Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 4 Episode 2

The Giant Gila Monster

Aired Unknown Jun 13, 1992 on Comedy Central
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The Giant Gila Monster
Movie Plot: The Giant Gila Monster Not much unexpected happens: a giant gila monster goes on a rampage. Intro: Crow and Tom tape themselves together. Segment One: The Mads create motivational punching bags. Segment Two: Joel opens a small malt shop Segment Three: The guys remember some of their favorite drunk entertainers (Dean Martin, Otis Campbell, etc.) Segment Four: "Servo On Cinema" - Tom examines the movie's director, Ray Kellog. Segment Five: The crew forms a rock band. Stinger: Weird old man belches up his "sodee-pop".moreless

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  • I sing whenever I sing whenever I sing

    The title of this one says it all. A "giant" gila monster (giant compared to the minature sets and Matchbox cars it meanders around) terrorizes a small town. Meanwhile, a lot of people drink, a sheriff cluelessly stumbles through the plot and a bunch of teens hot rod and dance. In short, it's a classic awful B movie.

    Our hero is played by Don Sullivan. He's a mechanic, a hot rodder, he's got a French girlfriend, a little sister who needs leg braces and he's the person the local sheriff turns to for help on crimes he can't crack. Oh, and he's a burgeoning rock and roll singer. Highlights include the lovable town drunk and the director's unusual habit of having the actors put their legs up on anything (table, chair, desk, etc.) during a scene as the extent of their blocking. Servo offers a great commentary on this during one of the host segments, featuring a montage of all of the "leg-up" moments of the film. And that Sheriff...turning to teens for help and constantly bemoaning that every incident in the movie is "outside of my jurisdiction." It leads Crow to rightfully ask, "What IS your jurisdiction?"

    Great Joel-era riffs (a lot of 60s and 70s TV references here) and funny host segments. A great episode.moreless

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Crow: Stupid Man! More powerful than an okie-motive.

    • Chase: Train wreck? Where?!?!
      Tom: Ten people in this town and there's no grapevine?

    • Sheriff: There was another report out of Russia or the Ukraine.
      Joel: Or Brazil, or something.
      Sheriff: It was in the paper a couple months ago, maybe you saw it; about a baby that weighed 130 pounds when it was ten months old. It was taller than its mother.
      Crow: What? You think I'm illiterate? I read the Enquirer.

    • Chase: (to his French girlfriend) You know how to speak English well enough to get a job anywhere.
      Crow: Yeah, maybe at a 7-11.

    • Harris: I demand a 'soberty' test.
      Sheriff: That does it. Go lock yourself in.
      Tom: You're under arrest for being bad comic relief.
      Harris: I demand a 'soberty' test 'cause I ain't been drinkin'!
      Crow: Thank you, Senator, your statement has been duly noted.

    • Chase: Two $20s!
      Tom: That makes thirty dollars! Wow!

    • Sheriff: See you later, son.
      Chase: Right, Sheriff.
      Crow: Son? Wait, he called me son. No wonder mom cries when I mention the sheriff!

    • Sheriff: Car was stolen out of state, plates were stolen in state.
      Crow: Insured by Allstate.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode is included in Volume 10.2 of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection from Rhino Home Video, replacing Godzilla vs. Megalon. An interview with Don Sullivan(Chase) as well as two original songs are included as extras. Another extra is a bit from the season 2-5.5 SOL Bridge and Deep 13 featuring Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, and Frank Conniff showing how to replace their Godzilla vs. Megalon disc with Giant Gila Monster. Frank does Tom Servo's voice; while the others are their original characters. This disc is also to be sold seperately by Rhino for those who bought the original volume; this is to be sold only at Rhino's website.

    • When Harris the drunk sees the Gila Monster for the first time, you can see the hand of the director in the reflection of the windshield indicating where and when the actor is supposed to look. Joel points out this mistake.