie featuring RADAR! The Mads use Hypno Helio Static Stasis on the movie, but the crew has just the antidote. Also, Mike tries to escape using Crow's underwear and Gypsy's bra, Tom turns into a state trooper, and we see the Quinn Martin nature preserve.

  • Outlaw
    Episode 19

    The crew watches another time travel movie while turning into 'big, buttery slabs of Fabio!' They also sing the song 'Tubular Boobular Joy' and read from Jack Palance's autobiography.

  • The Atomic Brain
    The Atomic Brain
    Episode 18

    The crew gives the Mads what for with an impersonation of them and the Mads respond with one of the 'bots. We also see the debut and end of Weather Servo Nine, a chin puppet demonstration, and the new show where Hank(not Richard)Kimball is The Fugitive. The movie sees a mad scientist experiment on brains, while a short discusses juvenile delinquency.

  • 11/25/93

    The crew has to watch giant grasshoppers attack Chicago, while the Mads make the recumbent exercise bike more comfy. Mike presents new playing cards while Crow writes a play totally based on one star's college life and Tom does stand-up comedy totally based on insects.

  • Alien from L.A.
    Alien from L.A.
    Episode 16

    Kathy Ireland stars as a nerdy girl who blossoms after rescuing her father from Atlantis. This causes the crew to sing about her, to try and figure out her emotions and think about other models. The Mads invent the donor organ vending machine and Mike invents Fridge Udders for milk, which makes the 'bots go fridge tipping.

  • 11/13/93

    While watching a movie about Batwoman(nothing to do with that one), and a short on cheating, Crow cheats on a test and is subject to being voted out. Frank's atomic hair dryer gives Dr. F a mushroom cloud hairdo, and Mike presents a shaver for backs.

  • Teen-Age Strangler
    Teen-Age Strangler
    Episode 14
    Movie Plot: Teen-Age Strangler A serial killer is attacking teen-age girls. Also riffed was the short: "Is this Love?".

    Intro: Mike calls his grandmother for help to escape, but she isn't home. Segment One: Dr. Forrester has Frank in a giant harness that lets him bounce all day long, on top of Spikes The bots eat at their own Resteraunt with "The Waiter Bater" a hand that gets the waters attention without disrupting your conversations. Segment Two: The crew discusses celebrity romances. Segment Three: Crow and Tom want to rumble, but Mike intervenes. Segment Four: Crow and Tom have a gadget that will make Mike act like Mikey. Segment Five: Mike sings the Janitor Song. Dr. Forrester cleans up after Frank

    Stinger: "And he didn't steal no bike neither... I did!"moreless
  • The Brain That Wouldn't Die

    Mike Nelson debuts on the SOL with a movie about a doctor looking for a new body for the severed head of his fiancé. Tom and Crow are of much help, making fun of Mike after he reveals a secret about his childhood.

  • Mitchell
    Episode 12

    The crew says goodbye to Joel Robinson when a misunderstanding leads to Gypsy plotting his escape with the help of temp worker Mike Nelson. The movie is Mitchell, starring Joe Don Baker as the stereotypical maverick cop.

  • Gunslinger
    Episode 11

    The SOL watches their first Western, as Beverly Garland gets revenge for her marshal husband's death. Heads are blown up all over the place, while the crew contemplates death, make their own version of the Pony Express, create products based on the Whiffle Ball.

  • The Painted Hills
    The Painted Hills
    Episode 10

    While watching a Lassie movie, Tom gets gold fever and tries to melt Crow, Frank gets his heart attached to generators, and a short on body care leads to a debate.

  • 9/18/93
    A pair of drifters get involved with the inner workings of a small town.
  • Operation Double 007

    The crew watches a knockoff of the James Bond movies starring Sean Connery's brother Neil and several of the actors in the actual Bond movies. Frank tries to be Bavarian while Joel and the 'bots compare the careers of the Connery brothers.

  • 9/4/93

    The crew watches a movie where a kid who falls in with organized crime blames his parents for it, and they analyze whether it's true or if he's just stupid. The Mads create a cake mix for huge cakes for strippers, but Frank puts the stripper in it before they bake it. The 'bots also draw their ideal families and recreate a song from the movie.

  • Eegah
    Episode 6

    The 'bots have to 'Watch out for snakes!' while watching Eegah, about a caveman in modern times. They also try to make Joel's face like Arch Hall Jr.'s for some reason, while Dr. Forrester installs an engine on Frank and changes his blood to anti-freeze. The crew invents a new instrument to make the incidental music for Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies.

  • The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
    The second Russo-Finnish movie seen is the legend of Sinbad...or perhaps not.
  • 8/7/93
    Another secret agent with cool gadgets, hot women, and an evil villain; plus Dr. Forrester's seminar on super-villainy.
  • Swamp Diamonds
    Episode 3
    A Roger Corman movie about searching for diamonds in the swamp, featuring Mike Connors billed as Touch Connors. Also; Tom and Gypsy go on a date which does not go well for him.
  • Warrior of the Lost World
    Movie Plot: Warrior of the Lost World In a post-apocalyptic world, a woman hires the Warrior to rescue her father. Intro: Servo can't handle the pressure of introducing the show. Segment One: The mads invent some fitness equiptment. Joel invents candy hearts with adult messages like "Get Out!" Segment Two: Crow and Servo race slot cars. Segment Three: Segment Four: The crew discusses all the cool stuff they would do after the apocalypse, like play stickball on the Interstate. Segment Five: The crew calls the Megaweapon from the movie. The Mads discover the good life, they play tennis and go dancing. Stinger:moreless
  • Hercules
    Episode 1
    The original Hercules movie is skewered; also featured is Crow's tribute to Gene Rayburn's Match Game.