Mystery Science Theater 3000

Episode 19

The Million Eyes of Su-Muru

Aired Unknown May 07, 1989 on Comedy Central
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The Million Eyes of Su-Muru
Joel gets back into the ship only to have to watch a movie about an evil woman bent on conquering the world. The 'bots do get punished, though.

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    Trace Beaulieu

    Trace Beaulieu

    Crow T. Robot & Dr. Clayton Forrester

    J. Elvis Weinstein

    J. Elvis Weinstein

    Tom Servo, Dr. Laurence Erhardt, & Gypsy

    Joel Hodgson

    Joel Hodgson

    Joel Hodgson

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (6)

      • (Su-Muru forces herself on Nick)
        Nick: Well, now, I may very well hate myself for this in the morning, but, uh...
        Crow: I hate you now!

      • Su-Muru: We do use many, many men. But most of them don't realize it.
        Joel: M & Ms?

      • Servo: This is a hard role for Frankie. He's working without Annette.
        Joel: Oh, brother.
        Crow: I think we put the wrong one outside!

      • (a girl lights a match on a Buddah statue)
        Joel: Hey, that's sacreligious.
        Servo: Strike a match on a man?
        Joel: That was the Buddah.
        Crow: Remember to close your Buddah before striking.

      • Crow: (seeing the parade at the beginning of the movie) Is this The Last Empteror? Emper...Emperor, er?

      • (Clay and Larry spot Joel outside the SOL)
        Clay: He's not naked, he's got his BVD's on.
        Larry: Well, what's he doing outside the satellite?
        Clay: He's holding...his breath.
        Larry: Well, how can you tell that?
        Clay: His cheeks are blue.
        Larry: I thought you said he was wearing his BVD's?
        Clay: Not those cheeks! Uh, open the pod bay door, Lar.
        Larry: (imitating Hal 9000) I'm afraid I can't do that...(joined by Clay) Dave!

    • NOTES (1)

      • Servo only watches the first half of the movie with Joel and Crow. He doesn't watch the second half because he decides to use the time to bake muffins.

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