Season 3 Episode 16

Border Slingshot

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2005 on Discovery Channel
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Can you fling someone over the border (200 yards) using a slingshot safely to a mattress? Can the Mythbusters break a US-Mexico Border Myth

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  • This episode was awsome but i dont think people came to the US from Canida by sling shot.

    Its isnt very likely that a person got in a giant slingshot in canida and went flew 200 yd. and landed on a little mattress the odds of landing on the mattress would be very likely and surviving at those speeds and landing on the mattress would still be very very painful.
  • One myth that holds its weight...and slings it about 200 feet.

    As I was watching Adam and Jamie begin their dive into the Border Slingshot myth, I waited patiently as I figured they would soon switch over to the other myth or myths that would be tackled in this episode. Imagine my surprise when they stuck this one out to its very end. And there's a good reason, too. Save for the beginning stuff when they were kinda fooling around, there was plenty of great stuff to go around in this episode, as Adam and Jamie seemed scared to death of an errant bowling ball that just wouldn't sling, but eventually got it to at least somewhat work. And even though they broke the world record for human cannonball, it was awesome to note that they still hadn't perfected it, and probably could've got even more distance if they had more time. Give it a B+ letter grade, since the early stuff wasn't all that interesting but once you realized they were sticking with this one to the end, your interest was piqued.moreless
  • Only one myth? Will we like that?

    Yes, I loved following just one myth. Frankly the helper group tends to get on my nerves much of the time. They are not nearly as interesting as Adam and Jamie.

    There were funny moments with the tubing,and it was nice to see Adam win a competition. The physics involved were facinating.

    I would have liked to have seen one more shot done with the dummy even higher in the sling- they might have made the 300 yards if the angle had been correct.

    But for all fo that, did anyone ever really believe this myth? Seems they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find interesting myths to investigate.

  • 60 minutes for just one myth?!?

    On this episode, the Mythbusters crew decide to test the myth which states a person can fling a person across the US/Canada border, landing the person(s) on a matress. Just being told the myth, I knew what the result would end up being, which is disappointing. I'm not too crazy about dedicating an entire 60 minute episode to just one myth, or at least to this myth in particular.

    In order to test this myth, they need to find a suitable material to use to fling someone, in the same manner as a slingshot. They determine that surgical tube is the best material for the job. They then do some tests, to build up to the full size version. The main problem they run into is the little pouch that holds the object (in this case, a person).

    They determine that the myth is busted because they're unable to replicate the distance, as well as the accuracy.

    I hope that a more interesting myth gets an entire episode, this one simply didn't interest me in the least bit.moreless
  • Once again it is Wednesday night on Discovery Channel and this MythBusters episode is yet another great instatement in this series. This time they break from their normal routine of at least two myths per episode, and solely focus a signal myth.moreless

    Once again it is Wednesday night on Discovery Channel and this MythBusters episode is yet another great instatement in this series. This time they break from their normal routine of at least two myths per episode, and solely focus a signal myth, which is are illegal immigrants are firing themselves 200 yards across the border and into the United States with a slingshot? A totally off the wall myth, but hey this MythBusters, so they have to at least test it to see if it true are not.

    Personally thought that it was a real good idea for this myth, to have a sole episode totally devoted to this one. Because there was so much stuff that they had to go through with this one and if they didn't show any of the process that they had to go through, to get their answers. They would of had some people questioning on how they got to their answers. Something that many fans of this show have been complaining about, while with this episode I hope that they got what they wanted.

    While, I not a person that complains about not showing the some of the process of obtaining their answers, I did discover it to be interesting on how they got their answers. It also showed how long the process of getting their answers is time consuming process in which the answers just don’t appeared over night for them and that sometimes their results don’t always come out the way that they wanted. That you have to test and restest, and repeat this process to get your answers.

    I hope that this episode proves that while they don’t normally show all of their process, it doesn’t mean that they don’t do it. It just not feasible for them to show all of it in the one hour runtime that the show has or you will have episodes focusing on signal myths and not the duo or trio of myths that they normally do.


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