Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 6 Episode 11

The Starfighters

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1994 on Comedy Central
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While Crow has trouble getting on the information superhighway and the Mads use their new cranial ports, the crew watches a movie about Air Force pilots training on a new type plane. Watch for a young Bob Dornan as one of the pilots.

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  • A highly enjoyable episode, but don't expect anything from the film itself!

    Movies like this one confound me. Here we have a military action/romance film--without any action or romance! Seemingly endless footage of F-104 Starfighters taking off, refueling, and landing. A few scenes of target shooting and ground support practice. There are hints of plot threads sprinkled in between the stock footage--a blossoming romance, an old-school politician wanting his son transfered to bomber command--we somehow think all this will lead to an epic, gung-ho climax. But no; the squadron receives orders to transfer to Europe, and all we get to see is one last jets-taking-off sequence before the end credits. I'm amazed that this film was ever made...the finished script must have ran all of 10 pages. Someone, somewhere had to decide that it was a great idea to make this pointless film! I shudder to think that people actually paid to see this back in the day.

    Such a film provides great fodder for Mike and the 'bots. There are some truly funny host segments, including a hilarious refueling sequence between Crow and Servo. The United Servo Academy Men's Chorus bit is one of the show's best musical segments. Of course, there's plenty of great riffs during the film itself--such a totally bland film gives great opportunities--and Mike and the 'bots put it all to good use and make it all worthwhile.moreless
  • A movie with a seeming lack of plot is no barrier to great comedy, as The Starfighters shows.

    If you didn't know better, you would think The Starfighters was just a recruitment film for the Air Force. The "plot" is about 3 men learning to fly a new type of fighter plane, but it is so mish-mashed that you couldn't really call it a plot. Five words describe the reaction to this film: "That was a great scene." Said flatly by Mike and the bots at various times, the phrase aptly describes the feeling in watching this. The most notable thing about this movie is future Congressman Bob Dornan as one of the pilots. The riffing is top-notch; the host segments give a feeling we all are aware of, as Crow tries to get on the "information superhighway", but he can't get his computer formatted, tech support is busy and when he finally gets through, he is busy playing "refueling" with Tom. When they run out of refueling jokes, they admit it, but Crow comes through with a new angle. We also hear from a chorus of Servos and play boogers with Crow. It is an episode like this that makes me wonder why the Comedy Central executives let this show get away.moreless
  • A movie with some pilots in it. If only they had brought along a plot or a script.

    This movie is to the Air Force what paper airplanes are to the Air Force.

    It's about a group of pilots, who spend most of their time putting on gear, running test flights and refueling the airplanes. Oh, do they ever refuel. After you see the same close-up of this procedure for the 57th time, you'll almost think we wandered into an industrial instruction reel. There certainly isn't much in the way of human interaction from the cast.

    There are close-ups of the planes during certain practice manouevres that border on the seamy. I learned so much about in-air replenishment of gas, I think I'll go to work for an aerospace firm.

    The movie relies on repeated cycles of pre-set footage instead of live shots-- that would have upped the budget way too much. So it's not really a movie, it's just film spliced together for a certain amount of time.

    It has no human interest-- there are very few humans, and it's not interesting.

    Thank goodness for Mike and the 'Bots to once again steer us through the suffering.moreless

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