Mystery Woman

Hallmark Channel (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Redemption
      Episode 5
      While engaged in remodeling the bookstore, Samantha and Philby find clues to the murder of a mysterious visitor.
    • In the Shadows
      In the Shadows
      Episode 4
      Samantha and Philby attend an Espionage Writers Convention where they meet a former KGB agent-turned-novelist, Alexsandr Tseitsev. Philby and Tseitsev -- former adversaries -- discover that they have a deep respect for each other, but later that night, Tseitsev is murdered! Samantha is seriously injured while trying to catch the fleeing murderer, leaving Philby to follow a trail of cryptic clues in order to find the killer. While Samantha recovers, Philby plunges into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse and Cold War era espionage!moreless
    • Oh Baby
      Oh Baby
      Episode 3
      Samantha Kinsey finds herself in the middle of a country club murder mystery after a mother leaves her baby in Sam's care and disappears.
    • Wild West Mystery
      Being the organizer this year of Walden’s annual Wild West Days, Samantha has been able to bring former TV star Clint Taylor to town for the event. But when the actor stages an accident for publicity, his stand-in is shot for real, and Samantha must figure out which cowboy from the cast of his old show pulled the trigger.moreless
    • At First Sight
      At First Sight
      Episode 1
      Discovering on a visit to her handsome eye doctor that there is a possible hereditary problem with her vision, the adopted Samantha goes in search of her birth mother. But what she stumbles on is a dead body, and she finds that she must prove her new-found mother innocent of murder.moreless
  • Season 1