Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 9 Episode 3

The Puma Man

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • This is one of the MST3K episodes that really transcends the hardcore target audience and can be enjoyed by anyone!

    This is one of the MST3K episodes that really transcends the hardcore target audience and can be enjoyed by anyone! I watched this episode with a fifteen(9 guys, 6 girls) friends from all different colleges this summer break and everyone loved it! This movie is the epitome of 80's cheesey movies and the guys do a great job of making fun of Pumaman and his enemies. There are no dull parts in this episode and the comments flow well to get you through the boring parts of the film. This is definitely the best episode of the MST3K series and is a must see for everyone out there!
  • Absolutely Classic.

    This is a classic MST3K episode, plainly said it's packed with consistent hilarious retorts and commentary. Unsure just how many times I've watched this episode, but it's one of the few I fall back on and have no trouble re-watching, and the PUMA MAN phrase is friggin great. The Aztec side-kick is absolutely perfect(bad), and completes this duo of retards.

    I must say, best brains picked one PERFECT episode to mock, from it's lame 70's porn music, to the insanely over zealous use of ammunition and guns... Who can forget puma man's utterly ridiculous attempts at flying, and Crow's quote "I've lost all respect for pumas, now I know if I see a puma I can push it the hell over." Love this episode.
  • What can be said about The Pumaman (pronounced "pyuu-MAY-muhn") ...except for that it's the most hilariously clumsy attempt at a superhero movie, with dialogue that's SO bad, it practically riffs itself.

    "An Ancient Aztec Legend tells of a..." oh, wait, I've already heard this one.

    The story behind the movie "The Pumaman" is as follows: there is an ancient magic Aztec mask that allows the wearer (or whoever just sort of stands behind it...) to control the wills of men. An evil British guy (played by Donald Pleasence!) has it and is using it to take over the world. The only one destined to stop him is the current reincarnation of the Pumaman, a man-god with magic powers! Enter Tony Farms, a geeky paleontologist who is awoken to his identity as the Pumaman by Vediño, a huge-jawed Aztec priest (and arguably the actual hero of the movie).

    The feature is so ridiculous at times (like, all times) that Mike and The Bots put on some great host segments poking fun at it. For instance, Mike's "Coatimundi-Man" costume is composed of random articles of clothing (like diver's flippers), but absolutely nothing adding to his resembling a coatimundi... likewise, Pumaman's outfit makes you wonder whether or not the filmmakers even bothered to hire a costume designer. This episode also has some of the best riffs as well, such as "Music by: my little brother's Casio."

    In 1980, the year "The Pumaman" was made, movies were rife with cheesy special effects and even cheesier music, but this one, THIS one, is a great achievement. The funniest thing I can think of is that someone, somewhere, (most likely every person involved in the filming) actually took this movie seriously.
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