Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 8 Episode 11

The Giant Spider Invasion

Aired Unknown May 31, 1997 on Comedy Central
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The Giant Spider Invasion
Giant spiders from space invade rural Wisconsin, while the SOL crew is attacked by pods which make Pearl and Observer into mindless drones.

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  • Easily one of the best.

    This is easily one of my all time favorite episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The movie is so laughable on it is own, but add Mike and the bots and it becomes pure gold. The constant lines of "Packers!! Woo Go Packers!" and "Packers won the Super Bowl!" are hilarious. The giant spider at the end is one of the goofiest monsters in a film they've watched. The bad thing about this film is it makes you want to avoid Wisconsin. Seems that the state has lots of unwashed masses with lots of unappealing sweat and filth covering their bodies. I know this is not true.moreless
  • Too much Pearl

    "Giant Spider Invasion" is an example of good, but not great, MST3K.

    The movie is pure cheese - it features TV vets Alan AND Barbara Hale ("Skipper" and "Della Street" respectively) in a story of a drunken redneck town beseiged by "giant" (?) spiders from space. Alan Hale is the constantly eating sheriff and Babs is a "Nassau" scientist who's trying to stop the bugs in their tracks. It's a hoot and a half, especially when a drunken posse takes up arms to fight off the spiders. And the riffs are right on. Like other episodes with TV legends, the obvious "Gilligan's Island" and "Perry Mason" jokes are kept to a minimum, but the crew has a field day with the hygene and morally challenged townsfolk cavorting around before the arachnids arrive.

    The problem with this one is the same that many of the early Sci-Fi Channel MST3K episodes experienced - the host segments. Having left the odd sketch comedy bits and invention exchanges of Comedy Central behind, the Sci-Fi shows had a story arc to the host segments. In this case, it's an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" parody with Pearl and Observer falling under the control of nefarious pods. Maybe it's my dislike of Mary Jo Pehl as a performer, but the Pearl & Co. antics grow old very quickly. In my opinion, Mike and the Bots spent too much time out of the theater this week.moreless
  • The great state of Wisconsin, subjugated by wandering puppets. A monster movie with no monsters in it.

    Evil spiders wander around tearing up property and killing people as part of some sort of divine retribution. We know this because the arachnid rampages are interspersed with non sequitur shots of a preacher yelling. You didn't expect us to actually get to know any of the characters, did you?

    Features an intensely ugly cinematic style that makes you think you need to take window cleaner and a paper towel to the t.v. No acting talent remotely in the vicinity. Not to mention instead of calling out the authorities, they could have just hauled out giant tanks of *bug spray*. Or a giant shoe. Maybe even just cut the spiders' legs and watch them stumble. Any takers? Hello?

    Unfortunately, they save the people, most of 'em anyway, and the only thing that will keep your poor noggin from being fried is the steady stream of jokes from Mike and company.

    Watch it with the lights on. Oh, it's not in the least bit scary; you just don't want to trip over anything on your way to the bathroom.

Bill Corbett

Bill Corbett

Crow T. Robot & Observer

Jim Mallon

Jim Mallon


Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Tom Servo & Professor Bobo

Mary Jo Pehl

Mary Jo Pehl

Pearl Forrester

Michael J. Nelson

Michael J. Nelson

Mike Nelson

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