Mystery Science Theater 3000

Season 9 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Apr 18, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • This is absolutely fascinating!

    Most of the films the MST3K crew ripped on were usually made in the 50s - 80s. But here's a movie that was made in 1996, barely 3 years old at the time of the episode's release. It's always fun to see MST3K destory a lot of more recent films - that's why Rifftrax was made!

    As for the movie, there's no excuse for it to be made the way it was. Joe Estevaz makes an appearance at the beginning, but after 20 minutes, he disappears from the film completely, obviously trying to save his own dignity. The rest of the film basically involves several archaeologists who get into a random fight and then one of them falls onto a skeleton which is actually that of a werewolf...and a very badly made one at that, with the body of a human and the head of a dog...with ear bones to boot! The archaeologist turns into a werewolf and is eventually killed.

    Then the whole plot changes. Now there's a scientist named Yuri (yeah, his name is Yuri) who experiments with the werewolf and turns a security guard into one, who eventually dies after crashing his car off the road. Then another guy named Paul gets into a fight with Yuri and gets scratched, turning into a werewolf as well. Yuri is eventually killed off and Paul settles down with his lover Natalie who has become a werewolf too. TUSK!

    This movie is amazingly bad. The acting is terrible. Most of the cast are American but they talk with such exaggerated accents. The girl Natalie is one of the worst actresses I've ever seen. She can't say "Werewolf" to save her life. There's also some recurring gag where the character Yuri keeps changing the color of his hair. First it's brown, then it's black and then in the bar scene, it looks gray. The werewolves themselves look nothing like werewolves. They look more like bears with bat faces being controlled by some puppeteer behind them and Yuri's death looks so stupid. "He's scratching himself with his own **** Crow says. But the best part of the episode has to be the End Credits bit. The music in the movie was overwelming to hear. It deserved to get a good riffing and it got it with Mike and the Bots singing along. TUSK!

    Another bad movie given the good old MST3K treatment! Thanks Mike, Kevin and Bill! TUSK!
  • Tusk!


    Digging up as number 40 on the list is 1996's Werewolf. Even though Joe Estevez has a appearance in this turkey, it would soon prove that when everything goes wrong with a movie, nobody would take it seriously. The citizens of Flagstaff screened the movie on the big screen, but the reaction to it was so awful, it went straight to video. In all of its stupidity Werewolf does have one redeeming factor. The cover of its video jacket was unique in the morphing of a man into a werewolf, which made the video look promising. But, just because the cover's great doesn't mean the movie's on par with it!

    The recent movies are the ones I like to look forward to. I don't know why, but I do. Sometimes however, these recent-ies can have problems and can affect the riffing. And this… this thing is unbelievable. I mean, men becoming werewolves at night by a skeleton? Werewolf driving? Actors not speaking clearly? Bad effects? Holly crap, this is a great episode! I mean, the movie gives much for M&TB to work with. The things quips, driving sequences, morphing scenes and countless other riffs on the film were a hoot! The best part was the ending credits song. Something attempts to goes up and the guys knocks 'em down! Host segments on the other hand were hit and miss. Hit was the Where O, Werewolf song, miss was the were-Crow parts. But, the episode overall is truly a classic of the Sci-Fi era. Check it out!

  • Whatever you call it, warwilf, wurwoolfe, wirwalf, this is MST3K at its finest--because the movie is at its worst.

    When the movies are really bad, then the SOL crew is at their best, and Werewolf is a good example. The story revolves around the skeleton of a werewolf found at an archaeologist dig and how one of the people involved uses it to turn others into werewolves. The bad accents, terrible dialogue and underwhelming plot make it good fodder for Mike and the 'bots. Mike uses a long ladder to try and escape, but winds up in Castle Forrester. Otherwise, he gets beat up in this episode--he hits his head and thinks he's James Lipton, then gets hit on the head again to snap out of it. Then he runs into Crow and turns into a wereCrow. Inbetween, they sing a song about a werewolf who crashes and dies, and try to figure out which famous person's relative to put in their werewolf movie. A typically great show.