Mystery Woman

Hallmark Channel (ended 2008)


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Brought up on a steady diet of mystery fiction by her Uncle Bob, Samantha Kinsey inherits his bookstore, complete with its live-in expert, retired former CIA agent Ian Philby. Now, in her new position, mysterious murders seem to occur all around her. Fortunately, she is the perfect person to solve them, because of all her years of reading about every possible fictional crime. She gets assistance from her friend Cassie, an aspiring district attorney, and from police chief Connors.
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  • A photographer inherits a mystery book store and is lured in to different mysteries, Often using the books in her shop to help sovle the mysteries

    A great show that I hope will continue. The two actors that replaced over as Philby and Cassie (Clarence Williams III & Nina Siemaszkore)are definite improvments. I really enjoy how they often use classic tv actors that we know; John Ratzenberger, Bruce Boxlighter and Robert Wagner to name a few. They even brought in Michael Cole who stared with Clarence Williams III in the Mod Squad.

    It doesn't always paly quite fair, she finds things in mysteries and we don't always know what it is. All in all a great show. While I enjoy the occaional repeat, I can't wait for the next episode.moreless
  • I love Mystery Woman, as does my best friend, Rachel. We watch it all the time and then discuss it afterwards. We like the emphasis on clue finding, red herrings, and surprise twists and turns. We hope Mystery Woman is with us a long time.moreless

    I love Mystery Woman, as does my best friend, Rachel. We watch it all the time and then discuss it afterwards. I hope this show becomes a standard like L & O or CSI and doesn't get shelved because someone decides nobody is interested.

    We like the fact that the emphasis is on finding the clues and solving the mystery and not alot of soap opera bed-hopping. We like the twists and turns, the red herrings, and the surprises that keep the storyline interesting.

    We also love the set: The store itself is wonderful as is the cast. This show appeals to me because it doesn\'t have a list of characters that are confined to one age group, one ethnicity, or primarily one gender. I would like to see more First Nation and Asians worked into the story; variety keeps things interesting and makes this offering attractive to all peoples.Thank you for this terrific show!moreless