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AIRED ON 2/14/2015

Season 16 : Episode 6

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Did a Medieval Chinese astrologer make it into space by strapping rockets to his chair and setting them off? Just how hard IS it to find a needle in a haystack? Can you in fact go insane by having water drip on your forehead? These are just a few of the myths, urban legends, and improbable sayings that the Mythbusters try to figure out. Comprised of special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Heineman - as well as their mottley crew of Mythbuilders, Mythterns, and resident 'crash test dummy' Buster - they don't just tell the myths, they put them to the test to see which ones are possible, and which ones are just plain bunk. As of 2008, MYTHBUSTERS has tested 600 myths, done over 1,900 experiments and created over 650 explosions to prove these Myths Right or Wrong!

Jamie Hyneman

Jamie Hyneman

Host and Executive Producer

Adam Savage

Adam Savage

Host and Executive Producer

Grant Imahara

Grant Imahara

Mythbuilder (Seasons 3-12)

Tory Belleci

Tory Belleci

Mythbuilder (Seasons 3-12)

Kari Byron

Kari Byron

Mythbuilder (Seasons 3-12)

Jessi Combs

Jessi Combs

Mythbuilder (Season 6)

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Fan Reviews (387)

  • Putting myths and rumors to the test

    There's always some story, rumor, myth, or belief that goes around and gets tested on screen and is anywhere proven to be true, possible/valid, or just plain false (aka busted). They even go great lengths such as consulting with scientists and other experts, going to special sites, and obtaining and using special equipment, tools, and supplies; not to mention how that they explain how they did it in a scientific manner. They also come up with plans that they execute in a safe, scientific way, and responsible way and then they measure their results and compare it too what the myth proclaims. There's always an episode or segment that anyone can enjoy and learn from.

    A word of warning to any impressionable audience members: Don't try these at home or on your own. Leave it to the experts.moreless
  • Couldn't Finish Latest Episode

    I gave them 6 episodes to prove their "new format" worked. I couldn't watch the sixth episode all the way through. I won't be watching any more. It's not "Mythbusters" anymore. More like "The Jamie and Adam Amateur Hour".
  • I like the new format

    I always called the 3 the "kids" even though they weren't that much younger. Surprisingly I like the new format a lot. I think it's more interesting and gets much more in depth, showing the science of things more. The show before was getting to be just a bunch of clips.

    Personally I don't like the way the discover channel and the science channel have been going the last couple of years. They've been getting cheesy, cheap reality vaguely related to science, blah blah. There really haven't been any good science shows on the science channel in a while.

    This feels like a return to science while still being fun.

    It's more cohesive.

    I like it.moreless
  • It's not the same great show any more

    What a backward move. The build team broke the episodes up and added character to the show. Now it's just two guys blowing things up and not much else. I keep waiting for them to cut to the build team. The show doesn't have that fun feel any more. I feel the show won't recover and this may be the last series unless the build team return.
  • they mythic egos got in the way of awesome

    this is taken from their facebook

    i have been watching the new series, and i am so sad to say, the best part is the narrator, i cant believe i was cheering for you guys at the beyond the myths tour, you "back to the roots" idea has massively backfired, the show is about an eighth as good as it was, i know change is a part of life, but ... this is not a good change, i am sorry guys, but if you keep this up you are going to lose a tonne of your fans, this is just, depressing to see what has happened to your once great show, there is now less myths, more look at how cool i am, oh and here is a random celeb, bring back the old mythbusters! it feels like self indulgent tripe, i am sorry to say it guys, but you have lost a fan... and most likely many more :(

    stick to the old re runs, its sad whats happenedmoreless
  • D'OH!

    Mythbusters Will Tackle... The Simpsons?

    Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are headed to Springfield.


    News Briefs: Discovery Renews MythBusters, A&E Hits a New Low With the Ridiculous Reality Series Married at First Sight

    Plus: Bryan Cranston's writing a memoir, OWN is working on a Darlene Love biopic, and even more people have joined Netflix's new drama series from the Damages crew.

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