Season 5 Episode 14

Baseball Myths

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2007 on Science Channel

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  • swing batter...

    So maybe this is un-American, but I have never really got baseball. Give me football any day, but this was still a cool show. So the first myth that is tested is the old "corked bat" myth. The idea that the cork in the center makes the bat lighter and the ball go farther. Not true. Myth busted. The next is the idea that a more humid ball does not fly as far as a dry ball. The gang does find that the more humid a ball, the less bounce it has and the farther it flies. Plausible. The rising fastball, the idea that a fast ball rises at the end, busted. The slide – does sliding into a base make you faster, slower or what. Myth confirmed as you accelerate into the slide, but slow when running as not to over run the base. My favorite was knocking the hide of the ball. Have to turn the ball into a bullet to get it to work.