Season 3 Episode 14

Bullet Proof Water

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2005 on Discovery Channel
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Adam and Jamie test two urban legends; in 'Bullet Proof Water' find out exactly how deep one must dive to survive a gunshot, and in '360 Degree Swing' find out if it is possible to get a swinger to go all the way around a swing set, up and over the bar.moreless

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  • A good episode, but using Hell's Angels...

    A good episode, but using Hell's Angels...

    I don't live in California, so I can't speak to what the local chapters of the Hell's Angels are like, but in Quebec, Canada (my home), the Hell's Angels are synonymous with crime and excessive violence. They have a virtual monopoly on the drug trade and are responsible for a remarkable number of murders including several police officers, prison guards and most infamously, an eleven year old boy who was killed when a car bomb exploded near his front yard in Montreal. I just found it disturbing to see them being called to help push a swing. It is almost as disturbing to see them being called for help as it would be if a pair of skinhead neo-nazis or gang-bangers were called just because they're strong enough to push a swing over the top bar.moreless
  • What do ya know, you can't do a 360 on a swing set.

    What do ya know, you can't do a 360 on a swing set. Wish I knew that when I was younger. My friend once scared me off the swing-set by telling me if I swung to hard, I would go over the bar and fall off and die. I nearly broke my arm jumping off the swing set before I went over.

    Also, by diving into the water, you wont get killed by a bullet, helpful to know if I'm ever being shot at. (Though living in NYC, jumping into the water would most likely kill me just as well)moreless
  • This is by far the best episode I have ever seen! It is completely awesome! If you haven't seen it yet, you have to.

    This episode is the meaning of classic mythbusters entertainment. First they fire big guns at a tank of water which floods M-5 and then go to a PUBLIC pool and fire more bigGER guns at the water and realize that weak guns' bullets hit the water and divert thus missing the target by a mile, whereas when they fire big guns at the water, the bullet explodes into tiny shards in the water, scattered all over the ground. This is a great episode which was carried out in true mythbuster fashion. I loved all the big booms and great explosions, It was great.moreless
  • the MythBusters pull out the big guns to test a myth. And Tory once again is hurt in a myth.

    This episode was just awesome. The myths tested in this apisode were "is water really bullet proof?" and "is it really possible to do a full 360 degree revolution on a swingset?". For the bullet proof water Adam and Jamie had to get some more powerful guns to test the myth. They first tested by shooting directly downward, and only got to use the 30mm hand pistol in this test because when they used a 50 cal. rifle, the bullet caused the glass to break causing water to rush everywhere. It was really funny to watch. Since that happened they had to go to a public pool to test the myth. While they were there they had a huge gun with them that shot bullets that looked like nearly 5 inches long, when they shot that monster it was more like an explosion than a gun shot. All of the guns proved to be stoped by water confirming the myth. As for the 360 degree revolution myth, they had Tory, Kari, and Grant test it out. None ofthem could even get close to a full revolution but when Tory tested it he got about 11 feet off the ground and when the swing came back down the metal snapped and he fell straight down. Luckily there were mats to protect him. He was not hurt. However, it caused Grant to take extra precautions and dress in a red safety suit. Since they couldn't do it they tried it with Simulation Susy. They were able to swing her over the bar but it was not a full 360 degree revolution. So they tied rockets on her at a 40 degree ange and used those to actually get her to do a full 360 degree revolution. It was really cool to watch However, they also tested it out with rigid armed swingsets and proved it to be more easy to do on. So they had to go to a circus training place where they had a rigid armed swingset to test it on. Nobody was able to do it but Tory still got the highest and almost did a full 360. Since none of them could do it the circus acrobat had to do it on his own to show to the MythBusters that it was possible to do on. The myth was busted for chained swings but was proven to be more easy on rigid armed swingsets.moreless
  • so cool. anything they do with guns is so cool.

    great episode. I love it when they use guns to test a myth. actually. any type of myth. i was very surprised that the bullets for the bigger guns disintegrated the second they hit the water while the smaller guns actually penetrated a couple feet. looks like the producers for Saving Private Ryan got it wrong at the beginning of the movie when the bullets were killing the guys underwater.

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the Bulletproof Water myth, a test was done in a homemade tank. When a deer slug was shot into the tank filled with water, one side of the tank split open. Since power cords were all over the floor, the crew was threatened with electrocution. Nobody was injured.

    • As in "Escape Slide Parachute," the announcer uses incorrect grammar while talking about the team. Some examples are when he says "as the build team try to swing full circle," and, "the build team have found a circus performer..." In these cases, as well as most others, the word "team" is a collective singular noun. For example, "The build team HAS found a circus performer..."

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Tori: I was all like, 'Yeah, I'm gonna make it!' Then my legs said, 'No, you're not.'

    • Narrator: Surprisingly, firing a pump-action shotgun inside... Not a good idea.

    • Jamie: (After Adam hands him fragmented bullet) Well... there's yer problem!

    • Adam: I don't know... if by cool you mean, absolutely terrifying when it started spraying smoke and fire towards us, only fifteen feet away?
      Kari: Yeah: cool!

    • Adam: Well, that's supposed to silence most of our detractors on this one... but I expect we'll still get some complaints.

    • Jamie: (While holding .50 Caliber bullet) Well, at least it's smaller than my head

    • Adam: (Being sarcastic about .50 Caliber rifle) Yeah, let's just be prepared to get packed and get out of here really fast! Hopefully we'll be gone before the pool fully drains (laughs)

    • Jamie: I don't know whether you understand what is about to happen here, (picks up a bullet) but this is the M-1 Garand.
      Adam: Yeah.
      Jamie: (holds up a bigger bullet) This is the .50 Caliber
      (Adam laughs)
      Jamie: The M-1 Garand holds 150 grains, this one holds 600 grains.
      (camera switches to the bullets standing up on a table side by side)
      Adam: (points to M-1 Garand bullet) This kills you, (points to .50 Caliber bullet) this kills you and everyone else in the room.

    • Jaime: Something a little scary about this image. You've got, like, kids all tied up with baling wire.
      Grant: Ah, come on, it's perfect family entertainment.

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