Season 7 Episode 11

Car vs Rain

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 17, 2009 on Discovery Channel
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Can flooring it in a rainstorm keep your convertible dry? Can popcorn be cooked by an explosion, and does its popping have enough force to destroy a building?
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  • Not as good as it used to be, but not for the reasons most people mention.

    So yeah, Mythbusters has declined for the last few seasons. But no, it doesn't have that much to do with the subject matter of each show. Although I do understand how after seven seasons it'd be difficult to find more actual physics based urban legends to test, some of the best episodes of the series have revolved around so-called myths of which the team already knew the outcome because it had been reported by the press.

    The real problem here is the show's shift in focus from the guys themselves and their process to the myths. If anything, the show is hurting because it's less of a reality show and more of a science show these days. The first few seasons were a reality take on two special effects guys trying to figure out how to test something unlikely. That was good, it was a change of pace for Discovery from the unbeliabably lame "what if a sabertooth tiger fought a velocirraptor" shows. Here we had real heart, we had two nice guys working together and even arguing to pull something off. The fact that the subject matter was amusing was just icing on the cake.

    Now... well, the atrocious acting is there, sure, but I'm more troubled by how instead of a few shots of Adam and Jamie trying to work out how to make a boat out of frozen paper or keep a Porsche dry under the rain we typically get a staged shot of one of them explaining how they brought in movie contractors to set up the rig or an army of fans to help build their boat. It's just boring. I know that can be done, I want to see the guys pull it off with what they have.

    So, there it is, this is a show that has suffered from a growing budget and some lost perspective.moreless
  • It isn't the same no more.

    Mythbusters each week keeps showing us how much it is going down, with weak myth after another. Curving bullets is in fact not a myth its just law of physics. This week they are doing popcorn myths, and as well driving in the rain. In true sense of reality these two so called myths are what they seem, very useless subjects. I couldn't tell you more then what you know, they have become more of actors well attempt to be then trying to crack myths. This show is just a reality soap opera show; it truly has lost its way. Tory,Grant,Kari myths.

    Can you pop popcorn with a explosion Well in fact you can't since explosion expands and popcorn needs a direct sorce of heat to conduct the popping in the popcorn. I really do believe everyone knew that, but its in the show so if you didn't know well now you have no excuse to not know. Second myth Can you pop popcorn with a laser from Real Genius (A classic 80's teen movie if you didn't know) In fact you can pop popcorn with a laser since laser is a source of heat, and no you can't pop popcorn and explode a house. As I said before its useless subjects. Adam and Jamie myths Can you speed to a certain point in the rain with a sports car too avoid getting wet. Well yes you can if you hit a certain speed, but as they said it would be very unwise to do so since you can swerve and hit a tree and die.

    As I said before these three myths are just utter useless and things you can find out on yourself by Googling it. I have wished for better this season, but nothing has come so far. Just enjoy the first couple of season, and stay away from season 7.moreless

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    • Car vs. Rain - Plausible, but not recommended. You will stay drier the faster you drive, but it is too dangerous to actually do in a real world setting.

      Popcorn by Explosion - Busted - The heat of the explosion does not last long enough to pop the kernels.

      Popcorn by Laser - Plausible - If it's the right type of laser of course - Not practical, though.

      Popcorn blowing out windows - Busted - The popcorn would get crushed before it blows out a window.