Season 4 Episode 14

Diet Coke and Mentos

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on Discovery Channel
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Inspired by an internet story, The Mythbusters take on the controversy surrounding these fizzy fountains. Then they try and find new household-product tricks that could be the "new craze". Meanwhile, the Mythterns tackle the myth that a single postage stamp on a helicopter blade disrupts the system enough to take it down.moreless

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  • this is a fun episode.

    this myth is that you drop some mentos in a 2-liter diet coke it spews uncontrolably and this is a very fun and cool episode, this is why I watch the show and is one of the coolest episodes that's aired on national television, it's a cool fun episode, it's great.
  • That is one of my favourite episodes.

    Ok, first I have got to say that my favourite part, or one of them, from this episode was when Jamie stuck the Doke in his mouth and then the mentos and he was like spitting it all out then he did it again. I laughed at that. then I loved how they created the tower of foam soap stuff and lit it all on fire. Then I lofe tht exploding supecake thing and the fire extinguisher wouldn't even put it out. i laughed so hard on this epuside and I fonally learned what it was that caused the things to react the way they do. Awesome episode.moreless
  • Diet Coke and Mentos fountains---what's not to love?

    This is such a great episode--or should I say, epi-SODA (sorry, I couldn't help myself)! Okay, you can stop laughing at me now. I really couldn't believe how high Adam and Jamie got their soda fountains to go... I mean, they got it up to about thirty-two feet! That's pretty amazing, compared to my poor excuse for a soda fountain (it only got about ten feet high). This episode is absolutely hilarious. Adam and Jamie get into a little competition on who can make the best soda fountain; and of course, there's my favorite quote: "Instead of a limited beam of pure plasma---it's soda! Yeah!" Oh, and the big bubble explosion they had was great too (it wouldn't be MythBusters without an explosion!). This is my favorite MythBusters episode (right next to the holiday special, that is). Oh, and my apologies to anyone who read my stupid 'epi-SODA' pun.moreless
  • Definitely funny episode...what was it again? Like 40 ft. in the air!? That was definitely one of the better episodes.

    Definitely awesome this episode was, yet the stamp-on-a-heli-roter thing was pretty boring. Though the Diet and the mentos...beautiful! Sugary soda spraying everywhere. The only episodes I know of that came anywhere close to that was the cement truck (BOOM) and the decibal cars...those we're loud... my ears still hurt, and well... I hope I'll never have a car like that. Far too loud for me. (It ripped paper up with sound, now that's what I call completely insane !!!) Anyways, this is one of the better episodes and if you haven't watched any of these, keep an eye out. Sure, most of the myths shown on this won't really help you, but it's always fun to watch them!moreless
  • awesome. the helicopter one was stupid but the mentos was cool

    loved the mentos and diet coke. that was awesome. everyone is going out buying diet coke and mentos and doing that experiment now. cuz i know i def. did. loved how they tried all the ingredients to see which was causing the diet coke to blow. oh ya. so you don't need to use just diet coke too. regular coke does the trick just as well. don't know why they settled with the diet though instead of telling us that regular coke works too.moreless

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