Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 6

Comedy Central (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Samson vs. the Vampire Women
    TV's Frank departs for Second Banana Heaven as the crew watches a movie featuring legendary Mexican wrestler El Santo.
  • The Little Gold Statue Award Preview Show
    This half hour special aired before the 1995 Academy Awards. In it, the MST3K cast makes fun of the following movies: Mary Shelly's Frankenstein 4 Weddings and a Funeral Tom & Viv Quiz Show Forrest Gump Queen Margot Priscilla, Queen of the Desert The Lion King Junior Red Heavenly Creatures Little Women Blue Sky Hoop Dreams Pulp Fictionmoreless
  • The Amazing Transparent Man

    The crew watches a short about railroad safety and a movie about a man who turns invisible to steal fissionable materials. Meanwhile, Crow winds up in a jar and Frank despairs that he can't see the movie he wants.

  • Poopie I
    Poopie I
    Episode 23
    This is a half-hour tape of bloopers and flubs from seasons 2-6.
  • Angels' Revenge
    Angels' Revenge
    Episode 22

    The SOL crew has to endure a '70's jiggle-fest, which inspires the Mads to dress as '70's relief pitchers. Also, Crow reworks Earth Vs. Soup into a Blaxploitation film, Mike's Fonzie impression is not robot approved, and the shame-o-meter gets broken almost immediately after it is invented.

  • The Beast of Yucca Flats
    The crew has to endure another Coleman Francis movie, along with not one, but two shorts. Mike and the crew also defeat Proposition Deep 13.
  • Danger!! Death Ray
    Danger!! Death Ray
    Episode 20

    Another spy movie is on the screen for the crew while Frank becomes a talent agent(for Mike, Tom and Torgo, but not Crow), the 'bots do 'This Is Your Life, Mike Nelson!' and Tom develops his own death ray--for peaceful purposes(until he zaps Crow because he just can't resist).

  • Red Zone Cuba
    Episode 19
    Three fugitives wind up in a platoon of mercenaries who attack Cuba, while Mike becomes Carol Channing and Dr. Forrester takes a beating for Frank, who's in for 50 large to the Mob.
  • High School Big Shot
    A high school brain tries to impress a girl by stealing a million dollars. Also, the crew watches a short about specialty breads and Tom becomes huge.
  • The Sword and the Dragon

    The crew watches the story of a Finnish hero who fights off invaders and perfoms a satirical politcal revue. The Mads entertain their female neighbors from Deep 12 and the movie's hero stops by as well.

  • Racket Girls
    Episode 16
    A movie about a women's wrestling promoter using it as a front for illegal gambling is featured as well as a short on being ready for marriage. Also, a family invades Deep 13, Lisa Loeb invades the SOL, and the short inspired Tom and Crow to get married themeslves.
  • Zombie Nightmare
    Episode 15
    After a man is killed by some joyriding teens, his mother has a voodoo priestess turn him into a zombie to gain vengance on the killers. Also, the Mads start doing voodoo on their own.
  • Kitten with a Whip
    Kitten with a Whip
    Episode 14
    The movie that made Ann-Margret a star, about a teen girl and her friends who terroizes a Senate candidate. Meanwhile, Crow tries to find the button to bring the SOL down, but gets caught.
  • San Fransisco International

    Another TV pilot movie is on tap while the Mads play construction worker, the 'bots have a political debate that's anything but, and Mike's Urkel impression pleases almost everybody.

  • The Sinister Urge
    The Sinister Urge
    Episode 12
    Frank tries to blow up the SOL and Deep 13 as the crew watch an Ed Wood film about smut.
  • The Starfighters
    Episode 11
    While Crow has trouble getting on the information superhighway and the Mads use their new cranial ports, the crew watches a movie about Air Force pilots training on a new type plane. Watch for a young Bob Dornan as one of the pilots.
  • The Violent Years
    The Violent Years
    Episode 10
    Movie Plot: The Violent Years A young woman leads a crime spree and people die. Also riffed was the short: "A Young Man's Fancy". Intro: Servo has a new, creepy, head. Segment One: The Mads write a theme song for themselves. Segment Two: Frank starts a country music radio station. Segment Three: Segment Four: Mike puts on a show as Keanu Reeves. Segment Five: Mike and Crow act out the gas station robbery from the movie. Stinger:moreless
  • Last of the Wild Horses
    Movie Plot: Last of the Wild Horses A save-the-ranch type spaghetti western. Intro: Segment One: The Mads try to send a matter transfer machine to the SOL, but it gets caught in a storm of ions, resulting in the creation of a parallel universe. In the parallel universe, the good version of the Mads are on the SOL and an evil version of Mike and the 'bots are in Deep 13, forcing Frank and Dr. Forrester to watch the movie. Segment Two: Segment Three: Segment Four: In the regular universe, Servo and Mike use the "Parallel Universe Manual" to fix the situation. Segment Five: The friendly Mads visit the SOL, just to say hi. Stinger:moreless
  • Code Name: Diamond Head
    Movie Plot: Code Name: Diamond Head Diamond Head is a secret agent-type guy who tries to stop an illegal weapons dealer. Also riffed was the short: "A Day at the Fair". Intro: The SOL needs to be cleaned up. Segment One: The Mads compete over which of them is cleaner. The crew throws out all the garbage, including Crow's mother, into the sun Segment Two: Magic Voice and Cambot try to make Mike appear more mean. Segment Three: Cambot and Magic Voice present Mike as a crash test dummy. Segment Four: Cambot and Magic Voice make mike into the Frugal Gourmet. Segment Five: Crow gives Mike a Hawaiian Punch. Stinger:moreless
  • The Creeping Terror

    The crew has to watch a movie where a carpet-like creature swallows people whole, while the Mads have laundry day and make the crew open a coffeehouse to see if they become pretentious. Crow unveils the new SOL flag, while they also do a new version of Love, American Style.

  • Bloodlust
    Episode 6

    We see Dr. Forrester's mother for the first time while the crew watches a group of teenagers get trapped on an island with a madman. Crow gets analyzed, the crew does a square/slam dance, Crow gets his roadside stand run over, while Crow ruins their murder mystery party.

  • The Skydivers
    The Skydivers
    Episode 5

    The crew watches a movie about dull skydivers while participating in a swing choir-off with the Mads, and we travel the galaxy but wind up on Uranus, learn what not to do in shop class, and also learn how to persevere while watching Crow get cut in half, shot up and stuck in a parachute.

  • Colossus and the Headhunters
    Mike and the 'bots watch a movie about a hero called Cheesesteak, while the Mads produce the cutest pet ever, NummyMuffinCoocolButter.
  • The Dead Talk Back
    The Dead Talk Back
    Episode 3
    Movie Plot: The Dead Talk Back After a murder, the people at a rooming house are questioned, including a man who is working on talking to dead people. Also riffed was the short: The Selling Wizard.

    Intro: Gypsy organizes a fire drill. They have to walk in a straight line, but they just go in circles. Segment One: Dr. Forrester, with little help from Frank, tries to use direct marketing with Nelson Cigarettes. Mike, with no help from Crow, resists. Segment Two: Tom and Crow host The Dead Talk Back radio show. Several famous dead people call. Mike is amazed, but Crow and Tom aren't. Segment Three: The crew dresses as the Grateful Dead. They play a song, but Crow does an extra-long guitar solo like Jerry Garcia. Dr. F. and Frank fall asleep during it. Mike and Tom play chess, Gypsy reads War and Peace, and Mike folds his laundry. When movie sign sounds, Mike has to grab Crow, because he's still playing. Segment Four: The Crew is interrogated by Dr. Forrester, but he is interrupted when Frank confesses. Crow resumes his guitar solo. Segment Five: Mike reads a letter while Crow continues his solo, Tom talks like the movie's narrator, and Gypsy rins another fire drill. Dr. Forrester and Frank play 'William Tell.' He keeps missing the apple and hitting Frank.

    Stinger: Woman screams as she finds the dead body.moreless
  • Invasion USA
    Invasion USA
    Episode 2

    The crew watches Invasion USA(no, not that one) while Crow is experimented on and gives his seminar on the two Lois Lanes. Tom is deeply affected by the movie while an A-bomb visits the SOL drunk and depressed.

  • Girls Town
    Girls Town
    Episode 1

    Another teen rebel movie starring Mamie Van Doren is on tap but the big news is the SOL becomes the first ever tethered satellite in the sixth season premiere.