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Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 8

Comedy Central (ended 1999)



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Episode Guide

  • Poopie II
    Poopie II
    Episode 26
    This half-hour video is a collection of bloopers and flubs from seasons 7 and 8.
  • Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
    Movie Plot: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank A man's mind gets sucked into a massive computer system. Intro: Crow creates a catch phrase for himself to justify a large t-shirt order. He has Tom cue a laugh track every time he says it, but it malfunctions. Segment One: The 'bots don't like the catch phrases Mike chooses. Pearl decides to make money by having her own PBS station, and hosting a pledge drive. Tom wants to help, but Mike says she will use the money to send them more bad movies. Segment Two: The 'bots order a pet monkey over the internet. It gets scared, hides in the rafters and throws things at Mike. The 'bots make Mike assume a non-threatening position. Segment Three: The bots' monkey still does not like Mike. As an example of other Pearl-based programming, Pearl and Observer sing a duet, which they forget the words midway through. Segment Four: Tom has Mike dopple him down to the Nanite world so he can make fun of them, but he winds up in a rough section and Mike becomes like Apollonia and doesn't help. Segment Five: Bobo comes up to the SOL to help with the monkey, but ends up turning against Mike and the 'bots. Meanwhile, Pearl counts the money her pledge drive made and pays her phone bank. Stinger: Fingal says, 'Mom, 'm I nuts?'moreless
  • Time Chasers
    Time Chasers
    Episode 24
    Movie Plot: Time Chasers A computer scientist must destroy his time travel machine to save the future.

    Intro: Mike recaps the Roman planet saga, and Tom gets him to say 'lost in space' so he and Crow can act like the robot and Mr. Smith. Segment One: Mike parks the ship next to the Widowmaker. He goes and visits Pearl while the 'bots watch TV. She's just put Bobo down and listens to him through a baby monitor. Crow comes over when Tom switches the channel. Pearl goes back on her promise and sends the movie. Segment Two: Crow goes back in time to 1985 to get Mike to quit the temp jobs that would lead him to Deep 13. He finds Mike at a dairy co-op. He finds that the job will take a little longer than he thought. Segment Three: Crow continues to convince Mike to quit the temp jobs. He finds that Mike has a band called Sex Factory. Mike decides to go full-time with the band. When he gets back to his time, though, he finds that Mike has been killed at a gig and his older brother Eddie is now on the SOL. He took the temp jobs Mike would have. He is much more aggressive than Mike and is a big bully. Segment Four: Crow slips away and goes back to 1985 to convince his past future self not to convince Mike to quit the temp jobs. Segment Five: Crow tries to get Mike to say 'Gilligan's island,' but he refuses to go along. He goes back to Pearl's and tells her what Crow did. She says there's another Crow in Wisconsin in 1985. Mike is doubtful, but the spare Crow has taken Mike's temp job at the dairy co-op.

    Stinger: Robertson says, 'Matt, it's time for you to decide whether you want to be one of my team players or not.'moreless
  • Space Mutiny
    Space Mutiny
    Episode 23
    The crew watches a giant spaceship going through a mutiny, while Pearl and Observer are about to be killed for not being gods, and Mike helps them escape after Pearl promises she won't send them any more bad movies.
  • Invasion of the Neptune Men
    Movie Plot: Invasion of the Neptune Men A horde of invaders from Neptune is thwarted by a rocket technician in disguise.

    Intro: After reading a National Geographic story about eyelash mites, the 'bots convince Mike to have the Nanites to eliminate them. Segment One: The Nanite war is going badly because the mites are more powerful. Crow and Tom blame Mike, though they wanted the war. On the planet, Pearl is jealous because of all the attention paid to the Mad Goth, aka Bobo. He has a 40-foot statue unveiled in his honor(with some anatomical additions). Observer convinces Pearl to get Bobo back. Meanwhile, the 'war' is just a big practical joke that the 'bots have played on Mike. They ask why he even got rid of the mites. Segment Two: The 'bots perform a Kabuki play for mike, but he prefers Noh theater. The 'bots get all confused...which may or may not be Mike's revenge for the eyelash mite joke. Segment Three: Just before he leaves the theater, Tom contracts Rogie-Panty Complex, so Mike applies packs of panties to him. Meanwhile, Pearl and Observer try to convince Bobo to leave with them(he may or may not have amneisia), but he wants to stay with his statue. Flavia thwarts their plans, however. Crow says he has Rogie-Panty Complex--he really doesn't, he just wants all the attention Tom is getting. Segment Four: The crew starts to break down as they leave the theater, and they are really struggling with the movie. However, Phantom of Krankor(from Prince Of Space) appears to conquer them. The crew are happy to see someone that is more dignified than the Neptune men. They get friendly with Phantom and even give him a hug. When he leaves, Mike starts to cry(with happiness). Segment Five: Crow has made a suggestion box, which he has filled with suggestions for Japan(which all have to do with the movie). There's even one for Luxemborg--to be thankful they aren't Japan. On the Planet, Pearl and Bobo are in line for the Mad Goth's autograph, just to try and steal Bobo away. She gets frustrated and whacks him with a tablet--which apparenly clears up his amnesia and he becomes Bobo again. However, this exposes Pearl and Observer as not being gods, so Flavia has them captured.

    Stinger: The fat little kid falls down.moreless
  • Devil Doll
    Devil Doll
    Episode 21
    While the crew watches a British movie about a ventriloquist who tries to transfer the soul of a woman to a dummy, Pearl and Obsever find out what happned to Bobo.
  • The Horror of Party Beach
    While the crew watches a beach-horror movie, Pearl and Observer wind up on a Roman-times like planet.
  • MST3K Summer Blockbuster Review
    A half-hour special in which Mike and the 'bots riff the trailers from the hit movies of the summer of 1997. Trailers riffed in this special were those for: The 5th Element Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World Men in Black Contact Batman and Robin
  • Prince of Space
    Prince of Space
    Episode 18
    While the crew watches a movie about a space race invading Japan and the super hero that defends it, they also cope with going through a wormhole that makes everyone run behind; Mike turn into a small robot; the crew wander around a sylvan glen; and Pearl and Observer wind up in Roman times.moreless
  • Agent for H.A.R.M.
    Agent for H.A.R.M.
    Episode 17
    Movie Plot: Agent for H.A.R.M. A secret agent tries to protect the inventor of a spore gun.

    Intro: Tom and Crow are into extreme! Tom is into extreme stamp collecting and Crow is doing extreme yoga. Mike tries to get into it, but can't. Segment One: Mike gets into extreme rice. The 'bots are not impressed. Suddenly, Mike disappears and re-appears in an intergalactic courtroom where he must stand trial for the planets he destroyed. Somehow, Pearl is his prosector and Bobo is his defense attorney. Segment Two: Crow wants to send Mike a tort with a power saw inside. Pearl and Bobo give their opening statements: Pearl's has several props and Bobo seems to be channelling Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird, but he thinks more about food(and panties). Mike chokes the monkey. Segment Three: The 'bots give video depositions: Tom hosts a telethon, Crow's is full of bleeped obcenities, and Gypsy says Mike is innocent, which Bobo doesn't like. Segment Four: Tom finds a legal precedent, but it doesn't apply to Mike. Observer gives his testimony, which points to Mike(with prodding from Pearl). Bobo, however, exposes a lie he told about baking pies--one of the things that Bobo knows well. Segment Five: Crow and Tom do a vigil for Mike, but Crow only lasts a few seconds. Ortega severly damages Mike's defense with his testimony, but Bobo brings a little Amish boy to the stand in his defense. Pearl tries to break the boy before the judge declares Mike guilty and sentences him to death. However, he reduces the sentence to 800 hours of community service, which Mike starts by cleaning up the SOL.

    Stinger: Malko gives Stefanik a spaz chop.moreless
  • The Making of MST3K
    The Making of MST3K
    Episode 16
    A behind the scenes look at the making of an MST3K episode.
  • Riding with Death
    Riding with Death
    Episode 15
    A movie spliced together from two episodes of Gemini man is Mike's punishment for apparently blowing up yet another planet.
  • Jack Frost
    Episode 14
    The crew watches another Russo-Finnish movie while Bobo and Observer argue over who's in charge while Pearl is returning the space children.
  • A slacker becomes a killing zombie in the movie with one of the longest titles in history. Also, Pearl returns the space kids.
  • parts: the clonus horror
    A secret clone farm is guarded by a presidential candidiate, while Pearl and her crew watch three powerful space children.
  • The Giant Spider Invasion
    Giant spiders from space invade rural Wisconsin, while the SOL crew is attacked by pods which make Pearl and Observer into mindless drones.
  • I was a Teenage Werewolf
    Pearl leaves the crew to their own devices when she, Bobo and Observer go camping; aliens then invade the SOL. The movie is Michael Landon's turn as...well, the title says it all.
  • The She-Creature
    The She-Creature
    Episode 9
    The Observers plan to dissect Bobo and Pearl and get Mike to help; he responds by getting the Nanites to take care of it. They blow up the planet and the 'bots blame Mike. The movie is about a hypnotist using a pretty girl to bring a horrible creature from back in time to the present.moreless
  • Terror from the Year 5000
    A radioactive woman is brought from the future and terrorizes the people who brought her. Also, Pearl and Bobo are made to fight to the death by the Observers.
  • The Undead
    The Undead
    Episode 7
    A 'psychic researcher' convinces a prostitute to visit her past lives and they wind up changing history. Also, Tom fakes his way onto the Observers' planet, but is easily found out.
  • The Thing That Couldn't Die
    A cursed body is reunited with its decapitated head and terrorizes a ranch. Meanwhile, the crew winds up in the clutches of the Observers, who are watching Pearl's experiment.
  • The Deadly Mantis
    The Deadly Mantis
    Episode 5

    The crew watches a giant praying mantis attack the Arctic Circle, while Mike inadvertantly blows up Ape Earth.

  • The Mole People
    The Mole People
    Episode 4

    Mike and the 'bots see the story of a race of albinos living in a mountain at the top of the world, while the apes celebrate Lawgiver Daze...except for Bobo. Watch for ex-Vikings running back Robert Smith in a cameo at the end.

  • The Leech Woman
    The Leech Woman
    Episode 3

    While watching a scientist pursue the fountain of youth for his aged wife, the crew has to deal with a Nanite labor stoppage, while Pearl proves she is the Lawgiver and the apes let themselves go. Also, Tom and Crow try to get Mike's pineal juice and the SOL is infested with prairie dogs.

  • Revenge of the Creature

    The show debuts on the Sci-Fi Channel with the 'se-quel' to the cult classic Creature From The Black Lagoon. Crow can't remember Mike, the Earth in the year 2525 is ruled by apes(supposedly with the help of Mike's ancestors) and Pearl is their Lawgiver, and she blames Mike for her son going back to mad scientist-ing so she takes up his experiment.

  • The Day the World Ended
    Movie Plot: A small group of people are the only survivors of a nuclear holocaust.
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