Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 8 Episode 23

Space Mutiny

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1997 on Comedy Central
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Space Mutiny
The crew watches a giant spaceship going through a mutiny, while Pearl and Observer are about to be killed for not being gods, and Mike helps them escape after Pearl promises she won't send them any more bad movies.

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  • Where exactly is the mutiny here?

    This movie is a piece of crud, there is no two ways around it. Mike and the bots do an extraordinary job riffing this movie, definitely one of my top 5. The movie goes like this: Stuff happens in space. Anymore than that, I can't help. Watching the movie really won't help either, as there are numerous plotholes (well, plotholes really isn't appropriate because there really isn't a plot), cheesetastic dialogue, and characters that about as realistic as... well, let's just say they're not realistic.

    The greatest part of the movie was the supposed lead. He must have been played by some weighlifter who was friends with the director, because he had all the acting talent of a pet rock. Everytime we would turn up on the screen, Mike and bots would scream out a new name for him, "Large McHugelarge," or whatever. And everytime he would scream, I would end up rolling on the floor laughing. Why? Because his scream is more feminine than the scream from "Psycho."

    There were scenes in this movie that were just inexplicable, completely outside the actual movie. These women are dressed in black and are dancing around crystal balls. That's it. No impact on anything. Just women. Dancing.

    The problems with this movie are so expansive and thorough, that I could not possibly list of them. Watch it for yourself.

    Anyway, this is a classic MST3K episode, and a must-see for fans of all ages.

    And I would just like to mention the "Santa Claus" characeter, and his "daughter/grandmother," as Crow would say. Oh, and railings. Lots of railings.moreless
  • Space Mutiny with Big Mclargehuge or Bob Johnson or whatever...

    The MST3K crew really dug down deep in the bottom of the barrel for this one. I thought \"Manos\" was bad (and it is) but when a movie has to use stock footage from a TV show you know it\'s bad. But Mike and company turn this turkey into 2 hours of non-stop laughs and make this one of the best MST3K episodes I\'ve ever seen. My favorite parts: The dead lady that comes back to life in the very next scene and all the names they come up with for the title character (I forget his name now). Smoke Manmuscle, Fridge Largemeat, Punt Speedchunk, Crunch Butstake, ect, ect, and of course, BIG MCLARGEHUGE! I never laughed so hard. They did a grat job on this one.moreless
  • In the future, people dance at work, wear shiny suits and cannot speak coherently.

    There is some reason people on this ship are dissatisfied with their captain. I don't know what it is, though, and neither will you after seeing this brightly colored confusion-fest.

    It's one of those typical bad science fiction films of 20 years ago, in which they tried to make it look like they had a budget, but completely forgot about small things like the script or good acting.

    A bunch of crew members have a mumbled conversation about how bad things are on board ship. Then they get up and start fighting people. Might as well not waste any time on character development.

    There is some dancing in a bar. That always happens in the middle of your psychological thrillers, you know?

    Then there's a chase through a massive dark rig of metal stairs. As you know, all "action" films must end with a shootout in the boiler room. I think there's a law somewhere.

    Oh well, the jokes are good from Mike and crew, and look on the bright side. When this movie is over, you'll have plenty of time to brush your teeth or something.moreless
Patrick Brantseg

Patrick Brantseg


Bill Corbett

Bill Corbett

Crow T. Robot & Observer aka Brain Guy

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Tom Servo & Professor Bobo

Mary Jo Pehl

Mary Jo Pehl

Pearl Forrester

Michael J. Nelson

Michael J. Nelson

Mike Nelson

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Just after the "heroes" enter the 'Deep Freeze' and speak with the 'Caretaker' someone/something enters the theater on the left hand side. You can see a silhouette briefly come into then back out of the shot.

    • The exterior shots of the "Southern Sun" and various space battles were scenes lifted from the classic TV series, Battlestar Galactica. Sadly, this fact was never mentioned in the episode.

    • When the hero runs down the dark hallway on the lower part of the "ship", you can see a wall made of bricks.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • (all of Kalgan's men miss David)
      Crow: Here's a little free of advice for the mutineers: Just stop and aim, you idiots!
      Tom: Why is he so impossible to hit? Why do they keep on missing the slow, giant, white thing?

    • (In ancient Roman dungeon)
      Pearl: Okay, Brain guy, send Mike down.
      Observer Send Mike down. Okay.
      (Mike gets a goose down pillow)
      Crow: (sneezes) I'm allergic.
      Pearl: Not goose down, you dope! Bring Mike down!
      Observer: Oh, oh. Mike, everyone says your ugly and dumb and no one likes you.
      Mike: (laughs) Really? Oh man, that--really? Oh, man, that really brought me down.
      Observer: Heh, heh--Mike.
      Pearl: (grab Observer's collar) Listen, you empty-headed albino! I said bring Mike down here!
      Obsever: Uh, okay, nice lady.
      Man: (appearing) Oh, my! What am I doing here? I was just at a 401K planning meeting. Oh, by the way, my name's Mike Down. I'm a CPA. (hands Pearl his business card, she grabs a guard's sword and hits Observer over the head)

    • Tom: Seems to me that randomly blowing up things is not a good strategy in a spaceship.

    • Mike: (as Kalgan approaches Lea in the greenhouse) I'd like some mixed flowers for my enuch.

    • Cmdr. Jensen: We keep this top classified secret.
      Tom: Top super-duper maxi-extreme ultra secret.

    • Crow: (describing the Bellarians activities) It's a Wicca Tupperware party.

    • Crow: (over a shot of Capt. Devers, Lea and Comm. Jansen) Sting, Debbie Reynolds, and God.

    • Random Extra (as a fighter crashes in the landing bay): It's gonna blow! Run! It's gonna blow!
      Tom: If the first ten minutes are any indication, this movie's gonna blow!

    • Tom: (after a 'contemplative' scene) You know, that scene really makes me stop and think... about how much better a root canal would be than this movie!

    • Crow: You know, if we pretend we know what's going on, this is actually kind of exciting.

    • (during the movie's opening credits)
      Onscreen: Written by Maria Dante.
      Crow: There's gonna be seven levels of hell in this movie, too.

    • (Kalgan describes his tourture device)
      Kalgan: It works not unlike ancient dental equipment, not that you'd know anything about that.
      Tom: You're too stupid to learn about dental history!
      Lea: (in raspy voice) Bastard!
      Mike: How dare you insult my knowledge of ancient dentistry!

    • (during the party scene)
      Crow: (as a girl passes by with a drink tray) Ah, Lieutenant Waitress!
      Tom: Yep, yep, she's a graduate of MIT, but she still has to serve drinks to men!

    • (during the first chase scene)
      Mike: You can walk on your hands and catch up to the guy!
      Crow: Put your helmet on, we'll be reaching speeds of three!
      Tom: Hit the siren! (imitates a calliope)
      Crow: We need both horsepowers on this thing!

    • Mike: (as Lea kicks, then shoots an Enforcer in the groin) Oh! Why do you hate my groin so much?

    • (during the mutiny meeting)
      MacPhearson: It seems that we are not all in agreement.
      Mike: I disagree.

    • (during the final chase scene)
      Mike: You know, a lot of people have compared this scene with the climactic chariot scene in Ben-Hur.
      Crow and Tom: Uh huh?
      Mike: Yeah, they usually say, 'Ben-Hur was really good. This movie totally sucks!'

    • Mike: (as the Stingray Viper squadron approaches the Southern Sun) In the future, geese will be rocket powered!

    • (as Lea seduces the guard)
      Tom: Yes, a man born without a brain stem.
      Mike: You're lucky the smart guard is on vacation this week.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The Many Names Of Our "Hero": Slab Bulkhead, Bridge Largemeat, Punt Speedchunk, Butch Deadlift, Hold Bigflank, Splint Chesthair, Flint Ironstag, Bolt Vanderhuge, Thick McRunfast, Blast Hardcheese, Buff Drinklots, Crunch Slamchest, Fist Rockbone, Stump Beefnaught, Smash Slamjaw, Punch Rockgroin, Buck Plankchest, Stump Junkman, Dirk Hardpeck, Rip Steakface, Slate Slabrock, Crud Bonemeal, Brick Hardmeat, Rip Slagcheek, Punch Sideiron, Gristle McThornbody, Slate Fistcrunch, Buff Hardback, Bob Johnson(Oh, wait...), Blast Thickneck, Crunch Buttsteak, Slab Squatthrust, Lump Beefbroth, Touch Rustrod, Beef Blastbody, Big McLargehuge, Smoke Manmuscle, Beat Punchmeat, Hack Blowfist, Roll Fizzlebeef.

    • This episode is available on DVD from Rhino Home Video as disc four of The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Volume 4.

    • The fire Bobo started can be heard during the end credits.