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  • Mystery! is the best of the best on Public Television ...

    Honestly, I don't know what many of us Brit mystery fans would do without PBS and their anthology outing - Mystery!

    For the last 25+ years it has opened up a whole new world to American viewers when it comes to cutting edge drama, and smartly done adaptations of some of the most beloved mystery novels of all time.
    I have yet to be disappointed with any of the series that I have had the pleasure of viewing on Mystery! and I doubt that I ever will be. Missing are the obvious flash bang rubbish you see on most American crime shows, every episode from Poirot to Prime Suspect is thought provoking, easily to get wrapped up in, and most definitely haven't been 'dumbed down' for the masses of which I am very thankful for.

    I highly suggest that all crime show fans should check it out, you never know - you may find that the "Brit stuff" isn't as stuffy as you expected.
  • Hot guys, gross crimes. What more could a girl ask for?

    I found Dominic Monaghan watching Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, learned more about the dark minds and lives of the criminals and the detectives that solve the crimes. From psychological analyzation to many sweet solutions, Mystery! will always be my favorite mystery show, even if it is on PBS. Sundays, Fridays, it doesn't matter. I've taped it, watched it, shared it (me and my mum ogle at Jesse Spencer in "Death in Holy Orders." "Murder Rooms: The Dark Origins of Sherlock Holmes" held my interest tightly, but left me fearing the dark (even more). The American MYSTERY! series made me long for the British wit and ingenuity. Old England, new UK, it doesn't really matter. Blood is good and a great twist, even better. Hot British boys and smart old ladies. It's all good.
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