Mystery Science Theater 3000

Episode 0

The Green Slime

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2008 on Comedy Central
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The Green Slime

Movie Plot: Astronauts battle one-eyed aliens at a space station.

Segment One: Joel explains the premise of the show, as well as introduces us to The Satellite of Love, as well as Crow and Beeper, two robots of his own design. He then presents to Earth an invention that allows people to turn their heads heads around in a 360º circle.

Segment Two: Joel introduces the world to Gypsum, a third robot that he had not yet shown to us. She faints upon learning that she's on television.

Segment Three: Joel discovers The Secret of Life, which is on 8-track.


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  • One of the most tacky science fiction movies ever made gets a well-deserved drubbing from the Satellite crew.

    I'll never forget the day I first saw this movie-- and I'm talking about the original film itself. It had everything a bad movie could possibly want: melodramatic dialogue, poor plot choices, bad camera work, and that soundtrack. Oh, that soundtrack. The tacky, thick-as-lava funk music is so pompous and off-key that you need hear it only once and you'll be in therapy for the rest of your life. Here's a lyric, just to give you an example: "You'll be sorry when you're dead!" Er-- no, you won't, you'll be dead... The monster is so ridiculous that it instantly earns a place in the dubious pantheon of "monsters they should have been able to kill with a broom." Joel and the robots are very funny. You may notice that the production values are pretty simple, but these were the early days of the show, so that should be expected. If you can find a copy of the show from a friend, do so. The jokes are good and if you cover your ears during the film credits, even the theme song can't hurt you.moreless
J. Elvis Weinstein

J. Elvis Weinstein

Tom Servo [0-1], Dr. Larry Erhardt [0-1] & Gypsy [0]

Joel Hodgson

Joel Hodgson

Joel Robinson [0-5]

Trace Beaulieu

Trace Beaulieu

Crow T. Robot [0-7] & Dr. Clayton Forrester [0-7]

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    • Crow: Did you ever wonder that maybe this whole spaceship isn't really a spaceship at all but a television set built for the amusement of the viewing audience? And that I'm not really a robot but a puppet built to look like a robot who in reality is being controlled by a puppeteer underneath this table? And you're not a scientist/inventor trapped in outer space but a comedian played a part on a television show that you wrote?

    • Joel: I found the Secret of Life the other day. But it kind of bummed me out.
      Crow: "Found the Secret of Life"?! Why should it bum you out?
      Joel: It was on 8-Track!
      Crow and Gypsy: (laughing)

    • Astronaut: Take us around to the number two position, will ya?
      Joel: Speaking of the number two position, I gotta get out of here.

    • Joel: I present this invention to your planet. (pulls out a device from behind the desk then puts is on his head) It is to aid all races, especially people who are suffering from back and neck and pelvis injuries. It's called the Chiropractic Helmet. I'll demonstrate.
      (turns the device on and his head begins spinning around 360 degrees as Crow and Beeper spin their hands around wildly)
      Beeper: (wildly) Beep!
      Joel: Crow, Beeper, you don't understand. The human beings on Earth can't twist their heads around like we can... unless maybe they went to college to study to become ventriloquist's dummies or something.
      Beeper: (sadly) Beep.
      Joel: What'd he say?
      Crow: He said being a human being must be a rush.
      Joel: Oh, yeah. It is.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Joel riffs the movie alone.

    • It should be noted that in the original pilot episode plot, Joel was not a human trapped in space and forced to watch bad movies, but rather an alien being with robots and a ship of his own design. He was trying to understand human culture by seeing their movies, unfortunately he stubled upon some crappy B-movies, which he made fun of.

    • Beeper is a pre-Servo character that was used only in the pilot. He could ony talk in beeps and only Crow could understand him.


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