Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 9 Episode 12

The Screaming Skull

Aired Unknown Aug 29, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • Remember folks, if you die of bordeom, you will not recive a free coffin.


    Any time a movie has a gimmick that warns you that you will die of fright; it's guaranteed to be bad. Somewhere, a newlywed woman seems to be haunted by her husband's dead first wife's skull. It may be from nervous conditions or… something. From 1958, it's The Screaming Skull!

    Our short is a Gumpy cartoon; Robot Rumpus. Apparently Gumpy built robots to do his chores, but they go haywire. Wackiness ensures. This is one of those episodes where the short is better than the movie. The slow paced and dullness of the film is saved by decent riffing. But while the humor wise there is fairly good, the short is great! Spot-on riffing and the cartoon does provide much to work with, especially squares of clay! Host segments? I did like the ones where it poked fun at the film's ridiculous gimmick, but the rest are m'eh. I recommend this episode if only for the short.


    PS: I wonder if the Brains considered doing Gumpy: The Movie?