Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog

FOX (ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Banished
      Episode 50
      Maeve has had enough of the constant failure of Lugad to defeat the knights of Kells. She launches a plan to get rid of him once and for all. When Lugad realizes that the queen is about to double-cross him, he joins Rohan and the other knights to defeat Maeve.
    • The Final Battle
      The Final Battle
      Episode 49
      With Maeve now the queen of Kells, none seem to be able to oppose her. Even our knights have been captured. However, the Mystic Knights finally befriend one of Maeve's creatures (who is Rohan's brother) and he frees them. The Knights attack Kells and, though Maeve becomes a dragon and is nearly impossible to beat, all of the Knights combined over power her and strip Maeve of her powers. Maeve now has been imprisoned in the Kells' dungeon, but Mider and Maeve's much more darker sister escaped to Temera and have made an alliance to destroy Kells.moreless
    • Knight in the Forest
      Rohan is attacked by Lugad, who wants to engage him in a battle, but knowing better than to mindlessly rush into battle, Rohan turns down this request.
    • The Queen Mother
      The Queen Mother
      Episode 47
      Rohan finds out that Queen Maeve is his mother, and he doesn't like it very much. It is revealed what happened to him, and how he got to Kells.
    • The Mark of Destiny
      The unknown origins of Lugad are revealed to Rohan and the other Knights.
    • Lugad's Challenge
      Lugad's Challenge
      Episode 45
      Rohan meets Lugad, the mysterious warrior who claims that not even the Mystic Knights from Kells can defeat him. The two engage in battle.
    • Battle Fury
      Battle Fury
      Episode 44
      Cathbad recalls a mention in the ancient scrolls of the multiples of powers, which could help defeat Lugad. Fin Varra explains further, telling Rohan his armor's power can be increased at a forge in the Mountains of Gloom. There, Rohan meets Goibniu and must complete two tests to gain the power of Battle Fury. Meanwhile, the other Mystic Knights do what they can to keep Lugad and the Temra army from reaching the castle.moreless
    • The Warrior of Temra
      After suffering numerous losses, Maeve travels to the castle of her former teacher, Nemain, to unleash a powerful half human/half demon warrior named Lugad. The new warrior of Temra quickly earns victories for Maeve and Cathbad fears that not even the Mystic Knights will be able to defeat him.
    • Dark Rider
      Dark Rider
      Episode 42
      Queen Maeve has summoned the ghost of a former magic-wielding warrior named Kallak who seeks revenge on Conchobar and Cathbad for their ancestors' imprisoning him in the underworld. He does this by taking control of Angus and half of Kells' army, planing to bring them to the Underworld before sundown. Can Cathbad find a way to defeat him before the Mystic Knights and the entire army of Kells end up under his control?moreless
    • The Barrow of Balin
      Cathbad receives a warning about Rohan and great danger from the ghost of Balin, Kells' greatest warrior. It turns out Maeve is attempting to summon the warrior and succeeds, gaining control over him. She sends him to capture Cathbad so Mider can drain the druid's powers. To rescue Cathbad, Rohan will have to journey into the dangerous Barrow of Balin and face the legendary warrior alone.moreless
    • Rohan's Doubt
      Rohan's Doubt
      Episode 40
      Mider uses a potion to strip Rohan of his courage and makes him fearful of combat.
    • Shipwrecked
      Episode 39
      An amnesia stricken princess named Lynette appears on the shores of Kells, only to be pursued by a powerful and rampaging creature named Grindon. The Mystic Knights promise to protect her from Grindon, but their weapons seem unable to defeat it.
    • The Prisoner Prince
      Rohan and Ivar rescue a young prince named Gann from Temra soldiers. It turns out an old treaty was supposed to give both Gann and Maeve control of Temra. Unaware Maeve broke the agreement, Gann plans to go to her and give her Rohan's sword.
    • Friends for Life
      Friends for Life
      Episode 37
      Rohan and Angus get into repeated arguments with each other, putting their friendship in question. But when Rohan is captured in battle by Tyrune, it will be up to Angus to rescue him.
    • The Lost King
      The Lost King
      Episode 36
      During a Tir Na Nog celebration, Fin Varra mysteriously disappears without a trace. With Fin Varra missing, magic is thrown out of balance and the Mystic Knights' weapons and armour are disabled. It turns out Maeve has kidnapped him and plans to steal his powers.
    • The Wish
      The Wish
      Episode 35
      After rescuing a wood elf, Angus is given a wish. While Angus thinks about what to wish for, the other Mystic Knights, Cathbad, and Maeve try to get him to use the wish for what they want.
    • All Kings Great and Small
      King Conchobar and Fin Varra will have to rule each other's kingdoms for one day or else both lands will fall under black magic.
    • King's Bride
      King's Bride
      Episode 33
      Rohan, Angus, and Ivar rescue Lady Fionna from a Temra attack and take her to the castle. After a short time, King Conchobar falls in love and plans to marry her, only Deirdre is suspicious of what is happening.
    • Ivar's Revenge
      Ivar's Revenge
      Episode 32
      Ivar sneaks into Maeve's castle and finally reclaims his kingdom's Silver Chalice. But his victory is short lived when it's revealed what dark purpose Maeve used the Chalice for and King Conchobar orders it locked away.
    • The Buckler of Bre
      The Buckler of Bre
      Episode 31
      Torc manages to sneak into Tir Na Nog and steals a powerful weapon known as the Buckler of Bre to battle the Mystic Knights.
    • Mider - King of Temra
      Mider tricks Cathbad into making him human size and then seizes control of Temra. Faced with an even more powerful threat, the Mystic Knights will have to join forces with Maeve to defeat Mider.
    • The Trial of Angus
      The Trial of Angus
      Episode 29
      Angus is arrested on charges of stealing and burning down huts. Even though the evidence mounts against him, Angus says he is innocent. While Ivar tries to track down the real thief, Fin Varra allows one of the little people of Tir Na Nog to help Angus at the trial.
    • The Curse of Kells
      The Curse of Kells
      Episode 28
      Cathbad tells Ivar about how a young Rohan and Angus inadvertently brought a curse upon Kells ten years ago, incapacitating the castle's soldiers on the eve of a battle with Temra.
    • A King's Ransom
      A King's Ransom
      Episode 27
      During a negotiation, the Northmen capture King Conchobar and hold him for ransom in exchange for his weight of gold and jewels. With a threat of an invasion and a Wyvern under their control, the Mystic Knights turn to Maeve for help. But what’s the real truth of the Northmen’s appearance and the Wyvern attack?moreless
    • The Drageen
    • Egg of the Dragon
    • The Mystic Knight of Forest
      Rohan and Angus take Garrett to Tir Na Nog, where he is to be tested of his worthiness as the other Knights were. Once acquiring the powerful Twin Timber Axes, Garrett must claim his armour by journeying into the dangerous Banshee Woods to defeat a giant spider.
    • The Fifth Knight
      The Fifth Knight
      Episode 23
      The Mystic Knights have to retrieve their weapons and break the spell over Garrett, who Cathbad believes will become the Mystic Knight of Forest.
    • Traitor of Kells
      Traitor of Kells
      Episode 22
      Maeve casts a spell over Garrett and uses him to lead Temra forces against Kells.
    • Garrett and the Princess
      Prince Garrett of Reged arrives in Kells to seal a new alliance between the two kingdoms: a royal wedding between him and Deirdre. However, Garrett's over-confident attitude earns him only disdain from the four Mystic Knights.
    • Eye of the Beholder
      Rohan, Deirdre, Angus, and Ivan separate to do missions throughout Kells. However, when they are separated, it means that they are vulnerable for an attack by their enemies. Instead of doing the missions assigned to them, the Knights of Kells have to find each other to drive back the evil troops.moreless
    • Divide & Conquer
    • Aideen's Choice
      Aideen's Choice
      Episode 18
      Aideen desires to become human and ends up going to Maeve, who only asks for a lock of Deirdre's hair in return. While Aideen is indeed turned into a human, her agreement with Maeve causes Deirdre to be captured.
    • Night of the Spirits
      As preparations are made for a yearly festival, Angus claims evil spirits tried to carry him off into the otherworld. No one else believes him until spirits actually come to the castle. But are these the otherworld spirits or just a sinister plot?
    • Queen Deirdre
      Queen Deirdre
      Episode 16
      A mysterious gift leaves King Conchobar sick and bed ridden, which leaves Deirdre in charge of Kells. But her inexperience as queen leads to a disastrous decision for the kingdom.
    • Battle of the Druids
      Cathbad's powerful druid mentor comes to Kells with evil intentions.
    • Aideen and the Stone Princess
      Maeve uses Aideen's jealously of Deirdre to turn her into stone.
    • Tyrune Returns
      Tyrune Returns
      Episode 13
      The other Knights must restore Rohan's lost confidence and find a way to break the chains on Pyre in order to defeat Tyrune.
    • Tyrune
      Episode 12
      Maeve tricks Rohan into reading a scroll that releases the dreaded three-headed dragon, Tyrune.
    • Dragon's Fury
      Dragon's Fury
      Episode 11
      Maeve's sorcery turns Pyre against the Mystic Knights and Kells. The Knights must find a way to regain control over Pyre before King Conchobar's men destroy him.
    • War of the Little People
      Mider demands Maeve help him defeat Fin Varra in order to become ruler of Tir Na Nog.
    • Draganta
      Episode 9
      The identity of Draganta is shockingly revealed to be Rohan, which causes divisions between the rest of the Mystic Knights. As Rohan doubts this revelation, Maeve casts a spell on the others to turn them against Rohan and each other.
    • The Taming of Pyre (2)
      The Knights encounter Pyre, but their weapons and armour are useless against Pyre. Also, Maeve sends Sentinels to keep the Mystic Knights from befriending the ferocious dragon. To succeed, the Mystic Knights have to defeat the Sentinels and battle a rogue Pyre.
    • The Taming of Pyre (Part 1 of 2)
      The Mystic Knights attempt to tame Pyre, but are stopped by the four Sentinels, now under Maeve's control.
    • The Wolf in the Rocks
      Angus must battle the most ferocious of the Evil Sentinels, the Rock Wolf, to take claim to his mystic armour. But Maeve's soldiers kidnap Angus and imprison him in the castle dungeon. Once Angus is rescued, he seeks out the Rock Wolf while the others fight the Bull of Temra.
    • Ivar and the Sea Serpent
      Ivar seeks to claim his mystic armour, but is torn between his quest to find his kingdom's stolen chalice and his pledge to aid Rohan and defend Kells from a Cyclops-like monster. If he's going to get his armor, he must defeat the Sea Serpent of Temra.
    • Tash Hound of Temra
      Deirdre battles the Lightning Bat of Temra to gain her armor as the Mystic Knight of Air. Meanwhile, Maeve lures Rohan into a trap where he faces the evil Tash Hound.
    • The Fire Dragon of Dare
      Though the mystic weapons have helped keep Kells safe so far, it will not be enough in the long run. Rohan, Angus, Ivar and Deirdre now need to claim their suits of armour. According to King Fin Varra, the new Mystic Knights must each battle a powerful warrior to claim their armour. First up is Rohan, who must battle the fierce Ice Lord of Temra. Meanwhile, the others must fight off a Juggernaut created by Maeve that is seemingly invincible.moreless
    • Tir Na Nog (Part 2 of 2)
      Rohan, Angus, Ivar, and Deirdre arrive in Tir Na Nog, where they meet King Fin Varra of the little people. Fin Varra tests them of their worthiness of mystic weapons that will ensure peace to Kells. Meanwhile, Maeve's ogre continues to advance toward Kells.
    • Legend of the Ancient Scroll (Part 1 of 2)
      The discovery of an ancient scroll leads a druid's apprentice named Rohan on a quest to save the Kingdom of Kells from the advancing evil of Queen Maeve of Temra. Joining him is his mischievous friend, Angus. They are soon enough joined by a prince named Ivar from a foreign land and Princess Deirdre of Kells on the way to Tir Na Nog.moreless
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