Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 9 Episode 2

The Phantom Planet

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • Basically these two are flying their spacecraft in an effort to find their buddies who got lost in space. THe surviving member gets shrunk on an asteroid and interacts with other small people there.

    In one scene the co-pilot is commenting in these gushy terms how ...looking out there....he can only think of the *best* and *most noble*....
    From that moment on everything starts going to the bad place. They take a hit from some small noise emitting (in a vacuum of course) particle and have to go do a the midst of this high speed particle storm of course.
    The captain takes a hit alledgedly as the Co-pilot gets knocked off the ship. However...his acting is so bad that the mockers accuse him of being a 'crew killer' as he staggers back into the ship and closes the door while the Co-pilot floats off into space as they mock him saying 'uhh can you please grab that cord before it...uhh oh never mind...uhh can you leave the door open so I....uhh oh never mind" hehe.
    Well he eventually winds up on this asteroid where he shrinks to become like these miniature people that live there....and the mockers come up with this funny comparison to make utter shame out of the explanation they suggest for the phenomena in the movie. It really degenerates after that. I need to find a copy of it again to refresh my memory.
    SOme of the best mockery of a bad piece of technical forethought I've seen from these people. :-) They constantly ride the 'best, the most noble' comment as all the disasterous stuff happens. It's a fun one. Highly recommended for those aspects. And some kind of unique 50's sci fi feel.
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