Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 9 Episode 10

The Final Sacrifice

Aired Unknown Jul 25, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • Meh, it's a mediocre episode...

    I really don\'t understand why this episode is so highly rated. It\'s somewhat funny because of the comments by the guys, but the movie itself is excrutiatingly boring to watch. Episodes like Pumaman and The Deadly Mantis are cheesey movies that might be funny to watch on their own just for sheer amusement, but The Final Sacrifice isn\'t interesting in the least. Even the commentary isn\'t all that great in this episode, it\'s maybe an 8 out of 10 at best compared to other MST3K episodes. The problem with it is the LONGGGGGG pointless scenes that are so abundant between meaningful (I use that word loosely) portions of the film. Sure there are some great lines from the guys in this episode, but the movie is so boring that the episode isn\'t worth watching more than once, if only to say you saw it. I think there are plenty of other great episodes out there that should be rated above this one.
  • By far the best episode of MST3K ever written. From the opening credits to the continuing story line at the end, it was nonstop robot antics, hilarious songs, and once again a horrible picture 'direct to video'.

    Gypsy informs Mike who tells the SOL crew that the power will go down and there is to be no looting. The robots loot the place which Servo isn't very successful in doing so and Mike makes him feel insignificant if for a moment. The following scene, however, Servo retaliates by dropping an anvil on Mike's commemorative plates. The actual film was absolutely horrible which is why there was ample 'dirt' for the crew's comments, Not to mention it was a Canadian film that involved a cult searching for a lost city. The most consistent antics throuought the episode were directed towards The Miami Dolphins football team in the 70's. References were made including head coach Don Schula, halfback Jim Kiick, Bob Greise, and running back Larry Csonka. Overall, I give this episode a perfect 10 series classic.
  • My all time favorite episode.

    In my opinion, this has to be the best episode of the entire series. No other episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 has seemed to measure up to this classic. Sure, Manos:Hands of Fate is great episode and all, but this one always has me on the floor in laughter, no matter how many times I watch this.
  • Mike, Tom Servo, and Crow make fun of Canada and Tjardus Greidanus' masterpiece.

    I have seen this episode at least 15 times all the way through. That means I have spent nearly a full day watching it. And it is STILL getting funnier every time.
    MST3K is unique because it is funny, clever, and informative at the same time. Their cultural allusions always lead me to Wikipedia to look them up. I learned about the unbeaten 1972 Miami Dolphins, the Canadian NPR program "As it Happens", Garry Kasparov, and so much more from this episode.
    And of course, while I wasn't looking learning about these things, I was falling off my chair laughing. I have seen several other MST3K episodes, but never have the jokes been as consistently funny or frequent as they are in this episode. And it helps that the movie that they watch is abhorrent. Not only is it horrible, but it doesn't really take itself seriously, in turn leaving numerous opportunities for jokes aimed directly at it. There must be over 50 - 50! - quotable lines/songs/grunts in this episode. That means more than one for every 2 minutes. Name another episode of any TV show that contains that many funny parts per minute. And while that may seem like a weird way to catalogue TV shows, I think it's a pretty telling statistic.
    The only drawback to this episode is that Pearl's storyline isn't funny. But who cares? Tom Servo's Canada song and his Mountie uniform more than make up for the other unfunny action outside the theater.
    Basically, Mike and the bots take advantage of every single opportunity that they are given in this episode, and they are given a tremendous number of opportunities. They have always been funny, but have never been more consistent. And they have never been as funny as they are in "The Final Sacrifice".
  • A Boy researches his father's past. On his way he comes across a cult that his father knew too much infomation about. Watch Troy and his partner ex-cult memebr Rowsedower get completely destrpyed by Mike and Bots on MST3K. Arguably the best episode ever,

    This is as good as it gets for Mystery Science Theater. This is the 10th episode of season 9. One of the best ever, the whole season is one of the best. The main characters are as geeky as you can get. The boy, whose name is Troy is looking into his father's past. His mother (who looks like Mrs. Costanza from Seinfeld) tells him to not look into it. Meanwhile the cult is on his tail. The kid meets up with a guy named Rowsedower. Mike and the bots make it seem liek tehr eis a love interest between the, :p. Yeah, uhhh the plot is hard to put into words. It takes place in Canada. Which alludes to the Canada based host segments. You'll certainly enjoy the "Canada Song" and seeing Servo as a Mountiee. Enjoy this classic MST3K episode!!