Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 7 Episode 6

The Incredible Melting Man

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1996 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Movie Plot: The Incredible Melting Man An astronaut winds up with a irradiated body and kills everyone he sees as he melts. Intro: The crew plays a little baseball. Tom throws some chin music at Mike, but ump Crow calls it a strike(or an 'arrreeeeee!') When Tom beans Mike, your typical baseball brawl ensues. Segment One: Somehow, Mike's jaw is broken. Tom has a burger and fries in liquid form for him to eat. Dr. F and Pearl are studio execs who have sold Crow's Earth vs. Soup screenplay. However, there are several things that need to be done; including getting Kevin Bacon for the lead. The budget is $30 million, but Crow only gets $800 to shoot the film. Segment Two: The Forresters come aboard the SOL for a script run-through, and somehow Crow misses them. Mike becomes Kevin Bacon in the preliminaries. Segment Three: Filming begins, but Crow takes up most of the time preparing. Seems that it's mostly second unit footage. Gypsy's big break fizzles. Segment Four: Dr. Forrester runs a focus group screening of the movie and only one person likes it--because it's too short. Segment Five: The final result: Earth vs. Soup is to be released as a trailer--but only if Crow's name is removed as director. He is very upset. Pearl is going out of town and can't be reached and Clay wants to insert himself in an empty water jug. Stinger: The old couple beat a hasty retreat.